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Aaron Tredwell【 Janet Mock Husband Partner 】Wiki, Age, Bio, Photos

Name Aaron Tredwell

Wedding & Marriage / Wife / Girlfriend / Partner / Dating Married to Janet Mock. Check the full bio for relationship details.

Wikipedia Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

  • Photographer Aaron Tredwell wants to capture the spark that makes each person unique & aims to remove the stigmas many people face due to race, gender, orientation, and lifestyle choices.
  • Confident, loud, and always ready to share his opinion, Calvin has made a name for himself as a savvy businessman who is not afraid to go after what he wants.

Early Life and Family :

  • Born to Cynthia Treadwell, in Thompson, North Dakota, Aaron’s family moved to Cumberland Center, Maine, while he was still in school.
  • Aaron played high school basketball for the Rangers, holding long-term records in both season and career points, field goals, and rebounds.
  • Tredwell graduated in 1994 from Greely High School in Cumberland, Maine and then attended the University of Southern Maine, in Portland. He played basketball for the Southern Maine Huskies as well, receiving conference recognition as a forward.
  • Aaron enjoyed the stage and working with media, seeking an acting degree. After college, he moved to New York City.

Meeting his Love in New York :

  • It was in New York that Aaron began a career change and met his future wife, Janet. Aaron is married to Janet Mock, a Hawaiian native, a trans woman, author, and advocate, who had never anticipated finding an affirming relationship that would lead to a successful marriage.
  • Meeting on the dance floor in a bar on the East Side of Manhattan in 2009, it took a few dates before she opened up about her past and her journey to become who she is now.
  • After hearing Janet’s story, Aaron hugged her & remained supportive, and the couple has been together ever since. Aaron proposed five years after they met, and they were wed on November 5, 2015, in Laie, Hawaii on the North Shore of Oahu.
  • Aaron and Janet now reside in New York City. Living in NYC has helped in the promotion of Janet’s books and allowing her access to media and publishing.
  • The couple have a dog-named Cleo and often enjoy time together watching movies together.

Business & TV Career : Salary and Net Worth

Work in Photography :

  • Tredwell started his photography journey early, at acting school in New York, which directed his interest into film and doing headshots for others.
  • He is happy with his career and enjoys making time to be involved in their community. He likes capturing people in his photos as they are on their best days and in their own sphere of influence.
  • Aaron is quite a recognized and sought out photographer, whose work has appeared in Marie Claire, Architectural Digest, and the New York Times, as well as countless other publications & online articles.

Filmmaking & Other Work :

  • Aaron is a filmmaker and has worked on the documentary SHAPE UP with Derrick Middleton, using his experiences as a dog walker in New York City.
  • The project highlights the difficult path of young gay men in black barbershops as they seek to discover their own journey to peace.
  • Aaron also trains dogs, bikes around town with Janet, and does a joint weekly podcast called The Missing Piece – a verbal blog about the realism that accompanies celebrities trying to live genuinely in our current culture and the incredible difficulty of balance.
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB As of 2023, he seems to be in his mid forties.

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