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Dr Tony Huge Net Worth, Age, How old【 Wiki Bio 】Height, Dead?

What happened to Dr Tony Huge
Name Dr Tony Huge

Dr Tony Huge Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth August 1, 1982. As of 2024, he is around 42 years old.

Wedding & Marriage / Wife / Engaged / Spouse / Partner Check the full bio for relationship details.

Dr Tony Huge Wikipedia Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

  • Dr Tony Huge (real name Charles Anthony Hughes) is an ex-lawyer who is now a competitive bodybuilder and a famous YouTuber.
  • He is the face of Enhanced Athlete, a platform which sells PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs) and other fat loss supplements.

Early Life :

  • Anthony Hughes or as he is better known as, Tony Huge was born on August 1, 1982, in Sacramento, California.
  • He’s mentioned on his website that he was biohacking from the age of 12. Biohacking refers to a wide range of incremental changes a person can make to their bodies and lifestyles, from taking supplements and using wearable technology to monitor health, to using implanted devices.
  • For his formal education, Tony attended the Lincoln Law School of Sacramento and soon started up his own Law Firm – Hughes Financial Law. He worked with Business, Family and Real Estate law before specializing in Bankruptcy law and even became a certified bar specialist.
  • He then sold his law firm and stopped practicing law.

Family, Marriage and Children :

  • Tony Huge has never been married but he has two daughters with two separate women.
  • In an interview, Huge mentioned that he has a strong belief in polygamous relationships, where he has multiple girlfriends who remain exclusive to him, but the girls cannot date other men. He has experimented with various relationship models, attempting to create a communal living arrangement with multiple girlfriends and children, emphasizing the idea of one big family.
  • Huge has two children – His first daughter is Calli who is around 8 years old and Ally who is around 4 years old (ages as of 2023).
  • In 2021, he posted on Instagram about how he’s looking forward to living together with his children and their mothers in one house in Thailand.

Youtube Career :

  • Tony began his YouTube career around 2016. He gained prominence by sharing videos and content related to bodybuilding, fitness, and his unconventional approaches to training and performance-enhancing drugs. What made his content stand out was that he mostly experimented with controversial drugs on himself. Soon enough, he amassed almost half a million subscribers on this account.
  • One of Huge’s popular videos featured him showcasing his Ferrari 430 Scuderia and engaging in various eye-catching activities, including lifting a scantily clad woman above his head in front of the car.
  • In March of 2023, Tony’s channel was deleted by Youtube. This decision came weeks after another famous YouTuber, Leo Rex, was found dead at Huge’s residence in Pattaya, Thailand.
  • He now actively uploads videos on a new, smaller YouTube channel and still resides in Thailand while the investigation into Leo Rex is still going on. His Instagram account has also grown to over 143k followers.

Enhanced Athlete :

  • Tony Huge co-founded Enhanced Athlete with Scott Cavell in 2015. Cavell was a convicted fraudster at that time and had already spent time in Irish and US prisons for running a $7.4 million mortgage fraud scheme. After the start of Enhanced Athlete, Tony got his Doctor nickname even though he is not a medical doctor.
  • Tony is the very visible face of the brand, using his YouTube channel to market and sell fat burning and bodybuilding supplements.
  • His use of the DNP drug, which is known as the deadliest fat loss pill for humans, was the main reason for the first controversies surrounding him.
  • In one of his videos, Huge says DNP is dangerous and then proceeds to take some on camera claiming he is experimenting on himself.
  • He has answered that the people who die from DNP are people who abuse it and that it is a viable drug which was met with a lot of outrage from the bodybuilding community.
  • Enhanced Athlete faced many legal challenges related to claims made about their products and practices. The company and its founders, had to indulge in legal battles with regulatory authorities.

FAQs :

  • Is Dr Tony Huge a lawyer? : Formerly a lawyer, Tony Huge has transitioned into a competitive bodybuilder, businessperson and gained prominence as a popular YouTuber.
  • Dr Tony Huge ethnicity : Mixed
  • Is Dr Tony Huge still alive? : He seems to be alive but in late 2021, Tony experienced a heart attack scare following his battle with a severe Covid-19. He did not exhibit typical heart attack symptoms but had significant chest pressure, which led him to suspect a heart attack. Tests revealed abnormally high inflammation levels, which Tony attributed to both the Covid-19 infection and the substances he experimented with. Tony admitted that he neglected cardio exercises in his fitness routine, which he believed was a major mistake contributing to his heart issues.
  • Is Dr Tony Huge in jail? : He is not in jail, but his brand has faced many legal issues in the past.

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