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Pastor Randy Skeete【 Biography 】Age, Wife, Married, Wikipedia

Pastor Randy Skeete Images
Name Pastor Randy Skeete

Wedding & Marriage / Wife / Spouse / Partner / Engaged Married. Check the full bio for relationship details.

Age / Pastor Randy Skeete How old / Birthday / Date of Birth As of 2024, he seems to be in his mid-fifties.

Wiki Bio / Profile Background

Introduction :

  • Randy Skeete is an evangelist, preacher, theologian, and religious activist who works independently, who has spent many years serving God and his people.
  • Currently, he is a Public Campus Ministries evangelist and a speaker with American Christian Ministries.
  • In his sermons, Pastor Skeete addresses issues that are important to individuals.
  • As a result, even for Wikipedia, biographical information is insufficient.

Personal Life, Parents and Family Details :

  • Pastor Randy Skeete was born in Barbados in the late sixties and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. Not only did he just grow up in Ann Arbor, he also continued to reside there after securing a job.
  • Pastor Randy’s origin, nationality, family history, and parents’ names remain hidden from the public domain.
  • It is known that Pastor Randy is married. He does not reveal any of his wife’s personal details.

Early Life and Education :

  • Pastor Randy Skeete received his Bachelor’s degree from Oakwood University.
  • Randy realized his calling was always to serve God and enrolled Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary (SDATS) at Andrews University for his theology degree.

Church Sermons, Salary and Net Worth :

  • Pastor Skeete serves as the Campus Evangelist for the Center for Adventist Ministries to Public University Students (C.A.M.P.U.S.).
  • Pastor Randy has distinguished himself as a self-supporting evangelist for Michigan as well as Lake Region conferences.
  • He also runs a supported international evangelism ministry that has taken him to every inhabited continent.
  • Pastor Skeete has been a minister for more than two decades. Throughout his lengthy career, he has traveled to dozens of countries worldwide, like Ethiopia, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi, Namibia, Indonesia, South Africa, and Malaysia, to mention a few. He has also preached during revivals or evangelistic meetings in Uganda, the Philippines, England, Australia, and Kenya.
  • Moreover, he has written articles that have been published in Adventists Affirm as well as Message Magazine.

Interesting Facts, Height and Trivia :

  • During the one-month-long Seventh Day Adventist Church “Don’t Give Up” evangelistic drive in Harare, Pastor Randy remarked that most modern-day prophets weren’t sent by God but were self-made to gain money. He advised Christians to rely on the Bible rather than the prophets. According to Pastor Skeete, Zimbabweans’ economic woes show that the church is not following God’s word. Furthermore, he emphasized that the “Don’t Give Up” campaign is intended to motivate Christians to keep their faith in the Lord.
  • In January 1994, Pastor Randy emphasized at the Second Baptist Church Memorial Service in Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that the fetus in the womb of a crack-smoking mom participates physiologically in that damaging process but never takes a moral decision to be part of the addiction. He noted that many were fetuses during the Movement for Civil Rights.
  • Pastor Randy isn’t a church community member, despite being an evangelist. His theological beliefs are highly adaptable.
  • Many of the Pastor’s sermons are freely accessible on YouTube. More than 30,000 people have signed up for his private Twitter account. Good advice for every day life can be found there. His material is thought-provoking and even non-believers appreciate him since he has proven himself to be a skilled philosopher.
  • In one of his most popular YouTube sermons, titled, ‘SHOULD ADVENTIST WEAR JEWELRY AND TATOO ON SKIN – Randy Skeete Sermon (Q&A SESSION)’, Pastor Randy Skeete answered a diverse array of questions from the audience.
  • In a YouTube titled, “How to Get Your Prayers Answered,” Pastor Skeete outlines various steps you can take to have your prayers answered. He claims that God has always presented a specific way of accomplishing things in the Bible. There is a particular manner to receive salvation and a straightforward way to pray. We cannot do things our way once the Bible clearly shows us how to accomplish them. Similarly, we must pray in the manner prescribed by God, and we will see fantastic outcomes if we do it correctly.
  • In an article he wrote for Adventists Affirm, titled, “Come Out of Her – My People!”, Pastor Randy stated that for S.D.A. adolescents to be lifesavers at secular campuses, they must know the absolute truth in these last days – contemporary reality. Worldly scholastic degrees are lovely in their own right. Still, they are not as valuable as the information that saves money and can be obtained without tuition. Gaining the universe at the expense of one’s soul is the pinnacle of stupidity in an “educated” young person. Pastor Randy said he was not implying that S.D.A. students should never attend non-SDA schools. Some solidly grounded S.D.A. students should join these secular schools to save their lost campus mates. To achieve the goal, people must understand everything they believe in theory and practice. This theory/practice, according to the Pastor, asks for detachment from the world.

