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Pastor Keion Henderson Wife, Father, Quotes, Net Worth, Family, Age, Bio

Pastor Keion Henderson Church Sermons
Personal Information Summary
Name Pastor Keion Henderson
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB July 6, 1981. As of 2024, he is around 43 years old.
Wedding & Marriage / Wife / Spouse / Partner Married. Check the full bio for relationship details.
Where is Pastor Keion Henderson church? Keion Henderson is a senior pastor at The Lighthouse Church in Houston, TX.
Children / No. of Kids 3
Ethnicity / Origin / Heritage / Race Black
Nationality American
Wiki Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

Pastor Keion Henderson is a well-known American pastor. He is also the senior founder and senior pastor of the Lighthouse Church.

Personal Life, Parents and Family Details :

  • Pastor Keion Henderson was born on July 6, 1981, in Gary, Indiana, to mother Gwen Scott.
  • In his youth, Keion attended the Tree of Life Missionary Baptist Church in Gary, Indiana, where the preaching of Dr Cato Brooks Jr shaped him & his beliefs.
  • For his formal education, Keion attended East Chicago Central High School in Indiana, graduating in 1999.
  • Keion then went on receive a full basketball scholarship that allowed him to attend the Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne in Indiana, from 1999 to 2004. Prior to becoming a pastor, Keion had aspirations of playing in the NBA, but a devastating injury during a college basketball game cut short his dream.
  • While at university, Keion studied for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Communication, with a minor in Organizational Leadership and Supervision.
  • From 2006 to 2008, he studied a Master of Theology at the Faith Evangelical College & Seminary in Tacoma, Washington.

Marriage, Children & Relationships :

  • For many years, Keion was married to Felecia Henderson, and together they have three daughters: Candis, Tynesha, and Katelyn. Keion and Felecia used to reside with their family in Houston, Texas.
  • Unfortunately, the couple had a divorce in 2019. Even though their married life seemed to be very strong, their union fell apart when Keion allegedly filed for divorce.
  • Blogger Larry Reid got access to some of the divorce’s court documents and released them on his Patreon account, which confirmed that the pastor was divorcing his wife.
  • Later, Pastor Keion himself confirmed the separation in an interview with BlessedBeatz Media.
  • After his split from Felecia, Pastor Keion started dating Shaunie O’Neal, the ex-wife of basketball star, Shaquille O’Neal. On her Instagram, Shaunie wrote a heartfelt birthday note to her new love on the occasion of his 40th birthday.
  • Though their relationship was publicly confirmed in 2021, the two were spotted together before as well. In 2019, PR Newswire had reported that Shaunie attended the Pastor’s annual relationship conference & they even snapped a photo of the two of them.

Church Work, Ministries and Net Worth :

  • Keion made the decision to become part of the ministry at the Tree of Life Missionary Baptist Church on July 30, 1995. A week after that, he held his very first sermon, named “Faith: where is yours?.”
  • A little before graduating from Purdue University, in February 2003, Keion took over the New Horizon Baptist Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  • The New Horizon Baptist Church vastly grew in memberships numbers under his leadership, expanding from five members to over six hundred in less than five years.
  • On September 30, 2009, Keion felt called upon to establish a new ministry in Houston, Texas. This new ministry was named The Lighthouse Church and now has over two thousand members. The main location of the church sprawls over 40,000 square feet in Humble, Texas.
  • Keion is also the creator of the annual Well Experience Singles Conference, a two-day symposium focused on empowering singles around the country.
  • He also founded the annual ‘Destiny Empowerment Conference’ in Houston, Texas, now known as the L3 Conference. The conference is meant to provide insights into the world of business development.
  • Since January 2008, Keion has been the CEO of Tax Solutions.

Awards and Accomplishments :

  • In 2008, Pastor Keion was selected by his alma mater, the Indiana University – Purdue University to receive the honor of ‘Great Man of the Year’ for his commitment to the fight for diversity.
  • The Fort Wayne community also selected him on the list of the ‘Top Fifty Educators’ in the city.
  • Keion has spread the word of his ministries & his work in various continents – North America, Africa, and Europe.
  • He was also nominated for the CNN Heroes award, as well as a People OD Humanitarian Award.
  • He has written ‘The Christ Compass,’ a religious guide.
  • He has been instrumental in the implementation of the church’s free Easter egg hunt, and its Christmas missions, and has fundraised for missions all over the world.

24 thoughts on “Pastor Keion Henderson Wife, Father, Quotes, Net Worth, Family, Age, Bio”

  1. Keion Henderson founded The Lighthouse Church & Ministries in 2009, a Houston-based church community. If you are wondering how old is Pastor Keion Henderson now? Well, he is now 42 years old and has over 20 years of experience in active ministry. Keion is one of the most successful ministers of the gospel.

