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Marriage & Wedding / Husband / Dating / Boyfriend Currently Married. See below for details.

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Mollie Ziegler Hemingway is a senior editor at The Federalist and is often described as a “Lightning rod” in the debates about feminism and religious liberty.

Personal Life : Parents, Education & Family

  • Mollie is originally from Denver, Colorado.
  • Parents : Mollie’s father was a Lutheran-Missouri Synod pastor & her mother a retired school teacher.
  • Education : She has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Colorado. She graduated in 1997.
  • She has mentioned that she did not have interest in journalism in the beginning and wanted to be an academic. Journalism was her second career choice.

Mollie Hemingway Husband & Children :

  • She is married to Mark Hemingway, a senior writer for The Weekly Standard and a freelance writer who contributes to many media outlets such as CNN and Wall Street Journal. They tied the knot on 15 September 2006 at the Immanuel Lutheran Church and are now based in Alexandria, Viriginia.
  • Their family also includes their 2 daughters.
  • The pair first met in Northern Virginia at Mark’s first job out of college.

Career, Salary, Net Worth & Profession :

  • A year after graduation, Mollie began her first job as the Director of Strategic Development with the Institute of Humane Studies and the Mercatus Center at George Mason University.
  • In 2002, she left and joined Radio & Records as a writer. She was there for one year.
  • She became a staff writer at Army Times Publishing Co. in 2003 for 4 years.
  • In 2004, she began writing for The Phillips Foundation, a private family foundation and catalytic capital platform that leverages its resources for positive change through programmes such as Impact Investing, Strategic Grants and Original Programs.
  • She also became a regular contributor for GetReligion in 2005. GetReligion is a journalism site focusing on how mainstream media covers religion news in politics, entertainment, business and sports.
  • Mrs. Hemingway continues to deliver stories for The Phillips Foundation and GetReligion today.

  • In 2010, she joined the website Ricochet as an editor for 3 years, after which she joined The Federalist.
  • Throughout the years, Mollie has never stopped writing as a freelance writer/journalist, and has contributed to outlets like Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, RealClearPolitics, Christianity Today.
  • In March 2017, she was signed on by Fox News as a paid contributor.

Interesting Facts, Height & Trivia :

  • Mrs. Hemingway is a strong Lutheran, and contributes many articles about defending the faith and practicing it in the modern society.
  • She considers family time very important, and left a full-time job with Army Times Publishing Company and does freelancing to be able to spend time with her 2 daughters.
  • She often works in a neighbourhood coffee shop and late nights.
  • Mollie is addicted to the libertarian way of thinking after reading books recommended by her libertarian friend.
  • She is interested in writing topics on religious liberty, which works well for her because religion editors are eager to take it.
  • Is Mollie Hemingway Related to Ernest Hemingway : Funny Question but NO
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