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Theryn Meyer Wiki, Age, Bio, Trump, Before, South Africa, Transgender

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Name Theryn Meyer

Wikipedia Biography / Profile Information

Introduction :

Theryn Meyer is a Canadian-South African transgender woman, who advocates for Pro Men’s Rights movements.

Early Life, Parents & Family :

  • Theryn is a transgender woman born in South Africa.
  • Though born as a male, Theryn mentions that she failed to meet the expectations that are put on young men.
  • She has said this was due to the fact that Theryn never wished to emulate her father and only ever looked to her mother as a gender role model.
  • Her family immigrated to Canada in her later teen years & it was here that she felt she could really be herself.
  • However, she credits her parents for being so understanding when she came out as a female? Not once when growing up were they upset with Theryn for being a feminine boy.

Education : Qualifications, High School & College Info

  • Attending an all-boys school in South Africa in the early ’90s, Theryn was subject to physical & verbal abuse from fellow students.
  • Her experiences in that school made her hate the education system.
  • Theryn went on to study music composition at the University of Vancouver British Columbia and became the president of a men’s rights group named The Advocacy for Men & Boys Club.

Leading the Anti Feminist Movement :

  • Meyer is considered to be a leader in the Anti-Feminists movement and has stated that she believes she is the perfect person to advocate on this issue.
  • Due to her living life as both a male and female at different points in time, she feels she receives more privilege as a woman that is not fair to the world’s male population.
  • She believes that the LGBTQ community has been led away from its initial goals by sensationalism and women’s privilege and to gain any respect in this modern era.
  • They need to return to conservative politics and run away from the left-wing liberalism they have embraced in the last 10 years.

Life on YouTube :

  • After moving to Canada, Theryn found fame as a YouTube blogger and is often compared to other transgender right wing personality Blaire White.
  • He

Some of her more popular videos include :

  • “Dr Jordan Peterson chats with a reasonable trans person”
  • “Men’s rights and Make Up”
  • “The Transformation of my Voice MtF”
  • “This is what a woman looks like”
  • “Why I’m not signing Sargon of Akkads Petition”
  • The Theryn Meyer Lauren Southern collaboration video was also extremely popular. Currently, she has over 3 Million+ views which show that she is getting her message out there. However, her social media pages are silent at the moment, and she hasn’t posted anything new since a long time.
Date of Birth / Birthday / How old / DOB As of 2022, she is around 27 years old. A media article back in 2016, had mentioned her age as 21.

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  1. I listened to your testimony before the Canadian Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs. Your thoughtful remarks compelled me to learn more about your background. What I really appreciate is your willingness to step out not as an activist for a special interest group, but rather as a person concerned with the best interest of all people.

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