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Patricia Steere Age, Flat Earth Wiki Bio, Husband, Money Background

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Name Patricia Steere

Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / How old / DOB February 5, 1963. As of 2021, she is around 58 years old.

Biography Details / Wikipedia Profile

Introduction :

Patricia Steere is a flat earther & also a prominent flat earth YouTuber.

Personal Life : Family & Education

  • Patricia Lynn Steere was born on February 5, 1963, in Spokane, Washington, to a sociologist mother and a radio station owning father.
  • She has two siblings – a sister and a brother.
  • Growing up in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and Cooper City, Florida, Steere has also lived in Louisiana, North Carolina, and South Carolina.
  • Currently, Patricia resides in Houston, Texas, with her three cats: Greer, Rory, and Flynn. She relocated to Houston, in 2014, following her mother’s death.
  • She is a very close friend of fellow flat earther Mark Sargent, and the two frequently appear on each other’s YouTube shows.
  • For her education, Patricia attended the Loy Norrix High School, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, as well as Cooper City High School in Cooper City, Florida.

Early Career & Work :

  • Patricia was primarily a radio host. She worked for Kalamazoo’s WKMI radio as on-air personality during their morning news segment, and then followed that up with a stint on California’s KMIX/KCEY radio station.
  • She was also a weekend board operator for San Francisco’s Bay Area radio station KPIX/CBS.
  • Later, she worked as on-air personality, program director, and show host for KVON-AM/KVYN-FM in Napa, California.
  • She was also an on-air personality for KYMX in Sacramento, California, as well as for WRNO-FM in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Work on YouTube, Wealth & Net Worth :

  • Since 2015, Patricia has been focusing solely on her YouTube show, Flat Earth & Other Hot Potatoes, which she treats as her current full-time job. Currently, she has 25,000+ subscribers on her YouTube channel.
  • She is currently living off inheritance and savings while producing her YouTube show, which does not provide her with significant revenue.
  • Patricia also has web shows that air three times a week, and she gets revenue from her attendances as a speaker in various international conferences. She has also given plenty of interviews to assorted media.
  • She also spends a considerable time on research for her work.

Interesting Facts, Height & Trivia :

  • Patricia also owned and ran a boutique in New Orleans called A Girl Is A Gun, which she sold in 2014.
  • A passionate vegan, Patricia is a lifelong cat lover.
  • Patricia has appeared in the 2018 documentary Behind the Curve.
  • She is very invested in natural beauty and health alternatives, and is an advocate for organic food and products.
  • She also loves travelling, reading, art, and design.
  • She is a fan of Pawel Pawlikowski’s 2018 film Cold War.
  • Patricia loves vegan cuisine, and can often be found cooking up a storm of delicious looking dishes. She also explores vegan restaurants on her far and wide travels.
  • She is also very interested in fashion, style, and interior design, and spends a lot of time curating her appearance and personal style, as well as her home.
  • Patricia is also proud of her records collection, and owns a Wurlitzer jukebox.
Marriage & Wedding / Husband / Engaged / Partner No confirmed information is available.

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  1. Diljit S Matharu

    This is a message for Patricia. I have not seen a more beautiful women. Patricia you are absolutely stunning, drop dead gorgeous.

  2. I’ve been at it for a year now as well. Fascinating stuff! And it makes total sense. In 1970 I had my uncle Roy’s telescope, and stared at the moon.

    But now, thanx yo Sstgent&Skiba by way of my son, I listen to it all…a little leary on the alien stuff, but sons of God is in the Word amen!

    And, less I forget, the Antarctica spiel is mind boggling!

  3. I just watched your documentary, very interesting. What about Asteroids/meteors? Are they built into the dome or fragments of the ground. Anyway my whole purpose of this message, in hopes she see’s it, is I think Patricia is hot has hell. Keep up the good work. Food for thought, why are our eyes and all other creatures eyes round?

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