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Dave Meyer Age, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Joyce House, Home, Family

Dave Meyer Photos
Name Dave Meyer (Also known as : Joyce Meyer Husband)

Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Engaged / Spouse / Partner Married. Check the full bio for relationship details.

Wiki Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

Dave Meyer is a husband, father, and President of a Christian Ministry in the United States.

Personal Life, Parents and Family Details :

  • Dave was born and raised in the United States. He is a veteran of the United States Army.
  • He got married to his wife Joyce Meyer in 1967, and they have four children together – Daniel B. Meyer, Sandra Ellen McCollom, David Meyer, and Laura Marie Holtzmann. All the kids were born in the late 1960s & early 70s.

Famous Life : Career, Income and Net Worth

  • Dave is currently the President of Joyce Meyer Ministries, a Christian non-profit organization.
  • In 1993, Dave & Joyce had the idea of starting a television ministry. Their program initially started airing on WGN-TV, an independent television station in Chicago, as well as on Black Entertainment (BET) network. The media instalment, now called ‘Enjoying Everyday Life’, is still broadcasted to this date.
  • Being in the Ministry full-time for decades, as well as having extensive knowledge in finance and administration, he has helped build Joyce Meyer Ministries into what it is today.
  • He also writes articles in the ‘Enjoying Everyday Life’ magazine, which is available for the public and members of the Ministry.

More about Joyce Meyer :

  • Dave is married to Joyce Meyer, a one-time bookkeeper who is now a world-famous Christian author, public speaker, and President of Joyce Meyer Ministries.
  • Joyce has written many books with titles such as ‘Battlefield of the Mind,’ ‘How to hear from God,’ ‘The Secret Power of Spreading Gods Word’ and ‘Get Your Hopes Up!’
  • In 2002, the mainstream publishing giant Hachette Book Group paid Joyce a few million dollars for the rights to her catalog of independently released books.
  • Dave’s father-in-law joined the army in World War II, and on his return, he became cold, bitter, angry and started s**ually abusing Joyce.
  • Dave’s brother-in-law David Hutchinson was also abused by Joyce’s father; he joined the Marines at the young age of seventeen, where his Sergeant introduced him to various drugs to help him cope with the horrors of the war.
  • Upon his return David got married and had a son, but divorced his wife soon after and ran away. He was found dead in an abandoned building by a homeless person thirty days later.

Controversies and Trivia :

  • Dave and Joyce have been subjected to harsh criticism from many peers, as well as some sections of the media for their lush and excessive lifestyle, boasting a million-dollar private jet Gulfstream G-IV, a luxurious Mercedes sedan, & various lavish houses for them & their four children.
  • The expensive ministry headquarters furnished with millions of dollars worth of furniture was also allegedly all paid for by the Ministry.
  • Following the negative publicity, Meyer announced in 2004 that she would be taking a salary reduction from the 900,000 dollars per year she was taking from Joyce Meyer Ministries.
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB No confirmed information is available on the year he was born.

26 thoughts on “Dave Meyer Age, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Joyce House, Home, Family”

  1. I don’t believe God is intervening to “bless” them with money or curse others with poverty since He is concerned with giving spiritual riches like greater knowledge of Him or increased peace in your heart.not to mention eternal life for all who believe in Him.

    People who think God is constantly adding or removing wealth as a result of good or bad deeds still haven’t grasped the concept of forgiveness laid out in the bible. He HAS removed the sin issue so he is not going to sit around and meet out physical payments and debits because of people’s deeds. Joyce has money for reasons that are not magical. She has a high level of exposure to people who are willing to send money. God doesn’t have to intervene to make it happen. It’s just a side effect of being a tv preacher.

  2. I watch Joyce Meyers, every time I get a chance, I like her teachings and sermons, but I never read her books.

    I like her dressing style, she appears too tall on TV. Yet, they say she’s 5’ 4”. Medium height. Slim weight. Other than her voice, being heavy, she always was a fox, to me. One thing she constantly is doing, is talking about her Dad’s abuse of her, and now I read about her brother’s bad ordeal, I rather her not talk so much about being sexually molested so long by a parent.

    My father too abused me and my sisters, mostly when they were sleeping or drinking. Joyce talks about it openly, all over the world. Money pours to her out of sympathy. I myself screamed when my dad came into my bedroom, and luckily my husband came in in time, I was in my twenties, I told my stepmom, his wife, she didn’t believe me, she said my dad only approached good looking people, she wasn’t good looking, and several other women weren’t. He was sick in his head, especially, when he was drinking, his mom, my auntie, his daughters, even his mother-in-law, all had to run and avoid him.

    Joyce’s wealth, if movie stars, can get wealthy, why not a preacher, all of it is hard work, standing in front of a congregation, talking about God, issues, and sometimes, getting emotional, and arousing emotions. Stars act out scenes, in front of hot lights, remember their lines, get rich, why not pastors then!

  3. Numolayefa Beredugo

    I really love Joyce and the great work she’s doing. God will continue to bless and enlarge her and her household. I am a better person today through her preaching. I didn’t know I can go a day without listening to her. Besides, I really love the fact that she helps people all over the world to the best of her ability. I pray I would one day bless her financially.

