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Casey Nezhoda【 Photos 】Age, Wiki, Bio, Net worth, Medidas, Family

Casey Nezhoda Images
Name Casey Nezhoda

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB September 6th, 1974. As of 2023, she is around 49 years old.

Casey Nezhoda Wikipedia / Profile Information

Introduction :

Casey Nezhoda is an entrepreneur and American reality star, famous for appearing with her husband on A&E’s Storage Wars.

Personal Life : Parents, Family and Education

  • Casey was born on September 6, 1974.
  • Growing up as the only girl in her sporty family, she was a talented cheerleader in high school.
  • She also worked as a baby sitter prior to her marriage for close friends.
  • She is the wife of Rene Nezhoda, her Storage Wars co-star, who is most well-known for his thick German accent.
  • With Rene, she has a daughter, Tatiana Nezhoda, who does not appear in Storage Wars.
  • Since 2002, she is the co-owner of a 7000-foot San Diego store called Bargain Hunters Thrift Store. She has run the store with her husband and has said she can’t wait to pass it on to her daughter one day.
  • In May 2019, the Bargain Hunters Thrift Store, was robbed. The damage included a broken front door and shattered display cases.

Early Career and Other Reality Pursuits :

  • Storage Wars was not Casey’s first attempt to get on to a reality television show.
  • She had previously auditioned for ABC’s Celebrity Storage and had gone as far as to make it to the final 5 before being eliminated. However, she professed it was an honor to make it to the top 5 out of the 200 people who auditioned.
  • Her husband has also been previously seen on the series Auction Hunters.
  • They were initially offered a role in the first season of Storage Wars, however, they turned it down at the time as Casey had just given birth to their daughter, and they wanted to focus on their store.

Storage Wars – Casey Nezhoda Measurements & Journey :

  • The A&E network pitched an offer to the couple again for season 4, and they accepted.
  • They appeared on Storage Wars as recurring guests in season 4 and were bumped up to series mains from season 5 onwards.
  • As of Season 10, Casey & Rene are still with the show. The couple also regularly upload videos to their YouTube channel, Bargainhuntersthrift, which has over 75,000 subscribers.
  • She has been involved in some catty behavior on the show, with fellow contestant Brandi Passante dubbing Casey as ‘Little Miss Too Old for Those Shorts.’
  • Casey and Rene became fan favorites due to their good-natured bickering, which especially becomes apparent whenever they find a storage box containing jewelry. Casey has made several requests to keep jewelry as a souvenir, but Rene has not allowed it so far.

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Charity Work, Feet & Religion :

  • Casey is a devout Christian and attends church with her husband and daughter multiple times a week.
  • She has been described as a fresh influence for the Christian religion and has been said to show that not all followers look the same thanks to her Beauty Queen looks.
  • When asked about her faith, Casey has said it is simply who she is, and she does not see religion as being a separate aspect of her life – it is evident in all that she does.
Husband / Marriage / Wedding / Boyfriend / Spouse Married. Check the full bio for relationship details.

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  1. Casey, You are a Doll, Is your middle name Heide by chance? What kind of Knoockerwurst do they serve in Germany anyway?

  2. Casey seems to be the only likable woman on the show. Brandi has no respect for anyone. If Mary gets any goofier she’ll be in a straight jacket. And Laura acts like she’s the “cst’s meow”. On the other side, Barry is the only male to watch on the show!

  3. Just all the main women have something going for them. All easy to look at, all some what funny and most with idiots.

  4. What happened to Casey? Did she have a baby?. She is still very beautiful, but I noticed she has put on quite a bit of weight.

  5. Why has Casey been taken off of the shows? She is the only reason I watched Storage Wars! VERY poor Marketing!

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