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Rebecca Robeson Husband, Age, Net Worth, Design【 Wikipedia Bio 】

Rebecca Robeson Design Sessions
Personal Information Summary
Name Rebecca Robeson
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB Born in the late 1950s. As of 2024, she seems to be in her mid sixties.
Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Engaged / Partner Divorced. Check the full bio for relationship details.
Who is Rebecca Robeson daughter? The name of her daughter is Sharrah Robeson.
Children / No. of Kids 2
Ethnicity / Origin / Heritage / Race White
Nationality American
Wiki Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

Rebecca Robeson is an American vlogger and interior designer. Known for her talent, humor, and engaging personality, she has been credited as the most-watched interior designer on YouTube.

Personal Life, Parents and Family Details :

  • Rebecca Robeson (maiden name Rebecca Luther) was born in the late 1950s in San Diego, California.
  • Although she is private about her birth family, she has mentioned a sister in a video while making her dad’s famous meatloaf.
  • Her dad, Pastor Robert Luther, passed away in 2016 at the age of 92. Her father was the pastor at the College Avenue Baptist Church in San Diego for 14 years and even officiated her wedding to Jim.
  • For almost four decades, Rebecca was married to Jim Robeson, the President and CEO of Robeson and Associates insurance company. The two are now divorced.
  • With two sons already — Jimmy and Scott, Rebecca became pregnant with twins in 1990. Tragically, one of the twins died while still in the womb, but Rebecca gave birth to the surviving twin in December, their daughter Sharrah Lynne.
  • Rebecca’s husband, Jim, who is also an ordained minister, carried on the family tradition when he officiated Sharrah’s wedding in November 2016.
  • Rebecca’s oldest son, Jimmy, is a Christian musician and has given Rebecca and Jim four grandchildren.
  • Owing to her parents, Rebecca grew up with strong Christian values. She passed it down to her own children.

Education, Career, Salary and Net Worth :

  • Founded in 1994, Rebecca owns and operates Robeson Design, which at one time employed both her daughter and youngest son. Her son has since left to begin a career in luxury real estate.
  • Unlike many other interior design companies that have a signature style, Rebecca’s company is known for working collaboratively with their clients to create spaces that are uniquely theirs.
  • Although there is a home office, Robeson Design is most popular for its social media presence — especially their YouTube channel that has over 1 million subscribers with videos that have been viewed well over 100 million times collectively!
  • The channel features web series episodes and decorating hacks, but is perhaps most famous for their Christmas-time decorating tips.
  • More recently, Robeson has forged a new brand with her daughter Sharrah Stevens and her husband Tyler called ‘Kinwoven’. The name ‘Kinwoven’ stems from two words – ‘Kin’…because they are a family and ‘Woven’…because their lives have been woven through the generations and now woven with Rebecca’s viewers throughout the world.
  • According to a LinkedIn profile, Rebecca attended Helix Charter High School in La Mesa, California. Perhaps an inside joke, she also lists “GFB” under her education experience, with her specialty being “political ideology.”

Work on YouTube :

  • The innovative design company continues to find ways to interact with clients in unique ways. In 2016, they launched Design Sessions — a live webinar where Rebecca offers design tips and instructions while answering subscriber’s real-time questions about their own personal spaces.
  • In a 2017 video on YouTube, Rebecca revealed that she had been approached by a TV company hoping to give Robeson Design their own show. After filming a pilot reel, she turned down the offer as she felt they could not commit the time to filming.

Fun Facts, Height and Trivia :

  • Born to be a star, Rebecca is also a talented singer herself — as evidenced by two videos from a 1992 Karaoke session that her son Scott Robeson posted on the Robeson Design Facebook page.
  • Rebecca’s creativity does not extend into the kitchen. In a Mother’s Day tribute to her by her children Sharrah and Scott, they thank her for teaching them how to appreciate burnt food.
  • Houzz, Design Sponge and Apartment Therapy are some of Rebecca’s favorite blogs.
Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Engaged / Spouse / Partner Divorced. Check the full bio for relationship details.

