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Julian Zelizer Age, Wiki, Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Political Affiliation CNN

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Name Julian Zelizer

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB December 6, 1969. As of 2024, he is around 55 years old.

Wikipedia Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

Julian Zelizer is most well-known as a political analyst for CNN. He is also a renowned author and historian.

Personal Life : Parents, Family and Education

  • Julian Emanuel Zelizer was born on December 6, 1969.
  • Julian Zelizer Parents : His father, Gerald L. Zelizer, was a rabbi, and his mother, Viviana A. Zelizer, was the Lloyd Cotsen ’50 Professor of Sociology at Princeton. The family lived in Metuchen, New Jersey.
  • In 1991, Julian graduated summa-cum-laude from Brandeis University in Boston with a Bachelor of Arts in History.
  • Later, he attended the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, & received his Ph.D. from the Department of History in 1996.
  • Julian is married to fellow academic Meg Jacobs, with whom he had earlier co-authored a book Conservatives in Power : The Reagan Years. They got married in 2012, and it was their second marriage for both of them.
  • Julian has a daughter Sophia Miriam, born on June 1, 2002, and a son, Nathan Solomon, born on December 26, 2003. Meg has two children, Abigail and Claire, born in 2001 and 2004, respectively.

Profession : Career, Salary and Net Worth

  • Zelizer began his career in 1996 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of History at The State University of New York.
  • From 2002 to 2004, he switched to Boston University and was an Associate Professor in the Department of Public Administration and Policy.
  • In 2007 when he started work at Princeton University, Julian & his mom Viviane become the first mother-son faculty in the history of Princeton University.
  • He published his first book in 2003 called The Democratic Experiment: New Directions in American Political History. This was the first of over 19 books he has published so far.
  • He also has his own personal blog, that appears regularly since 2008 at CNN. Alongside that, he has published articles for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and many other prestigious media outlets.

Fun Facts, Height and Trivia :

  • Julian’s dad Gerald is a fourth-generation rabbi. Even his grandfather was a rabbi at the Metuchen Synagogue. Gerald officiated the wedding between Julian and Meg.
  • Zelizer is a die-hard fan of the New York Jets and he has rarely missed a game since 1977.
  • He is a member of the American Historical Association and American Political Science Association.
Dating / Wedding & Marriage / Wife / Spouse Married. Check the full bio for relationship details.

1 thought on “Julian Zelizer Age, Wiki, Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Political Affiliation CNN”

  1. Anthony Joseph Minnichsoffer

    You wrote a very scholarly article bashing the President for not conceding. You should thank God he did not concede. All American citizens especially those who voted legally deserve to have this mess sorted out.

    When there are massive legitimate examples and testimonials about voter fraud and election fraud and postal crimes why can’t self-satisfied erudite elitists stand up for truth, justice and the American way instead of always marching to the beat of the big money, Hollywood, Silicone valley and worst of all the overpaid bureaucrats who burden us all with higher taxes, more cumbersome regulations and worse results?

    Our President led more progress in the Middle-east than anyone since Reagan and Nixon.

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