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Mark Sargent Flat Earth : Wiki, Age, T Shirt, Bio, Net Worth, Books, Wife

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Name Mark Sargent

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Biography Profile / Wikipedia Information

Introduction :

  • Mark Sargent is an American producer, writer and YouTuber originally from Washington State.
  • Outspoken and confident in his beliefs, Mark has made quite a few headlines for his conspiracy theories and out of the box ideas.

Personal Life, Parents & Family Background :

  • Mark Sargent was born and raised in the South Whidbey Island in Washington State.
  • Parents – Mark’s mother, Patty is a retired teacher and his father used to work for a company called Whidbey Telecom.
  • He had a relatively normal upbringing in a religious, Christian home.


  • In high school, Mark was described as a smart student who was elected president of a school chapter called ‘The Future Business Leaders of America.’ He played for the school’s basketball team and even played in the state championship.
  • He was a student at the Western Washington University but was expelled after being caught making homemade fireworks. He was placed on probation after the incident.

Career, Income, Salary & Net Worth :

  • Mark began his career in Boulder, Colorado, where he was a professional computer game player.
  • Eventually, Sargent moved from Boulder and spent 20 years working as a trainer in the software market.
  • 2014 saw Sargent venture off into the interesting world of Flat Earth conspiracy. After doing a lot of research, he became more confident in his theory that the Earth was not round and decided to spend the bulk of his time focusing on proving the theory correct.
  • In the following months, Mark spent his time explaining his reasoning behind his theory, stating that everything relating with NASA and space was faked to create the false narrative that the Earth was round. He also introduced the theory that humans where trapped in a closed system but was unsure why.
  • In 2015, Sargent launched a YouTube series which he called ‘Flat Earth Clues’ that delved deep into his theories. His channel attracted over 35 000 subscribers as well as over 8 million views. He currently has over 15 videos dedicated to his theory.
  • Given the eccentricity of his theories, it was no surprise that Mark attracted the interest of producers and journalists who wanted to interview him and get a closer look at the man behind the theory.
  • In addition to pushing Flat Earth theories, Mark also believes that the 9/11 bombing was a hoax, the Pearl Harbour attacks were fake and many other theories he has raked up along the way.
  • He has currently written, starred in and produced three documentary features titled, ‘Flat Earth & Other Hot Potatoes,’ ‘Flat Earth Clues’ and ‘Behind the Curve’.

Trivia, Height & Interesting Facts :

  • In January of 1995, he won a World Digital Pinball Championship and was featured in a popular publication called The Record.
  • After venturing into Flat Earth and other conspiracy theories, Sargent decided to quit his daily job and now depends solely on the royalties he makes from his documentaries, interviews, and YouTube channel.
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