30 thoughts on “Rebecca Robeson Husband, Age, Net Worth, Design【 Wikipedia Bio 】”

  1. Hi Rebecca,

    I’m sorry to hear about your divorce, God sees and knows everything, his vengeance is sweeter. This post mentions only two children. I always thought you had 3 but anyway God Bless You and your family and give you peace within to know. He holds you close and you’re not alone!

    Love You Ms. Becca ♥️

  2. I know this news and thread is old, but it is never too late to tell you that I was cut to the quick when you told of your ex-husband’s painful doings just before Christmas that year.

    I could not believe what I was hearing and felt myself suffering with you. For sure the moving forward has been difficult, but I pray God is daily restoring your joy and hope in the (your) future. It appears that He surely is. Jeremiah 29:11

  3. Rebecca, you are a fabulous girl! I stumbled upon you accidentally on YouTube and love your Christmas decor and you showing us how you did it. It actually made me a little sad (but grateful) as you reminded me so much of my past life in Palm Beach County. I was thinking…Rebecca is probably 40 years old and has all that energy to do all of this, then I saw we were the same age! Lol.

    Thank you for a beautiful Christmas special. It absolutely warmed my heart!

  4. I enjoy watching your videos. Such a great eye for decorating.Amazing ideas. Keep up the style and vision. Pillows, Pillows…Can’t wait to see future projects.

  5. Time is a great healer and watching your videos with your new company is a testament to your character or don’t dwell in misery, move on and achieve and I really think you have done that 120 percent. Well done Rebecca, your ideas are like a drink of cool water in a desert as dry as Basra.

    God bless and keep you and yours safe and most of all keep creating.

  6. I don’t know how I missed the news, but I’m just hearing of your divorce, which coincides with my 28 year old daughter’s divorce(she’s in pieces). I’m so sorry❣️But you WILL be okay and better than ever! I’ve been watching you for a few years-of course your talent was what first drew me but then it was YOU and your wonderful, real, honest and fun personality. I wish you mega success and happiness in this next phase of your life. You are so loved by so many( especially me)and you will surly be in my prayers-His peace be upon you!!
    And as we say in New Orleans, you GEAUX girl! You got this! ❤️

  7. My dear Rebecca, last night I watched your video in which you announced your tumultuous year. I cried. I have been watching and following you for years. This happened to me in 1990. My heart breaks for you. I felt so connected to you at that moment. Rebecca, you, my friend, will survive. You are so courageous, bold, talented, funny, and a true inspiration to all. Keep your head high, and remember God loves you, and He will not let you down. I did exactly what you are doing. I moved near Lake Tahoe from the Bay Area. That was the best thing I could’ve ever done for myself, new surroundings, new friends, and especially an awesome new beginning! I’m so happy to know that you are also moving and having a new adventure ahead of you! You and your designs so inspire me. I look forward to every year to see what you were doing, especially Christmas. I am a Christmas fanatic, lol! I get so excited to see your new videos!

    Please never stop sharing all of your wonderful, wonderful qualities! You are an amazing person Rebecca! Hold your head high, and enjoy your beautiful amazing children and your new grandbaby that will soon be here! We all love you and need you, so please keep it coming!

    May God Bless you on your new journey. ♥️♥️

  8. Hey Rebecca, divorce is just one segment of life. It’s better now that you are at peace. You have achieved so much in life, that losing someone so desirable is completely your husband’s loss. You have three jewels on your crown, your children. This hurt too shall pass off !! He was a blessed man to have you in his life. Be happy and let your spirit shine as usual

  9. Hi Rebecca,
    I love your mind blowing over the top designs. Your YouTube videos really helps us out here in YouTube Land bring your ideas and designs into our very own homes. Thank you for sharing them with us how kind and generous you are to help everybody or anyone who don’t have a clue on how to decorate their home. Just remember this “Hard times don’t last Good people Do”! Now that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

  10. Ms. Rebecca I accidentally came across this news about your divorce. You have to know that you are an awesome designer and women. I love, love, love your spirit. I watch your YouTube reruns often. Your gift that God has given you is wonderful. In my head, we are best Friends!

