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Alberti Popaj – Married, Age, Wedding, Bio【 QVC Host Wiki 】Partner

Alberti Popaj Gay
Name Alberti Popaj

Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / How old / DOB January 26, 1979. As of 2021, he is around 42 years old.

Biography Profile / Wikipedia Information

Introduction :

Alberti Popaj is a QVC host, well-known for his immaculate style & happy go lucky personality.

Personal Life, Nationality & Family :

  • Alberti was born on January 26, 1979, in Prishtina, Albania.
  • Shortly after his birth, his parents immigrated to the United States, and he was raised in Manhattan, New York.
  • He has one brother, and through him – he has two nieces and nephews that he affectionately calls “his world.” They often appear on Alberti’s social media accounts.
  • He has two pet poodles named Prince Charming and Coco Chanel whom he spoils.
  • Ben & Jerrys Mint Chocolate Ice-Cream is his guilty pleasure.
  • Popaj has homes in both Los Angeles and Palm Springs, but currently, he is living in Westchester for his work with QVC. He uses both homes to portray his love of decorating.

Early Professional Career : Alberti Popaj Salary & Net Worth

  • In his younger years, Alberti routinely went back and forth between the United States and Albania.
  • On one stint in Albania as a teenager, he was offered modelling work.
  • The success of that work led to him starting a career as a singer/pop star.
  • His most popular single was ‘Write to my email,’ which won the best male video award at the 2006 Video Fest Awards in Prishtina, Kosova.
  • In 2004, he even won a Zhurma Show Award.

Acting Career :

  • After returning permanently to the United States in 2007, Alberti began pursuing an acting career. He has appeared in the following movies :

  • Them (2007)
  • Rush Hour 3 (2007)
  • Still Lives (2007)
  • Gratitude (2011)
  • Susanna (2013)
  • Sonic Burger commercials (2008 to 2010).

Working with QVC :

  • In early 2014, Popaj began hosting for QVC, which required him to relocate from Southern California to Westchester, PA.
  • To gain his role at QVC, he reportedly beat out 10,000 other applicants.
  • When asked why he wanted to work for QVC in 2016, he replied that at the time of applying, he had no idea why he wanted to work there. However, from the first moment he walked through the door of the network headquarters, he felt at home and completely comfortable.
  • Popaj has served as the lead host of the Beauty IQ segment, which aired from Monday – Friday. He has been praised for his customer interaction skills and infectious energy.
  • Since June 2015, Alberti began writing a blog for QVC that mostly features his favorite products, recipes, and his travel plans.

Social Media Presence :

  • Currently, he has 2000+ followers on his Twitter account handle @AlbertiPopaj.
  • Using the same handle name on Instagram, his account on that platform has over 10,000 followers.
Marriage & Wedding / Husband / Spouse / Alberti Popaj Boyfriend No confirmed information is available.

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  1. I miss Stacy Stauffer! She was so sweet & such a great presenter. Also loved Antonella Nester. Can’t stand listening to Shawn’s antics. Rick is so hyper but does a good job. Love Carolyn.

  2. I personally like all the hosts, some more than others. As I grow older I am completely baffled by so much unkindness and rude remarks that so many people feel they need to put out there. Turn the channel if a certain host is offending you.

      1. Absolutely! I couldn’t agree with you more! I often wonder why people feel the need to be so mean. Especially online. That’s what I so appreciate about QVC and especially Alberti – it’s refreshing to watch people who are positive and polite. Thank goodness these qualities still exist, it feels so rare in this day and age.

    1. Good fun watching David and Alberti, my favorite guy presenters. We all need some smiles these days. I do not appreciate Julia’s bizarre actions and loud voice! Not a fan of the shoe lady or Kirsten. I guess they are just too over the top for me. Jen Coffey is my least favorite due to her overacting and laughing. Just tone it down and be more realistic, please!

    2. My favorite hosts are David & Alberto. I just wish they wouldn’t tear the food they are presenting. A little nibble is ok. Its like they’re playing with the food.

    3. Rachel and Alberto should be nowhere near food. Both are terrible when it comes to presenting food. I usually switch channels when they are on. Sorry I spelt Alberti’s name wrong.

