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Valerie Parr Hill QVC Christmas, Biography, Net Worth, Home, Husband

qvc valerie parr hill christmas in July
Personal Information Summary
Name Valerie Parr
Valerie Parr Hill Mother / Mom Joan Lykins Parr
Birthday / How old is Valerie Parr Hill Age / Date of Birth / DOB April 25, 1958. As of 2024, she is around 66 years old.
Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Spouse / Partner Married. Check the full bio for relationship details.
Who is Valerie Parr’s Husband? Valarie’s husband’s name is William Hill.
Children / No. of Kids 2
Ethnicity / Origin / Heritage / Race White
Nationality American
Wikipedia Bio / Profile Background

Introduction :

  • Valerie Parr Hill is an American TV personality, best known for her work as a host on QVC, one of TV’s biggest shopping networks. She has completed close to three decades at the network.
  • She is also a businesswoman, a published author, and a former public servant.

Personal Life, Parents and Family Details :

  • Valerie is originally from Rochester, Minnesota, and was born on April 25, 1958.
  • Her parents are the late Dr. Eugene Q. Parr (father) and late Joan Lykins Parr (mother). Her father was an orthopedic surgeon (passed away in 2019). Dr. Eugene was completing his residency at the Mayo Clinic at the time of Valerie’s birth.
  • Valerie’s late mother was a teacher by profession who also taught at the Immanuel Baptist Church Sunday School until she passed away.
  • The youngest among her siblings, Valerie, has two brothers – Eugene Parr Jr and Jeffrey W. Parr. Eugene is the Baptist Campus Minister for Morehead State University, while Jeff followed in his father’s footsteps, becoming an orthopedic surgeon.

Married Life :

  • For over three decades, Valerie is married to her husband, William Hill, who is originally from Long Island. The couple met they were both students at Wheaton College. They have been married since September 1985.
  • Valerie has two sons with William Hill: Gene ColyerHill (born in 1993) and Jeffrey Hill (born in 1995). Gene was just six months old when Valerie debuted in 1993 on QVC! The boys are named after Valerie’s brothers.
  • Gene is a history teacher, and Jeffrey studied economics.
  • Which State / Where does Valerie Parr Hill live? : Valerie raised her family in Montville, New Jersey. She and her husband continue to reside there.

Early Life and Education :

  • When Valerie was three years old, her family moved to Lexington, Kentucky, where she was raised. She attended Glendover Elementary School, followed by Tates Creek High School, which she graduated from in 1975.
  • She was the winner of ‘Junior Miss Fayette County Pageant’ in 1974 and also won the state beauty pageant. She even competed at the national level and was second runner-up. Her talent was playing a piano piece from Rhapsody in Blue, showcasing her skill for the instrument.
  • Quite active in extra-curricular activities in high school, Valerie participated in the student council, pep club, and chorus.
  • Later, from 1975 until 1979, Valerie attended Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky. She initially studied a piano performance major but ultimately got a degree in Speech and Secondary Education.
  • She then earned a Master’s degree from Wheaton College in Illinois, later followed by a stint studying non-profit marketing at the Kellogg School of Management – Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

Valerie Parr Hill Net Worth, Collection and TV Career :

  • Valerie started out as a public servant in the 1980s after graduation, at the same time fundraising for higher education, wildlife protection, and fine arts institutions.
  • She was passionate about hospitality, and following her passion, began designing decorative home ornaments to be sold.
  • Parr set up her own company called The Valerie Parr Company in 1991.
  • A career-turning point for Valerie came in when she made contact with QVC while she was representing wreath sellers. QVC became interested and gave her screen time to present the wreaths.
  • She had her first appearance on QVC in September 1993, on the show Decorating with Wreaths. The show was then hosted by Jane Treacy. She signed on an exclusive partnership with QVC in 1996 and continues to be one of the most successful home décor hosts.
  • In October 2000, she published her own book about home décor called Decorating for the Holidays.
  • Parr Hill has also been seen on other QVC shows such as Heartfelt Homes, Heartfelt Holidays and Home Fragrances. Her take on interior design is to create a warm and welcoming environment for homes, making her décor very popular for family homes and festive seasons.

Interesting Facts, Height and Trivia :

  • Valerie is a member of the board of trustees at Asbury University.
  • She has learned to play the piano under Nancie Field.
  • Her high school friends recall Valerie as an extremely kind person who would sincerely wish people down the hallway to have a nice day.
  • She states that though QVC is a much bigger, global company than when she joined, it still has a wonderful sense of family, filled with warm and personable team members.

22 thoughts on “Valerie Parr Hill QVC Christmas, Biography, Net Worth, Home, Husband”

  1. Valerie,

    I love your items. Getting a little too high in price lately. Just wanted to request a small bow and floral arrangements for changing seasons that would fit on top of lanterns.

  2. I have bought many of Valerie’s products over the years. This year I bought 2 LANTERNS. I opened one when i got it to see if I liked it. Today, I opened the second one to put out on the deck. It didn’t work, so because it was defected, I thought Valerie or QVC would have me return it for a replacement. I was very disappointed that since it was over the 30 days, they wouldn’t do anything. Very disappointed in their customer service.

