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Jon Courson Wikipedia【 First Wife Marriage 】Date of Birth, Age, Family

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Name Jon Courson

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB March 11, 1953. As of 2024, he is around 71 years old.

Wiki Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

  • Jon Courson is an American Bible studies teacher and pastor originally from Jacksonville, Oregon.
  • Passionate and outspoken, Pastor Jon is a staunch conservative and has spoken openly about his support for what he calls true Christian family values.

Personal Life, Parents and Family Details :

  • Jon was born to and raised by Christian parents.
  • He is married to an artist and blogger named Tammy Courson, and together, they have two children named Mary and Christy.
  • Tammy is Jon’s second wife, and the two had tied the knot in 1985. Jon’s first wife died in a car accident, as did his daughter, Jessie, who was only 16 years old at the time.
  • Aside from Jessie, Jon and his first wife had two other children named Peter-Jon and Ben.
  • Jon’s now-deceased son, Peter-Jon, struggled with many health issues. He first fought with Crohn’s Disease for over two decades and was eventually diagnosed with colon cancer as an adult. Peter-Jon had also undergone brain surgery before the diagnosis.
  • Peter-Jon spent some time receiving treatment in a hospice before eventually passing away, leaving behind his wife and four daughters.
  • Both Pastor Courson’s sons Ben and Peter-Jon used to work together as Pastors at Jon’s church. Ben is now an author.
  • Courson’s second wife, Tammy, runs an art blog called Tambo Art, where she sells paintings, photographs, and postcards.
  • The couple lives in Oregon and has many grandchildren.

Education : Qualifications, High School & College Info

  • Jon studied in Twin Pines, California, and graduated with a degree in Divinity from Biola University.

Career, Job, Salary and Net Worth :

  • Pastor Jon Courson was mentored by Reverend Chuck Smith, who was the Founder of the Calvary Chapel Movement.
  • Jon began his journey as a youth pastor for a local church in San Jose, California.
  • In 1977, Jon moved to Oregon and started his own church called the Applegate Christian Fellowship after an encounter with Christian-convert hippies who invited him to teach them how to be better Christians and how to walk in the path of God.
  • In a short space of time, Pastor Jon’s church grew from a few hundred to more than 8000 members, and soon, it was regarded as one of the biggest churches in South Oregon.
  • In July 2002, Pastor Jon left Applegate and joined his mentor, Reverend Chuck Smith, in California at his Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa.
  • He left his late son Peter-Jon in charge of his church and took on the role of Head Pastor of the 25000-attendee congregation in California.
  • In 2005, Pastor Jon left California and relocated to Carmen Serdan in Mexico, where he trained young men to become pastors.
  • He left Mexico in March 2006 and returned to Oregon, where he rejoined Peter-Jon and spent time co-pastoring with him and his brother Ben before Peter-Jon passed away.
  • Pastor Jon continues to be the head pastor of Applegate Christian Fellowship to this day and is also the author of several books such as – A Day’s Journey; A Future and a Hope; and A Pillar by Day.
  • He also runs a website and YouTube channel where he teaches and preaches to thousands of people.

Interesting Facts, Height and Trivia :

  • When he is not working, Pastor Courson enjoys spending time with his wife, children, and grandchildren.
Wedding & Marriage / Wife / Engaged / Spouse / Partner Married. Check the full bio for relationship details.

44 thoughts on “Jon Courson Wikipedia【 First Wife Marriage 】Date of Birth, Age, Family”

  1. I really thank God for the gift of Jon Courson, a faithful and astute Bible teacher. I now appreciated the Bible and understand the pictures and types in the old testament, thanks to Jon.

  2. Brian Kimani Nyamuhu

    Such a wonderful opportunity to have a Father of faith living in this generation. I thank God for the Internet…I’m from Kenya and such a blessed Man has been brought closer, yet so far and His teachings continue to inspire and to set captives free. He is a generational pastor, to live in the hearts of bothe the young and old.

  3. Pastor Jon’s teachings are refreshing and impart brilliance by the Holy Spirit. God made Jon a pastor of pastors.

    1. Pastor Jon has been a blessing to many. I thank God I am one of them. Long live Pastor Jon Courson. As God wills, may you experience Rapture of the church by Jesus Christ.

  4. Pastor John is a blessing and I appreciate his loving heart. I listen to him every morning as soon as I awake until I arrive at work.

  5. Pastor Jon will always remain to be one of my best pastors. Through him by the grace of God am now an ambassador of Christ Jesus. LAF (LOVE ACCEPTANCE AND FORGIVENESS)

    1. Pastor John is a mentor to me. I listen to his sermon daily from Kenya in Africa. A great teacher. I hope to meet Him in person one day!

  6. Christine Rodrigues

    I enjoyed every piece of Pastor Jon Courson’s messages. I listened to them each morning as I take my 5km walk every day. His messages are vitamins to our well-being along with God’s love and mercy we are equipped to face the day. Thank you so much for all your messages, Pastor Jon Courson. I very much appreciate them.