    Thank you, dear Joyce. I truly love you.

  4. my husband of 32 years, cleaned out my bank account
    , my house went into foreclosure, they took my car. I discovered Joyce one night and she saved my life. What a hard working devoted couple. I thank God for them.

  5. Just a question…Would you listen to a poor preacher?

    Maybe one can learn from their wisdom in sowing, whether it is the Word, Love, Kindness or Money etc, it all works the same!
    I love Joyce and Dave and the work they do is phenomenal! May God bless them even more!~

    1. No one talks about how much of the money is given away to Love Child and other organizations…a very healthy portion goes to these institutions. Most people who criticize the amount of wealth given to them by God are just jealous of their wealth which is the sin of covetousness.

  6. Mummy Joyce, I love you so much. Your messages really inspire me that I wake and sleep with them. Your teachings are exceptionally and I bless God for bestowing upon your wisdom, deep relationships, and knowledge of His word. I had made you my role model in ministry long ago. I’m trusting God that one day I would be able to see you though I haven’t been abroad before.

    I pray God to keep you around for a very very long time for me and for your great-grandchildren that shall surely be countless. May God increase you more and more. Keep soaring…

  7. I find peace listening to Joyce Meyer words and reading her books. I wish to see her life. I so much pray for that to happen. She is my hero.. Her words changed my life and gave me a new meaning of life…Love her so much…God bless u

    1. I find peace listening to her n I’m growing thru her words she is my inspiration when life threw me down…I love her talks…I’m improving hearing her word of God…I love her…thanks Joyce to show me d truth

  8. I like joice mayors preaching but but, when you are preaching God and following Christ its confusing to live a life with the money that’s contributed by Christians isn’t, Jesus teaches us to be not living in that manner plus its hard to worship God when living a lavish life style isn’t

    1. The Bible doesn’t teach that its wrong to be wealthy! It teaches that a person can’t serve God and money. It’s the love of money that is the sin. They give away more than many people make in a year!

    2. Joyce Meyer is a bestseller author…she has written over a 130 books. A lot of her wealth comes from it. Her books sell all over the world and translated into many languages. Of course she has money most self-made. So people she is not taking your money she makes her own. She also makes money from her partners and offerings but the big picture is that she gives most of her money away to spread the Gospel of Jesus and help the poor. You should help her and send her money to contribute to one of the most reliable and honest ministry in the world. Thank you Jesus for providing the wisdom to Joyce and helping people all over the world.

  9. I thank Joyce with all my heart listening to Joyce has change my life, all my life I thought I was a Christian I knew about Jesus, but I real didn’t know Jesus until I listen to Joyce I grew up in poverty I was abused, all the time I needed love my parents died when I was young they were alcoholics I grew up like a stray dog, l I was giving myself to loads of men looking for love. My story its too long to tell, all I can say thank you Jesus for Joyce Meyer I continue to grow because of Joyce my pain is gone because of Joyce’s teaching I am so grateful.

  10. Blessed by Joyce Meyer ministry, may the lord continue to enlarge your territories. Joyce you are my role model in the Lord and ministry.

  11. Joyce Meyer Ministries helped me to build my relationship with the Lord more strongly.

    I support her and her calling from the bottom of my heart.

    May the Lord continues blessing you Joyce and Dave.

    You deserve, obedient servant.

    Love Lorenia from UK.

  12. Dave and Joyce deserve and have earned a lavish lifestyle—don’t find fault or criticize any of their actions. No one works harder than Joyce and Dave. They have done so much good in the world. I love listening to her audio cd’s and watching her on TV with my cherished pit bull, Hazel…I love how she lovingly always talks about Dave in her sermons. Joyce, I love and appreciate you and Dave. My dream would be to go to one of your conferences with my sister and niece, but I have never stepped on a plane since 9/11 (thus would only happen in a dream). I am quite content with my cd’s and TV and get tremendous enjoyment and happiness from them. I love you both. Linda(cardiac nurse)

  13. I don’t understand why people are so critical when God blesses his faithful servants with prosperity. How can you help anyone if you can’t help yourself? I don’t think it is a good testimony, if God’s people are clothed in rags, drive cars that should be in the junkyard and live in a shack. I know we should store up treasures in heaven, but I believe that God wants his people not to live lacking any good thing. I wish people were not so envious, and that they could be happy when others prosper. Maybe God would bless them also if they would not be so judgmental.

    1. I thought that we were supposed to live our lives as Christ lived his life. From my understanding of the life Jesus lived it was a humble life.not a lavish life style

    2. I don’t agree with you at all. This is the money that people send in. Does she really need all this money to live a good life? Why not help the people who need help that is short of money

  14. I grew up in a Preacher’s Family in Ontario, Canada. Joyce Meyer is quite inspiring to my sister and me. Wish I had her messages while a young adult as All can relate to her True Charactor. She puts my feelings and experiences to WORDS.not Fake! Bible verses come Alive in her Examples. 85 languages of her Ministry touches many around the world. GOD will be the judge of her spending and I believe that. She works hard and is Blessed!!

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