      1. My Favorite hosts are Shawn, Jane, Leah, David, Lisa Robertson, Carolyn, Marybeth, Jane, and both Janes!

        1. Did everyone forget about Carolyn? She is A+. I love her and Gary, Leah, Jane the shoe lady, Marybeth, Renee Greenstein, and Jen Jen.

            1. Absolutely love Carolyn. She is down to earth and friendly. Shows/tells everything you need to know about whatever she is presenting. Miss Jane and Pat co-hosting together. They complimented each other so well. Some of the younger hosts are just over-the-top exhausting to listen to.

          1. Kristen is fantastic, laid back, natural and unimposing. Moreover, she emanates an inner natural kindness, not to mention also a pretty and pleasant lady.

            1. I LOVE Alberti!! He is so pleasant & easy to listen to. I also enjoy David, Rachel, Courtney, & Rick. To the lady who keeps complaining about Alberti, the host are supposed to touch the food & eat it. Turn the channel if you find it “gross & infuriating”!! You know what I find infuriating, people that bully nice people. QVC, keep Alberti please!!

              1. Rachel is the most disgusting host on QVC if you think it is cosher to eat from the Samples and then put the Sample back with the rest of the Food, I think the Health Department should take a look at that.

              2. Like Alberti, David, and Marybeth, I too cannot stand Kristen or Shawn. I change the channel when either of these two is on. Shawn is just a mess, her makeup is atrocious. Kristen just thinks she is something great, but she’s annoying and self-absorbed.

                1. I completely agree with you. I think many of the hosts need to turn down the drama! Love Mary Beth, David, Elisa, Leah, Pat, and Dan. Everyone else needs to end the drama.

                2. Are you kidding, David is pretty obnoxious…happy dance…really?? Has too much enthusiasm…they say excited too much…but I think it is not real. All the others are good…Amy Stran is super great…Where are Ms. Nancy Hornback and Ms. Kerr?

                  1. These people are salesman. They’re paid to be dramatic. I’m sure that helps sales and keeps them at the top. Loosen up!

                    1. Absolutely love really like the variety of all the personalities of QVC hosts. My least favorite or one of my least favorites is Jane but only because she talks too fast. She is a nice lady though.

                      I do love the other ones and one of my favorites is Mary Mary DeAngelis she is so funny I really enjoy her and Jennifer Coffey and Kristen together are awesome. I also like Sean she seems very down to earth. Also, I love Alberti and Sandra and Ali and Elise. Caroline and Marybeth Roe are awesome…honestly, I think all of them are great in their own way. They all have different personalities to connect with all of us viewers.

                      I am now in my 40s and I started watching this show in my early 30s. It’s been more than 10 years and now my 22-year-old daughter also loves watching it. I taught her to look for good deals that are worth buying because not everything is worth buying. But anyway I just thought I’d give everyone my two cents.

                      1. I agree with your comments about Shawn and Jennifer. I love everyone else. They are fun and I buy from them.

                      2. Kirsten is just such a phony! Tries so hard to peddle their products. Thank God I can mute this nonsense. When Kirsten and Alberti are on together it is just oh so phony. Kirsten just likes to use scare tactics and must think everyone is rich!! And sorry but the photo of Alberto laying in bed minus his shirt is sickening.

                        Whether it’s…

                        Mary Beth

                        …they all run on drama, phony claims, scare tactics, they play with the food which is such a turn-off.

                      3. Both Shawn and Kristin have their butt on their shoulders. They make love to the camera. QVC should have fired these two and kept the others. They kept the worst and fired the best. These two probably don’t need to work and the others needed their jobs.

                        I hope there are guilt feelings for Antonella. I feel bad for those who lost their jobs in these trying times. I hope they all got something else and Antonella will recover from her illness.

                        God bless you all…God is still on the throne.

                    2. I hardly ever see Shawn standing. She is always laying down or sitting. Other hosts stand from time to time.

                    3. Did I see Alberti at dinner with the Kardashians on their show? If it wasn’t him it was his Doppelgänger! I love his enthusiasm. I’ve never noticed him in tights. Perhaps I’m just never looking? I love he is a foodie. Makes me hungry watching his presentations. He is a real asset to QVC!

                      Kristin is also good. I don’t understand why people dislike her?

