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Salena Zito Wikipedia Biography, Husband, Bio, Wiki, Age, Married

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Name Salena Zito

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Profile Background / Wikipedia Information

Introduction :

Salena Zito is an American political reporter & journalist, most well-known for having interviewed many American Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the last few decades.

Family & Personal Life :

  • Salena Zito was born on September 29, 1959, in Pennsylvania.
  • Her family is half Italian and half Irish descent. Her husband’s name is Michael, and together they have two grown-up children, Glenn and Shannon, who also have their own children.

Jobs, Salary & Net Worth :

  • Zito has been a journalist for over two decades. Currently, she is a CNN contributor and became a columnist for the New York Post in 2016.
  • She has been a part of many radio programs and is also a board member of the “Center for Media and Public Policy” at the Heritage Foundation. Salena has been praised by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for her work.
  • She has interviewed many candidates for the American Presidency and Vice-presidency in the 21st century. She has also worked for the campaigns of George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush.
  • Before becoming a journalist, the gutsy woman has worn many hats – She has worked for the Pittsburgh Steelers, had her own pie business, and owned a theatre.

Work as an Author & Books Details :

  • In 2018, Zito published a book called “The Great Revolt,” alongside her fellow journalist, Brad Todd, and has another one, “The Great Divide,” which hasn’t been released yet.
  • Her book “The Great Divide” talks about the transition the U.S. government and the citizens had to go through when former reality star Donald Trump was elected American President, the most powerful position in the world. Salena says, she had spent three presidential elections hearing people’s frustrations, and she loved it, so the book was an effort to understand what drove people to vote in 2016”.
  • The book was positively received by other well-known journalists such as Peggy Noonan & even by Senator Tom Cotton.

Interesting Facts, Height & Trivia :

  • Salena is a big baseball fan, and she has described it as “not just a game.” Besides her work, she enjoys hiking and cycling, having completed a solo ride from West Newton, Pennsylvania, to Washington D.C.
  • Through the years, Zito has been mocked and despised for her political ideas. Other journalists who disagreed with her have often spoken ill about her, and some have even created fake profiles on social media to make fun of her ideology.
  • What made Salena gain more attention & following was the fact she predicted Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential win. Some political blogs and digital platforms have defined her as “an authority on populism and rural politics.” In a world where no journalist was able to understand why Trump could be elected, she was convinced he would become President of the United States right after his first day of the campaign.
  • Apart from interviewing big governmental personalities, Zito’s passion is talking with thousands of people across the country, asking them what their thoughts are about the American system. She reached many neighborhoods through “shoe-leather” journalism, having traveled along the back roads of 49 states!
Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / How old / DOB September 29, 1959. As of 2021, she is around 62 years old.

4 thoughts on “Salena Zito Wikipedia Biography, Husband, Bio, Wiki, Age, Married”

  1. Michael L. Gerber, M.D.

    Selena: I practiced cardiac surgery for many years in Pittsburgh, where I was born and raised, and a great many of my patients came from West Virginia coal country, as well as from other parts of Appalachia. I can only tell you that I gained enormous respect and affection for those invariably well-grounded people. I realize that they can be an “easy target”:for mockery and condescension, but I know, as you obviously do, that these people are not stupid, and they sure as hell are not lazy! If you ever have the opportunity to see a play named “October Sky, ” I suggest that you do so. You’ll thoroughly enjoy it. Please keep up writing about the things you do. I make it a point to read all of your Town Hall columns.

  2. Thank you for your article “why liberal elites are so resentful” from my perspective it was spot on. I moved from the semiconductor industry in Boise, Idaho, to a small Montana town to support oil field operations companies. That was 15 years ago, my kids grew up better…my life was more enjoyable and free. I worked harder…made more money and my life is 10 times better.

    I grew up in Boise and watched grow from a mid-sized town in the sixties to a typical city filling with failing infrastructure and arrogant elitists trying to control your everyday life. I do electronic maintenance and keep close tabs on technology fronts. My parents did well but we were raised to make our own way as they had. Within my family of 5 siblings, the drive to be conservative and take care of your own problems and create your own future was lost to my younger sister and brother. Maybe it was military service that brought me the patriotism and self-reliance I enjoy today. But small-town life has always held for me a better life.

    Thanks again for your writing.

  3. Monroe K. Saybay, lll

    Hi Salena,

    I was deeply impressed with your work and remarkable achievements. In addition to your great intellect are your deep passions for what you do and your seemingly deep moral compass…attributes that demonstrate your solid moral upbringing. I truly appreciate that!

    Reading your article about “260”, your quote from your parents” always be grateful and show grace, no matter the situation” summarizes your personality and your professional commitment.

    I also hope that you understand that your detractors are the ones with the problems….not Salena. People hate you based on one of these two reasons: either you are a bad or mean-spirited person, or because they find in you what they are lacking because your presence reminds them of their own perceived or real deficits. Unfortunately, you cannot do anything about such people because the best you can do is to be your parents’ daughter. The Great Salena!

    As DJT’s staunch supporter, I just don’t read your articles…I study them.

    Happy belated birthday.
    Be Blessed!

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