  2. Keion Henderson’s age now is 42 years old and has over 20 years of experience in active ministry. Keion is one of the most successful ministers of the gospel.

  3. If you are wondering about Pastor Keion Henderson’s age, well, he was born on July 6, 1981, and is 42 years old as of 2023. He founded The Lighthouse Church in 2009. He preached his first sermon in 1995, and it was titled. ‘Faith: where is yours?’.

  4. I love listening to Keion Henderson motivational sermons. As Pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, he has quickly built a huge following by sharing wisdom on a variety of topics, including personal and professional wellbeing, mental health, faith, and relationships.

  5. Nonkazimulo Radebe

    Dear Pastor Henderson,

    Thank you for your sermons, I came across your sermons on YouTube. Thank you for allowing God to use you to bring us near him.

    Nonkazimulo Radebe
    South Africa: Durban

  6. Keion Henderson has accepted me into his church family and I appreciate how his church inspires and strengthens me!

    1. That’s great…I need a personal introduction to see if he’s willing to connect with an anointed one as well.

  7. I am very impressed with Pastor Henderson’s preaching. I am watching him now. God bless.

    From South Africa Diann!

  8. This man of God is anointed. His sermons had blessed my life. Praying about joining this ministry virtually from Ohio.

  9. Pastor Henderson,

    My wife and I listen to your messages faithfully on YouTube and Facebook. I recently informed my wife I wanted to prayerfully make your church my church for my family.

    My only concern is you divorcing your wife in 2019. How did LORD GOD deal with you divorcing your wife because I believe what the Bible says that God hates divorce? I have been married to my wife for 6 years. Please help me understand PK.

  10. Carol Cooke San Diego

    I love to listen to Pastor Kieon. I am a member of Bayview Baptist Church in San Diego Ca. Where Pastor Kieon’s brother is the pastor. Pastor Henderson is enlightenment to me. His messages are so for real. I listen to him on Sunday mornings before I attend my own church service. I wish I lived in Texas so that I can attend Lighthouse church. God bless Pastor Henderson. He would come every year for March madness and I wish he would come back soon.

  11. I am thankful to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for Pastor Keion Henderson. For the Kingdom of God is not in word but in Power. The Word of God released out of his mouth is tasty and filling. Amen

  12. That was my message today. May God bless this pastor. I didn’t even know him I tumbled over him, but God had sent him with my message. I don’t know what to say!

  13. I’ve been watching Pastor Keion now for the last week and to say that this man has opened my eyes to so much is an understatement!! I have just had a thirst for God’s word and I have a great Pastor at my own church, but Pastor Keion has given me something different!

    If I was in Texas no doubt I would be a member, I sit down like I’m in school when he is teaching I have not even watched regular TV since I discovered him. He has taken me on a spiritual journey that has brought me such peace and joy!

    I would love to be able to share my testimony and my heart with Pastor Keion and First lady Henderson!

  14. I was called out as an exhorter in 1992 through various supernatural experiences. As a result, I have been consumed with wanting nothing but the unadulterated word of God. I love Google because they bring me what my spirit craves. Monday night Pastor Henderson was brought to me. Being who I am I went back to Google today and downloaded every video I could find.

    I thank GOD so much for his faithfulness. God is raising up a mighty kingdom army to led His children back to Him. Pastor Henderson is one of them. I create beautiful topical Scripture card sets to equip the lost. I will see what God is up to in 2021. Keep Pastor Henderson in your prayers because as he said, on Monday Satan isn’t going down without a fight.

  15. I would just like to plant a seed for the message that I just listen to by Pastor Keion Henderson. When God Remove People from Your Life! It has blessed me and I am even more equipped, wiser, stronger and better. Thank you Pastor Keion Henderson

  16. Pastor,

    I found you while in the middle of a storm your ministry has made me realize who is on my side.

    Jesus is my all and all He has my full attention and has sent people through the internet to open my understanding of His word I am grateful I found you. God Bless You!

  17. Theresa Creecy Kinchen

    My husband and I have been listening to Pastor Keion for the last 2 months and he has been blessing our souls. We are planning a trip to Houston. We keep his sermons playing on every TV in the house non-stop. May God continue to bless everything you and your wife touch.

  18. Was moved to listen to four of Pastor Keion’s sermons this week. Prayed earnestly that he will be a mentor in my journey to destiny. Hoping for a response a. S. a.p.Thanks for your Cooperation.

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