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Arlan Hamilton Net Worth, Age, Bio, Startup Fund, Birthday【 Wikipedia 】

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Name Arlan Hamilton

Birthday / How old / Age / Date of Birth / DOB Born in 1980. As of 2024, she is around 44 years old.

Wiki Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

  • Arlan Hamilton is an American businesswoman, equality campaigner, investor and a venture capitalist.
  • She is most famous for being the Founder and CEO of Backstage Capitol, a firm that looks for public investors and reinvests their funds in the businesses of under-represented business people.

Personal Life : Parents, Family and Education

  • Arlan was born in 1980 in California.
  • Born into a fairly religious, African-American family, Arlan was raised to respect others and follow Christian values, ethics and has lived by them ever since.
  • During her childhood, Hamilton often saw herself as the ultimate minority as she was a female, lesbian, and an African American.
  • Currently, she lives in an affluent area of Los Angeles, but always tries to remember where she came from. She is an important member of the Los Angeles LGBTQ community.

Early Career and Net Worth :

  • After finishing up her studies, Arlan went on to work in the music industry as a production coordinator and Tour Manager. It was this reasonably paid career that she suddenly quit in 2012 in order to chase her dream of becoming a Venture Capitalist.
  • She was inspired by people such as music manager Troy Carter, Lady Gaga’s manager, who was an early investor in the startup ‘Uber.’

Her Startup Success Story :

  • When Arlan first quit her day job, she had just $12 in her bank account and lived with her mother.
  • She has been quoted in interviews as describing those days as dark times where she had only a blow-up bed and a whiteboard with Venture Capitalist (VC) written on it.
  • With an original idea and a great deal of determination, she accepted that to become a VC, Arlan convinced herself that could go for her dream alone.
  • After hungrily devouring as much information as she could and being rejected by numerous potential investors, with a little luck and a lot of willpower, Backstage Capitol (a name inspired by the job she left to become a VC), was born.
  • The business has gone from strength to strength ever since and has now acquired an investment fund of over $36million, $4 million of which has already been invested in the business of the under-represented, minority business community.
  • The company’s mandate is to help minorities, as less than ten percent of national investments go to women, people of color, or those of LGBTQ origins, but insists that they are not a charity.
  • Hamilton’s success story was captured by big publications such as Business Insider, INC & even the German media outlet Spiegel.

Interesting Facts and Trivia :

  • Arlan remains an inspiration to many young businesspeople, both in the way she promotes minorities and due to her drive and determination in lifting herself from being virtually homeless to being a CEO of a major company in only three years.
  • She cites her family, beliefs, and the hundreds of people who tell her what a good thing she is doing as behind her fierce drive but also likes to quote the rap lyrics “I came for the cake, not the crumbs,” as another inspiration.
  • Hamilton had created a number of crowdfunding campaigns on the site IndieGoGo such as ‘Arlan’s 30th birthday fund’ and ‘Arlan’s Quest to Meet 10k People & Go to 5 GAY PRIDE events’. Unfortunately, she didn’t manage to raise a big amount through this medium.
Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Boyfriend / Partner No confirmed information is available.

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  1. Alfreda Southerland

    Greetings Arlan! I saw you on the Tamron Hall Show and was stimulated and inspired by your story. I am a textile artist, specializing in fabric art. Some would call my art “quilts”. The pattern that I use (called the dolman pattern) originated in West Africa. I love working with all types of fabrics , embellishing them with beads, semiprecious stones, shells,coils, etc. I need and want my work to be seen all over the world, to assist in spreading the richness and depths of the African/American culture. I know that you can assist me in accomplishing this endeavor!!! I will be sending you a copy of my brochure! Some of my art pieces are framed!

  2. I am based in South Africa. I am a black male and hugely inspired by Arlan’s success story. Please consider spreading your wings to South Africa. We can use your insights and profound business skills. God bless you.

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