    Love you much,
    Ms. Geraldine Thorne

  11. I knew you were a Christian almost from the very first video I watched. I think that speaks volumes for your character. It’s nice to know someone is a Christian without saying it.
    P. S. I love your designs.

  12. I, too, discovered you about a year ago and I love watching you and the family on YouTube. You are one talented family and you’ve inspired me to look again at some of my ‘stuff’ and use it more creatively. Thank you, too, for lifting up Jesus through the Christmas music on the videos. May the Lord bless you all in this coming year; the best is yet to come!

  13. Keep the faith. It’s all uphill from here. You are incredibly blessed with your children and talent. God will get you through it! Love your videos!

  14. Rebecca:
    I must say You are one class act! Your announcement about your divorce was classy, dignified and full of integrity! And inspirational! I’m sure your faith has sustained you! I was very impressed!
    God love you! The best is yet to come!

  15. Wow, just wow……it was an accidental viewing on YouTube……I really really enjoyed the home makeovers for $500.00, the Christmas decorations are so lovely.
    Thank you and to Miss Rebecca you are one lightening of an Interior Designer……wow……So fresh and beautiful and you make me feel like am wide awake………Hehehe………so interesting……xxoo

    1. Hello,

      I accidentally found you…You are really good!!! I’ve been in the business a while now and you are excellent.
      You have everything one needs to make it ( it’s YOU) in life/business/anything…just be YOU.

      You have a magnetic personality that is so completely real.

      Much success to you and yours….please read Jeremiah 29:11

      Thank you,

  16. I have loved every single video you shared! I cried when you announced what happened in your marriage. I wish only the best for you as you move forward with your wonderful life!

  17. Hi Rebecca, I really love your designs and love your personality. I was so sorry about the divorce, litterly I was crying when you said it. God bless you and God will definitely do the best in your life. I watched all your YouTube videos and I am really interested in designing interiors in my home (India, Kerala) from the inspiration of your work. Thank you so much.

  18. You are an awesome lady. I too, cried as I watched you talk about your divorce. It really made me sad. Watching your latest videos with your daughter tonight, I would say that you are in a good place now and I’m happy for you. Looking forward to more great videos. Take care.

  19. Dear Rebecca,
    Your announcemwnt about the breakup of your marriage was very dignified, emotionall and hear. To say that your husband had fallen in love with another woman must have hurt like hell.
    I felt for you and your loss.
    I wish you health, happiness and success in everything you do, you are an inspiration both in the way you design and the way you present yourself.
    Be happy lovely lady, life is short.
    God bless.
    Maria (UK fan)

  20. My heart sank and I literally cried when I saw your YouTube saying what your husband did. I especially appreciate your response that what Becky would do is lift herself up. This does not minimize the hurt and devastation he caused and good for you! You make a difference in so many people’s lives in a positive way. You matter.

    You really remind me of my mom! I wish you two could meet. She is fun like you and has an amazing design sense. She and dad remodeled their home, my entire life (I am 50), and she breaks a lot of rules. Their house is amazing and I know she’d love watching you (if she knew how to access YouTube). Lots of love, joy, and good health to you. You have beautiful children and a beautiful family between all of you.

  21. I love watching your videos.not only do they teach, but I like them because they give my spirit a lift. So sorry about the Divorce– 40 years is a long time to love someone. Your announcement was hard to hear and yet how inspiring that spirit of yours. You are a real human being and that comes across as very relatable.

  22. Miss Rebecca! I really love the way you do your designs! I live in Myrtle Beach South Carolina, and I saw the segment that you did with do it on a dime and I was so excited !

  23. I have been watching your videos for two years and never imagined you were a Christian. So sad to hear your husband left you as you explained in an emotional video. And he was a Christian too?
    I was not born in the US and cannot understand why still nowadays women leave their origina family last name to adopt their husband´s but in the cae of divorce, please recover your identity.
    Continue your nice work…!

  24. I loved viewing your videos. I found you accidentally and I was hooked. You have inspired me in so many ways to be excellent at what projects I attempt. I cried when you shared your story. Keep the faith. That’ s what we Christians do in difficult times. Looking forward to seeing your great work in the future. With great admiration.

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