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Zen Garcia Biography Wikipedia, Age【 Books 】Accident, Wife, Family

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Name Zen Garcia

Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / How old / DOB August 19, 1970. As of 2021, he is around 51 years old.

Bio Profile / Wiki Information

Introduction :

Zen Garcia is an American author, publisher, editor, and radio show host. Garcia is best known for his radical views on religion and the earth. He firmly believes that life is about good and evil.

Personal Life, Parents and Family Background :

  • Zen is married and has a son named Justin James Garcia. His son is also married. The family started Sacred Word Publishing together, with Zen and his son writing many books. He currently lives in Winder, Georgia.

Early Life and Education :

  • Zen Garcia was born on August 19, 1970, in Augusta, Georgia.
  • He has a brother named Pete. There is no information about what formal education Zen received.

Work, Career, & Net Worth :

  • Garcia began writing in the early 1990s. He is the author of several books including the book Sons of God, a book that encourages readers to know “who they are” and “why they are here,” by teaching about the ancient past.
  • In 2016, along with his son Justin, Zen founded Sacred Word Publishing. Sacred word Publishing is a publishing house that strives to publish revelations & truths of Yahuah Elohim’s word and helps other authors produce the same. Sacred Word Publishing has also worked on a several a number of radio shows and YouTube videos.
  • Along with his work in the publishing world, Zen also runs the non-profit organization Endeavor Freedom, Inc.
  • In the past, he also ran the website FallenAngels (dot) tv. He has appeared as a speaker at several conferences, thanks to his insights and strong beliefs.
  • In 2018, Garcia was one of the speakers at Flat Earth International Conference (USA), along with many other well-known flat-earth believers such as Rob Skiba, Patricia Steere and more. He has been doing this work for over two decades.
  • In 2020, Zen published the book The Vestures of Light and Rod of Wonder.

Trivia & Interesting Facts :

  • Garcia says he reads the Bible daily. He states that although he has studied many religions, he is a born-again Christian and believes that Jesus Christ is the son of God.
  • He is also an adamant believer that the Earth is flat.
  • Zen believes that Adam and Eve were not from the Earth and did not have physical bodies. As per him, the fruit that Eve ate in paradise was not real, but only symbolic.
  • Garcia believes in a hybrid race of Nephilim (giants) that come from the breeding of God’s creatures and humans.
  • He believes in aliens, calling them fallen angels that were banished. These fallen angels, as well as the giants, he says, created many of the ancient structures of olden times. He also believes that hell was created for these fallen angels and giants.
  • Garcia has gone on to say that some humans are the descendants of Satan.
  • He believes that the reason people are on Earth is to find out the truth about salvation and everlasting life. This truth was offered to the people by God through his son Jesus Christ.
  • Zen has many critics that doubt his talking points and ministry work, but he also has many who believe his take on religion, earth, and humankind.
  • His beliefs have prodded Garcia to author or edit over thirty-five books.
Marriage & Wedding / Wife / Engaged / Spouse / Partner Married. See above for details.

4 thoughts on “Zen Garcia Biography Wikipedia, Age【 Books 】Accident, Wife, Family”


    Zen thank you bro for the in-depth teaching on the weird of god. It’s mind-blowing. I always listen to you and Rob Skiba when you guys teach and share in depth knowledge. God bless you abundantly!

  2. I don’t buy Zen Garcia’s position on the creation of the universe, God, or anything he states. He provides no reference to where he came up with this crap. I do believe the information in the book I am about to reference:

    “Sorry all you offended Christians and Jews, humans were artificially engineered out of an ET test tube by a bunch of psychopathic warmongering aliens, not your monotheistic God. Your religions are a rip-off, fabricated to be used as a divide and rule control mechanism, intended to forever divisively separate the human species into hostile, fragmented, conflicting forces. That said, this in no way conflicts with the existence of a Prime Creator as unifying energy permeating all that there is, responsible for the Divine Creation of this magnificent multiverse. By accepting how humans got here does not negate Divine Creation that is increasingly supported by cutting edge science merging rapidly with the unified creative force commonly referred to as God. (Christine Hassler, “Science Merges with Spirituality,” Huffington Post, May 3, 2010) The ET origin of Homo-sapiens remains compatible with a monotheistic Universal Creator.”

    Pedophilia & Empire: Satan Sodomy and the Deep State Book 1 – A Quarter Million Millenia of Human Enslavement, Child Rape and Blood Sacrifice from Antiquity to the Modern Catholic Church (Chapter 2: Deception of the Ages: How Humanity has been Ruled by ET Slavemasters for over Quarter Million Millennia – pg 44) by Joachim Hagopian

    Check out an author that provides reference to his information. THIS is believable!

    1. You’re all idiots.

      Zen cites all his sources and is one of the most knowledgeable people on God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Ever. In over 50 years I have yet to come across ANYONE CLOSE to his level of knowledge. I read the first lady’s comments and believe she is completely lost. A more inaccurate depiction you will not find in my opinion.

      Check out his work on Sacred word publishing.

      See for yourself this man’s unparalleled credentials.

      I apologize but I hate liars and that lady is straight-up lying. Zen ALWAYS STATES AND CONFIRMS HIS SOURCES.

      I’m sure that idiot who first commented name is Karen and she’s on her rag. Idiot woman.

      1. Yes agreed with this last comment, Zen I feel and hear is a great brother with a lot of wonderful knowledge…., and bless you Zen in Lord Jesus’s name…Love u bro, I am not a fool and I listen to your stuff a lot, you challenge me to seek these things out more and to study to show myself approved.

        God bless you and your house

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