  7. Jon Courson,

    You’re really called to minister this Gospel of Jesus Christ. You’ve touched me in the sermon about the infilling of the Holy Spirit that came out so well and cast out every doubt. My desire is to be baptized with the overflow of the Holy Spirit. May the Lord Bless you continually with more insights…Amen!

  8. Jon Courson is my favorite pastor. He teaches with finality and his teachings sink and also maintains my faith. He makes me believe in this faith so much. I feel so bad when I miss an opportunity to listen to him.

    I would like him to teach us how the spirit of the Word aids him in the final goal of our faith.

  9. Pastor Jon is surely a man of God. His summons are grounded in the word of God and his appearance is full of humility. God bless him big.

    1. Jon is a man with a spirit of the word at a high level…I would wish to hear from him how the spirit let him understand death in our faith.

  10. Jim & Carol Reiszner

    Jon Courson,

    The Lord our savior Jesus Christ is wonderful and all days are the Lord’s. Thank you for your inspiration, perspiration, and simplification of God’s word from the bible to us. We love what is in your heart and we love you, because just as you would say he (God) loved us first and chose us. Hallelujah AMEN!

  11. Thanks be to GOD The Almighty for our dear Pastor Jon. A true blessing. Thanks so much. May God bless his servant. Amen!

  12. Jon Courson’s sermons and preachings have really made me a better Christian. He is truly a blessing when it comes to understanding the word of God.

  13. Oh, I love listening to Pastor Jon Courson. His emphasis on looking for Jesus Christ in the scriptures is a clear indication that His message is inspired by the Holy Spirit. God has spoken to me about my life and has encouraged me during my low moments through listening to Jon Courson. May God bless him and his family.

  14. Awesome Teacher of the Word of God (The Bible)! I enjoy Pastor Jon so much! He has been a Blessing to my family and I can only say THANK YOU Pastor Jon for the many years of service to our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST! We appreciate everything you do! By the way “Revelation is NOT a hard book to understand!” (listen to the teachings from Revelation by Pastor Jon Courson, you’ll get it)

  15. Pastor Jon is the Best Teacher. He is on my computer at work and home, my phone and where ever I can sign in to learn. I have learned so much from God through him. What a blessing he is to everyone who has the privilege to be able to hear him teach.

  16. He makes quiet time so uplifting for me. I look forward to his deep yet fun insights every morning. He radiates the joy of the Lord!

  17. Don’t Believe Wikipedia

    They also got it wrong regarding Jessie. She was killed in a separate car accident years after the one that killed her mother.

  18. Pastor Jon Courson is my favorite online Bible teacher. My Children also love and listen to him both through Hope FM in Kenya and now on YouTube!

  19. You have been such a joy to listen to in the morning. You make the scriptures understandable and you are filled with the joy of the lord and it shows!

  20. Simiyu Wekesa Simon

    Very true. I too enjoy his sermons and I believe God uses him. He has been used by God to speak into my own life situations several times.

  21. Am always blessed whenever I listen to his sermons. He is so passionate about his teachings. I have been listening to him for some years now, he is actually my mentor. Can’t get tired of listening to him every time.

  22. Jon and Tammy had two children together – Ben and Mary.

    Jon and his first wife had three -Peter-Jon, Jessica, and Christy.

    1. If you read above in his IMBD, it says Peter Jon and Bem were from his first wife. And he and Tammy had two daughters, Mary and Christy. I have read in other places that he had Jessie who passed and Peter Jon and Ben.

      1. IMDB is wrong. If you listen to his earlier teaching on Job 1&2, he tells his family story and how he told his three children, Peter-Jon, Jessie and Christy that their mum had died. Ben and Mary came from his second marriage.

    2. I had prayed for a Godly Pastor to teach me the word from Genesis to Revelation. The next time I was on YouTube, there Pastor Jon, young, in his 30’s, teaching outside in the round. I thought here’s somebody new. Then he talked of his church, Applegate Fellowship. I was stunned, this is the Pastor whom God sent to me. When I first moved to Sarasota, FL, the Apartment complex was named Applegate Apartments. He was the one God sent to me to teach the Word.

      I’m currently writing down his Sermons word for word in order to keep them for keepsake and to go to when someone talks about the Bible. I’m truly blessed, Pastor Jon has the most wonderful family! Heaven will be sweet when we’re all there!

  23. This is incorrect. Ben Courson and Mary Courson are Jon and Tammy’s biological children.

    Ben’s children from his first wife are the deceased Peter John, deceased Jessie, and his living daughter, Christy.

  24. I enjoy Pastor Jon’s sermons. They are insightful, encouraging, and uplifting. I especially enjoy his infectious laugh and funny play on words. He just makes me want to know and live Jesus more. Thank you for your commitment fir the gospel.

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