24 thoughts on “Pastor Randy Skeete【 Biography 】Age, Wife, Married, Wikipedia”

  1. I write this in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you may be blessed, in this life up to the life to come. And may all your ministration in sharing the word be an influence to others, as it had influenced me and above that, miraculously in others.

  2. Pastor Randy Skeete,

    I listen to your sermons and everytime I get something out of them. I’m so thankful how you point out SIN and DISOBEDIENCE!!! God hates SIN because He never SINNED!!! May God continue to use you to bring souls to Christ Amen!

  3. Pastor Randy Skeet, you are an inspiring speaker, gifted and humbled. May God keep on blessing you. God is using you. I have adapted some of your sermons. I have a special prayer request. Please pray for me for am facing a major life threat in Kenya from some enemies. I need God’s victory.

  4. Pastor Randy is an inspiration, we pray that God preserve Him till Jesus comes to take us home…

    Kelvin from Zimbabwe, Bulawayo, Pumula South

  5. Pastor Skeete,

    I have never seen/heard anyone else who has memorized so many portions of the bible with chapters and verses. You are an inspiration. God be praised!

  6. Pastor Skeete,

    Where may I read that there are two (2) sets of angels; one for the night watch and another for the day. Thank you

  7. God bless Pastor Randy Skeete. His sermons are really touching! I like these 3 pre-sermon common sayings.

    1- Put your phone aside if you’re not using it. The phone can ring and disturb you but the hardcopy Bible can’t!

    2- Pray for me and say, “LORD put your words in that man’s mouth”. Jeremiah 1:9 And the LORD stretch forth His hand and touched my mouth and the LORD said unto me, “Behold I have put my words in your mouth…,

    Isaiah 1:18 “Come now let’s reason together says the LORD”…
    Our God is a reasonable God!

    I’m a South Sudanese student living in Turkey, so there’s no church in my City since this is an Islamic country. I got converted from Catholicism to SDA online. I only listen to SDA sermons online.

    1. Glory to God. May God bless you Pastor Randy and brother above for respecting and accepting to obey GOD’S Sabbath day. Amen.

  8. Randy,

    I was at the Michigan Camp meeting in June.

    I was one that raised my hand to give my life to Christ. I also came up when you called for those who need to be baptized. I am being told by some that it take many months of study and some that say just a couple months. I am confused as I have totally devoted my life over to Jesus and want to be reborn again and start a new life. How long before on is ready?

    1. Reviewing and identifying with all the basic teachings of SDA is what is necessary. Some people do that in one month or less. May the Lord bless you and help you to do so urgently. Search the internet for the SDA church nearest you. Connect with the pastor or elder and request baptism. Please know that I am praying for you.

  9. Pastor, we praise God for making you a vessel to touch lives in preparation for Jesus’ soon return.
    Your sermons are heart warming and life-changing.

    Wish you more of God’s blessings.

  10. Betty Love Sarplah

    Dear Pastor Randy Skeete,

    Words are inadequate to express how grateful I am since I started following and listening to your sermons

    My name is Betty Love Sarplah from Liberia and am 24yrs old am also a born member of the seventh day Adventist church ⛪️ My late grandmother taught me how to pray and do lost things with in the faith as a Adventist

    There was a time before getting my first degree in public health I wasn’t that spiritual fill I started acting delinquent in listening to the messages and stop praying at night and morning to God .

    But God doesn’t sleep as you always says! A few months back I came to Rwanda for my masters and started going back to your sermons it has got me in to whole new person for that I pray one day when God answers my prayers of which I know it will happen

    I make sure to visit your church ⛪️ and give my Testimony so that others may learn and Glorify Our Father in heaven. I love that saying from you that says why am speaking lord put your words in that men’s mouth and think as you listen

    I do have a prayer request pastor I want for God to intervene in this my traveling process to reunite with my parents in the USA because it has been years apart and I do really miss them

    But I write this by faith in Christ Jesus our Lord. May God continue to strengthen you and give you many more years to come as you continue to touch the hearts of many lost souls.

  11. John and Ruby Stafford

    We have been greatly blessed by Pastor Randy’s messages. We’re amazed by his memory of scripture and his way of speaking grabs our attention!

  12. Pastor Skeete,

    I used to avoid your sermons…I thought you were intolerant of sinners like me because you knew all the scripture by memory. I’ve squandered many years of being an SDA.

    Long story short…I know you have a sense of humor, you care about the people you preach to, and if I listen, I will learn. May God continue to bless your ministry.

  13. I am uplifted by the words the Holy Spirit empowers you with they always bring me to a greater understanding of the Word..

  14. Pastor Randy,

    I love that you are committed to the Word in everything that you do. I pray that God will continue to bless you and His work and continue to put His words in your mouth.

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