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Todd Standing Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Parents, Bio【 Bigfoot 】Wiki

Todd Standing Fake
Name Todd Standing

Profile Information

Introduction :

  • Todd Standing is a Canadian filmmaker and researcher.
  • Todd directed the “Discovering Bigfoot “documentary, and is very involved in proving the existence of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch myth.

Personal Life & Family Background :

  • Todd Standing was born in Canada’s western province of Alberta.
  • He has a sister, Louise.
  • Growing up in the province of Alberta, Todd currently resides in Calgary, the province’s largest city. He also lived in the town of Golden, British Columbia.
  • He attended the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta’s capital.

Job, Career & Net Worth :

  • Todd initially made his career in working at lumber mills.
  • In 2006, he was a Bigfoot sceptic, but he started exploring the woods of British Columbia looking for proof to validate the existence of the humanoid creature. He started out looking for ways in which to disprove the theories behind the existence of the myth, but instead quickly became a believer.
  • The same year, he used two videos allegedly containing evidence of Bigfoot to petition the Canadian government to grant species protection to the creature. The Canadian House of Commons certified the petition. This garnered a lot of media attention for Todd, with newspapers, TV networks, radio stations and various websites all vying for his attention.

Documentaries & TV Work :

  • In 2007, Standing discussed his research on Bigfoot on the Coast to Coast show Protecting Bigfoot, which was followed by more insights into the topic on the show “Bigfoot Vocalizations” that same year & on the same network.
  • In 2013, he took two other researchers with Ph.D.s out in the field with him, and sharing his data with them. He also managed to convince another sceptic, Les Stroud, during a special Bigfoot edition of his show Survivorman.
  • In 2017, Todd directed and starred in the documentary ‘Discovering Bigfoot’, which was also available on Netflix. The documentary was part of his fundraising campaign to fuel further expeditions, but it was not a financial success.
  • Todd currently has another documentary in the works, Bigfoot North, but the fate of it is unknown at the time being due to a failed Kickstarter campaign that did not raise the expected funds to cover its production.

The Lawsuit :

  • In 2018, Todd sued the British Columbia province for its failure to acknowledge Bigfoot and therefore failing to protect the species.
  • The lawsuit was dismissed by the Canadian court, and Todd had to pay for the legal costs.
  • He has since stated that he is considering starting lawsuits in other Canadian provinces and American states where there have been Bigfoot sightings.
  • The media and press attention Todd received has allowed him to build an international research team that includes several bona fide scientists.

Social Media :

  • After the Bigfoot North campaign on Kickstarter failed, Todd took a break from most of his presence on the Internet, shutting down his social media accounts and websites, and only keeping his YouTube account active. He has since returned in full to his online presence.
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  1. What is written in this article is absolutely incorrect ! To state that Les Stroud is a believer in Bigfoot is total BS. The man states to this day that he does not believe but simply claims that anything is possible. It’s unfortunate that FAKE NEWS such as yours and others make false claims.

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