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Dave Hester Net Worth, Wiki 2023, Auctions【 Storage Wars 】Biography

Dave Hester Broke
Name Dave Hester

Birthday / Dave Hester Age / Date of Birth / DOB July 23, 1964. As of 2023, he is around 59 years old.

Wikipedia Bio / Profile Background

Introduction :

Dave Hester is an auctioneer, who has a controversial history with the A&E show Storage Wars. He was a cast member from seasons 1-3 and 5-12 and came back for season 14. He had previously left the show in 2019 and was later fired but reached an agreement with A&E and returned in 2022.

Dave Hester Bio : Personal Life, Parents and Family

  • Dave was born at Camp Pendleton Marine Base in California.
  • His father was a strict military man, and also worked part-time as an auctioneer to supplement his military income.
  • He would take Dave around to auctions from a young age, but his interest wasn’t sparked until 2005.
  • He purchased his first storage box in 1986, and went on to work as a bid catcher for a local auction house in 1990.

Early Career and Dave Hester Store :

  • In 2005, Hester was arrested and convicted of a DUI. He was ordered to perform 30 hours of community service at a local Good Will Store, and this inspired his interest in auction hunting once he saw the value of certain items in the store.
  • From there he moved on to buy storage units.
  • He also opened his own store to sell his findings named “Rags to Riches Consignment Store.”
  • After the passing away of his father, he inherited a train set that his father had been building all his life. He sold it over the course of five years and received approximately $20,000 for it.
  • Dave Hester still works at his business, which can be availed of via his website.

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Storage Wards, Dave Hester Net Worth & Income :

  • Hester began appearing on the show Storage Wars in its first season as a recurring character.
  • The fans viewed him as an unlikeable character, due to his hard nature, and his contract was not renewed at the end of season 4.
  • In 2012, he sued A&E for wrongful termination.
  • He accused them of planting objects within storage containers, so as to influence auctions and create more drama for the show.
  • The judge found in the favour of the network and it was believed he was in the process of ordering Hester to pay the A&E legal fees when he withdrew the case due to privately settling with the network.
  • After his legal issues with the network, he came back to show in season 5 and was promoted to a lead role.

Storage Wars Dave Hester Fight with Dan :

  • Dave was famously involved in a brawl with his fellow co-star Dan Dotson in 2015 while they were filming in Palm Springs.
  • Dotson was officiating an auction when Hester realized he had been missing some bids. When he attempted to bring it to Dotson’s attention, at the request of producers, Dotson became infuriated and attacked him.
  • Hester retaliated in an effort to defend himself and was then attacked by Dotson’s wife who jumped on his back. He accidentally knocked her over while trying to remove her, before the fight was eventually broken up.
  • Hester was required to go to the emergency room after the fight as Dotson’s wife had scratched him in such a way that he required stitches and a tetanus shot.

Dave Hester Dead :No. There are some questions online related to ‘Dave Hester Death’ or if is he dead. But he is still alive.

Wedding / Dating / Girlfriend / Partner / Wife No confirmed information available.

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