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Dr Marc Siegel Net Worth, How old, Age, Wife, Education, Bio Wikipedia

Dr Marc Siegel Images
Name Dr Marc Siegel

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB June 15, 1956. As of 2024, he is around 68 years old.

Wiki Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

  • Dr Marc Siegel is an American physician.
  • He is also a medical correspondent for Fox News, as well as a professor of medicine at NYU.

Personal Life : Parents, Family and Education

  • Dr. Marc K. Siegel was born on June 15, 1956, in New York.
  • He was raised in the state of New York and attended the East Meadow High School.
  • After graduating from high school, Marc relocated to Providence, Rhode Island, where he attended Brown University from 1974 to 1978, graduating with a degree in medicine.
  • Marc achieved his Doctor of Medicine degree in 1985 at the State University of New York in Buffalo. He then did his residency at the NYU Medical Centre in 1988.
  • Marc Siegel is married to his wife, Ludmilla ‘Luda’ Siegel, who is also a doctor. Marc has three children with Ludmilla, among which he has two sons, Joshua and Samuel.
  • Currently, Dr. Siegel resides in New York City with his family.

Career, Income, Salary and Net Worth :

  • Marc has been working at New York University’s School of Medicine and NYU Langone Medical Center as a clinical professor of medicine since July 1988.
  • He also writes a weekly column for the New York Daily News and appears frequently on Fox News as their medical correspondent and contributor.
  • A published author, Marc has three medical books out – False Alarm: The Truth about the Epidemic of Fear, published in 2005 by John Wiley; Bird Flu: Everything You Need to Know About the Next Pandemic, published in 2006 by John Wiley; and The Inner Pulse: Unlocking the Secret Code of Sickness and Health, published in 2011 by John Wiley.
  • Marc also continues to be a practicing internist, and often contributes articles to various publications such as The Washington Post, New York Post, Forbes, The Nation, and USA Today.
  • He also appears as a contributor on news channels such as CNN and NBC. Since 2013, he has also served as the co-host of Fox News’ show Sunday Housecall, alongside Dr. David Samadi.
  • Marc is the medical director of Doctor Radio, produced by NYU Langone and Sirius XM.
  • A fellow of New York University’s Master Scholars Society, Dr. Marc’s academic and medical research focuses on how humans respond to fear, particularly in the face of illnesses.

Interesting Facts, Height and Trivia :

  • Marc has written a fictional novel called Bellevue, published in 1998 by Simon and Schuster. The book follows a team of medical residents in their first year at Bellevue Hospital, the New York City teaching hospital.
  • He has once stated that he is influenced by the philosophy of Sephardic Jewish scholar and physician Moses ben Maimon, known as Maimonides, and by his pledge to see all his patients as equals in particular.
  • Marc used to write a column called The Unreal World for the LA Times.
  • He also sits on USA Today’s contributors board.
  • His father (96 years old, in 2020), was treated for COVID-19 symptoms in April 2020.
Wedding & Marriage / Wife / Spouse / Partner Married to his wife, Ludmilla Siegel. Check the full bio for relationship details.

6 thoughts on “Dr Marc Siegel Net Worth, How old, Age, Wife, Education, Bio Wikipedia”

  1. I heard your doctor radio program the other day, on which you discussed the possibility of raising hogs to provide transplants for human beings. I’m guessing those transplants would include hearts, liver, and kidneys. I wondered if there would be a possibility of transplanting pancreas to people who have type one diabetes!

  2. You spoke approximately five years ago about a Cleveland Clinic study of the correlation between Chances of Alzheimer’s and men taking viagra (69-70% reduction). And spoke more recently questioning why more hasn’t been done to develop something for the general population. What is the latest on this?

    Are there any OTC alternatives other than Viagra to enhance blood flow, etc., to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s?


  3. Did you really say in March on Fox News “the more I learn about this virus the less concerned I am” If so…you have no business giving advice. You should be ashamed and in the future MUCH more thoughtful. Very unprofessional and misleading

  4. Gwendolyn D. Roarke

    Dr. Seigal, quite sometime ago on FOX business you spoke about a retinal transplant program, costing $450, 000. I have a son who would be interested in more information about this program. Would you be interested in helping us? We think you’re the best! Thank you, Gwendolyn D. Roarke, CRNA

  5. I have COPD and asthma and my two doctors told me its more dangerous for me to wear a mask.
    I lost a friend this month because he was told to wear a mask and he ended up with a heart attack. My heart told me that the same could happen to me. He made the fourth one this past month. We all tested negative for the virus. Why are they trying to kill 18 to 28% of the people in the U. S. Who have the same afflictions. I have been told by 4 doctors that mask restrict the good intake of oxygen after 5 to 15 minutes of use. For when you exhale all the bad air does not leave the mask. You then are only getting 40% of good air after 5 to 15 minutes depending on your respiratory or heart concerns. Also, doctors said not to stay cooped up in apartment or house. The feinal warning was that the mask is more dangerous for us than the covid19.

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