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Introduction :

Leslie Blodgett is the founder of the world’s first mineral cosmetics line – bareMinerals, the core product of Bare Escentuals, Inc.

Early Life, Family & Education :

  • Leslie is originally from Smithtown, New York. Her full name is Leslie Abualy Blodgett
  • She is the middle child of parents – Mother Sylvia Abualy and Father Stanley Abualy. Her father passed away in the year 2000.
  • She has a brother named Gerald Abualy, and a sister named Colaine Abualy.
  • Leslie attended the Long Island at Smithtown High School West and graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).
  • Her mother was a home economics teacher at her high school. She is now a photographer at Santa Barbara.
  • Leslie married Keith Masters Blodgett at The Tower Suite in New York City in December 1986.
  • The couple had a son named Trent (born in 1991) after they relocated to Baltimore.

Early Career, Salary & Net Worth :

  • While studying at FIT, Leslie had an internship with Estée Lauder fragrances, and worked at Ultima II wearing as many as 8 shades of eye shadow at once.
  • She also had an internship at Revlon, where she was pinnacle to the product development of the Max Factor colourless mascara.
  • She relocated to Baltimore with her husband after Procter & Gamble acquired Revlon. However she was unsatisfied with her career and took upon a role at Neutrogena in Los Angeles.

Building a Business :

  • Leslie’s rise to fame with ‘Bare Escentuals’ started when a friend of her friend offered her the opportunity to revive its failing business. As CEO, Leslie shifted her focus onto mineral-based cosmetics and introduced the line bareMinerals.
  • The sales of the new product line did not fare well in the beginning. That was when Leslie took the chance to try and advertise her product on QVC, the biggest home shopping netork. It turned out to be a successful movies, exhausting the product inventory after going first time on air.
  • Sales increased rapidly as Leslie continued marketing her products on QVC. It was not long before she was selling at around $1.4 million an hour! She also actively followed up on customers who were disappointed and complained in the forums.
  • Lisa Robertson, a former Miss Tennessee mentions that Leslie was doing social media before the existence of MySpace or Facebook!
  • In 2010, she accepted the offer from Japanese multinational company Shiseido to acquire Bare Escentuals, Inc. for a whooping $1.7 billion. It was hailed as one of the largest acquisition in the cosmetics industry. While she was no longer CEO of Bare Escentuals, Shiseido still wanted her to be the face of the bareMinerals product line.

Body Measurements, Height & Latest Updates :

  • Prior to attending FIT, Leslie wanted to study modern dance at the State University at Oswego, New York. She dropped out after 2 years and worked as a part-time waitress Ponderosa Steakhouse. Her mother persuaded her to apply at FIT for a cosmetic marketing program.
  • Leslie gave a TED talk titled: “Let it go: An experiment in forgiveness” in an effort to reconcile with her sister. She revealed that she had a rough childhood, and did not always get along with her sister. Now that they have grown up, Leslie wanted to put the past behind her and be closer to her own family.
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