  3. Valerie,

    I just read your bio and found it interesting. I have always loved watching you, and have many of your things. I have given my daughters-in-law many of your beautiful holiday items too. Our grandson just started at Wheaton College last week, and I found it interesting that you also attended Wheaton College. His parents are delighted with Colin’s choice to attend Wheaton. He is from Nashville, TN., but has an uncle, aunt, and cousins who live in Glen Ellyn, IL.

  4. Valerie, I purchased the extend a leg for Easter and waiting for the delivery of the snowpeople the elves, and Mr. and Mrs. Claus. I missed out on the gingerbread couple. Are you planning to do them again? I’d love to see pilgrims for Thanksgiving. Maybe next year 🙂

  5. I enjoy watching Valarie. She is so poised, well-spoken, and talented. Her items are always lovely and I have purchased many of them for my daughter and myself. She is an asset to QVC and I will continue to watch whenever she is on.

  6. I very much enjoy watching QVC when Valerie showcases her beautiful designs. My home is filled with many of her items inside and outside. (yard/deck) Her presentations are well polished and her down-to-earth approach is warming, graceful and genuine. It is a pleasure to watch her as she takes such pride in all her merchandise.

    Thank you, Valerie!

  7. I saw a couple of years ago that you had a bear with a present. I was wondering if you were going to bring it back plus do have a catalog?

  8. I enjoy all your lovely items. I am currently searching for your Christmas bobbles. I found your fall ones but not Christmas. I hope you will have them again this Christmas season.

  9. Geraldine Mckiernan

    Valerie, I have watched you on QVC for years and I have purchased many of your Christmas items, especially during the Christmas in July Special. Over the past two years, I have loved your twinkle twig indoor/outdoor trees. I have not been able to purchase them because they are the only plugin option available. I have many outdoor decorations from your collections that are battery-operated and are indoor/outdoor.

    I would really like to see you create these twig trees that are indoor/outdoor, in varying heights, and are BATTERY OPERATED. I really want a 3′, 4′, 5′, and 6′.

    Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing this sometime in the future!!!

  10. I believe several years ago you came out with a bear and angel clock. It played Christmas music along with other songs. I had the bear clock which a door would open and the bear would come out. Do you ever plan on remaking this item? My clock was stolen and I would love to have another one.

  11. Valerie is a beautiful lady. I always watch her when she is on QVC. I have many pieces of her beautiful products. I love her Angels they are so beautiful. Valerie is a joy to watch, she is so elegant. God bless her always!

  12. Hi Valerie, love everything you show on QVC. Love your Facebook page. I am a little sad though. I ordered your bottle brush trees, classic to display with my other many Christmas things I have purchased from you. But they have been in Plainfield, Indiana since Aug. 10. QVC has told me they are probably lost and I won’t get them. So sad. Sue

  13. Hi Valerie, I ordered your classic bottle brush trees during Christmas in July and the got lost. They have been in one place since Aug. 10th. QVC tells me they are sold out. Is there anyway you have 1 left. I love your things and usually go crazy during Christmas in July. Thanks Sue

  14. Valerie, I purchased from QVC your set of 3 illuminated crystal plug-in trees by Valerie a few years ago and can’t find information regarding where to be able to purchase the sizing listed as 2.0 V mini-bulbs. I have searched throughout Phoenix and called lighting stores as well as QVC, and nobody carries the size. It was suggested I use 2.5 V bulbs and it blew the lights. Can you recommend a place to obtain the 2.0 V
    bulbs? It seems a shame to throw them away without first attempting to obtain the replacement bulbs. This product was manufactured in China and that creates concern for obtaining the required size.

    Thank you for any suggestions you may offer, as the two remaining trees are still going but w/o replacement bulbs, they too, will quit working.

  15. Valeria and I went to high school together and you just knew she was going somewhere! Pretty, talented, kind, good student, popular with classmates and teachers……always DOING! If something was happening, she was in the center with a smile on her face. I always admired her from a distance.

  16. It would not surprise me to see Valeri Par Hill shops appearing here and there, perhaps beyond the USA. Valerie is indeed a lovely, highly exceptional individual who has created so many stunning pieces for your home including holiday decor, that one would need to open a gift shop filled with each and every one of her creations. How else could one afford to surround oneself with all these magical pieces♡!!♡?. She reminds me of the famous Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light, whose numerous galleries are found all over the USA. Like he, she is truly a national treasure.

  17. She is such a loving lady, her products are so beautiful and so stunning, like all her stuff blessings always…Lynette.

  18. Cynthial D Williams

    I enjoy watching Valerie each and every time she appears on QVC. She is the epitome of a beautiful young lady. Her calm, soothing voice makes listening to her a real joy. She always features beautiful products that everyone would enjoy in his/her homes. She is truly an asset to QVC and I always look forward to watching her presentations. I eagerly look forward to enjoying many more years of beautiful Valerie!

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