                    4. I’m over the tights or leggings already. Alberti, please put some pants on! It’s exhausting.

                      I get it, but it really is enough. I don’t care how much you paid or which designer, just please, please, please!

                      1. Cannot stand the way you dress Alberti!!! And please do not model purses, nail polish or the foot file. Big turn off.

                    5. Alberti is truly a breath of fresh air. He makes tv shopping an absolute delight! His warmth, style n fireworks smile cheers me up esp during this pandemic. We need someone to cheer us n bring on the positive warmth.

                      I love David Venable too. What a super great human. When he smiles, so does his kind eyes along with him. We’re blessed to have both hosts. They are God’s cheerful daily smiles for all of us!

                    6. I’ve always liked Alberti. He’s kinda irresistible. I would love to be that upbeat and positive. He seems natural at it.

                    7. I just love anytime Alberti is on, he brings so much joy to everyone watching him. He is so respectful and we feel he is telling us the truth, doesn’t seem that he is pushing the product. I really like him, but I do not like Kirstin so much I feel she wants the spotlight and really I get the vibes that she really doesn’t like to be on with Alberti on Saturday. Well, this is my opinion I still want to see Alberti more than Kirstin. Please do not let him go anywhere!!

                      1. I TOTALLY agree about Kristin. She just thinks she’s so cutesy-cutesy.

                        All the other hosts are fantastic.

                        Can’t beat that Mary Beth, Jane, Alberti and David are such blessings. Love QVC

                      2. Alberti drives me up the wall when he keeps mauling the food, smelling the food, squishing the food he is presenting. The popcorn tonight boasts to be gutless! I can see kernels in the bottom of the bowl. And do not like the leggings, skin tight jeans and sweaters or scarves around the neck. UGH!

                      3. All that really matters to the bean counters these days is whether or a host is motivated, prepared – and effective in connecting with the viewers – and he comes across as scoring high in all 3 critical areas!

                        As cold as it may sound, anything beyond that is essentially irrelevant; this is a business and a host’s job is to compellingly and successfully push the products they have been directed to sell. That’s how he and the other QVC hosts will keep their jobs!

                        1. I agree! He adds so much to the program and is so energetic and upbeat. Very like able personality— right up there with David Venable. Today, Halloween 2020 Alberti is really rocking the costumes! You go Alberti!!!

                          You are one of my favorite hosts ~ Sandy M in Houston TX

                            1. Betty J Marabella

                              OMG, finally someone who agrees with me. I want to know what happens to the popcorn after he gets done touching it, smelling it, and dipping his hands into it?

                              I think Rachel may be the absolute worst when it comes to the gourmet food shows. And how about the prices at a time when people across this country are struggling just to keep their heads above water due to Covid.

                              1. Can’t stand Rachel, Jayne, Jane T, Kirsten, and Shawn. I like Mary Beth but she was raving about some fudge she was selling, I bought some, and it wasn’t the best.

                                1. Rick is my least favorite. Very annoying with his actions. I do like Alberti and all the others who do a great product presentation.

                                2. He’s not “playing” with the food, he’s giving the viewers ALL the attributes of the product, like any good salesperson should. STOP being hateful!

                              2. I’m 67 and I just want to sit down and drink wine with Alberti. I know I would love him in person. Throw together a game night and he’d be a BFF! Don’t ever change Alberti, just love your funny personality!

                              3. I’m 87. I think Alberti is absolutely adorable. He brings such enthusiasm & energy to anything he sells. I just love the way he seems to enjoy the food. I would love having him for a grandson

                                1. His dog may be Prince Charming, but I think Alberti is charming… and the reason he comes across so positively.

                                2. Totally ditto. Always up and seems to love what he does. Has everyone forgotten Dan? Also seems like a good person.

                              4. Alberti is a wonderful host for QVC. He is so delightful & entertaining. He makes you feel good watching his enthusiasm for life. He’s a kind gentle genuine young man. A true asset he is for QVC.

                              5. Regina M Chastain

                                I love Alberti no matter what he is selling. So refreshing. He and Carolina make Saturday Morning Q so much fun. Alberti makes every product seem so special. He is a calmer version of my FAVORITE Rick.

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