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Dr. Todd Grande Age Birthday, Bio, Married Wife (Credible Real Doctor?)

Dr. Todd Grande Disability
Name Dr. Todd Grande

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB Born in February 1972. As of 2023, he is around 51 years old.

Wikipedia Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

  • Dr. Todd Grande is an academician, licensed medical counselor, and YouTube personality. He possesses extensive knowledge of certain health issues. Among them are issues relating to personality disorders, addictions, rehabilitation after trauma, and psychopathology. His main focus is counseling clients.
  • However, he is best known for his YouTube videos where he expresses his views about the mental health issues of celebrities like Amy Winehouse, Former President Donald Trump, Mike Tyson, etc. He also analyzes many criminal stories and the psychology behind them.

Personal Life : Dr. Todd Grande Education and Family Details

  • Dr. Todd Grande is a well-qualified psychiatrist from Newark, Delaware. He graduated with honors from Excelsior College with a Degree in Psychology.
  • Furthermore, he holds a Master of Science in Community Counseling from Wilmington University. Eventually, he received his Ph.D. from Regent University in Counselor Education and Supervision.
  • For over 20 years, Dr. Todd has been married to his wife, Amy Sweetman Grande. The couple has three sons, who are now grown up and also quite tall in height.
  • The Grande family also has a cute pet dog named Bella, which features prominently on Dr. Grande’s Instagram account.

Work : Career, Income, Salary and Net worth

  • Though now more well-known for his YouTube channel, Dr. Todd also previously worked for the Survivors of Abuse in Recovery (SOAR), where he spent more than six years.
  • On YouTube, Dr. Grande now has more than 900,000 subscribers; on Twitter, he has 5000+ followers, and also on Instagram, he has 6000 followers.
  • Since Mar 1988, he has been the owner of Grande Franchise Services.
  • He also served as an Associate Professor at Wilmington University from June 2013 to May 2020.
  • Dr. Grande has worked on the podcast True Crime Psychology and Personality. In the show, certified mental professionals analyze some of the most horrific crimes and those who commit them.

FAQs :

  • Is Dr Todd Grande credible legit / Is Dr Todd Grande a real doctor? : Judging from his LinkedIn profile, and YouTube channel popularity, he seems to be credible.
  • Dr Todd Grande IQ : Not known
Wedding & Marriage / Wife / Engaged / Spouse / Partner Married. Check the full bio for relationship details.

28 thoughts on “Dr. Todd Grande Age Birthday, Bio, Married Wife (Credible Real Doctor?)”

  1. I really appreciate Dr. Grande’s educated, thoughtful and timely studies of people in the news. I always learn something because he isn’t doing “gossip,” he is explaining ‘people’ things we can all benefit from learning. He often illuminates why WE might have ‘feelings’ about someone or something but don’t exactly know if they are valid. He is very well educated, but never talks down to his listeners. One talent I really enjoy is his dry, clever sense of humor. If he weren’t so needed in his chosen field, I’d bet he could make a living doing stand-up comedy.

    1. This pretender is the lowest common denominator, limited-hangout, gatekeeper, grifter, and shill. If you don’t know what all that means, just pause your video of him speaking, at any point…and look into the eyes of this pure misanthropist.

  2. Uhh…care to provide any more details, examples of Todd’s lies? It shouldn’t be hard as apparently most of what he says is lies. Or could it be that it is just your dislike of the individual speaking for you? And on South park specifically, yeah I hope he watched it. Their satire isn’t that far off, it is even pretty damn close.

    1. Hi Alexis,

      How brave of you to write ugly things here, where no one will see (and no one cares)! I’m thinking you are bitter because you have an unhealthy obsession with Dr. Grande, but he’s loyal to his wife, so you’re filled with hate. Nothing you could ever say to try to disparage him, will ever reach anyone or turn them against him. Your reputation speaks for itself.

      Dr. Grande spends his days taking care of his wife, and his home, and trying to help people. While you, on the other hand, spend your days looking for ways to tear people down. Maybe that’s why he is successful and so busy making money and saving lives, that he will never even see what you wrote here .. and maybe that’s why your life is so miserable, and you feel so worthless.. because you do nothing at all with your life…except look for ways to tear other people down.

      Remember: The monster that you constantly feed is the same monster that will eventually grow strong enough to tear you apart. Maybe your efforts are better spent thinking about your own “lies” (that you accuse Dr. G of doing) and figuring out why you’re so hateful and bitter.

      Dr. Grande is just busy living his life – being happy, successful, helpful, and inspiring people. What are you doing?

  3. Dr. Todd is nothing but a cult leader who mingles truths in with mostly lies. He does do real research on at least Joseph Smith, and that is very evident. He probably watched South Park once, and believed their satire, and then made his analysis. I am glad he does not prescribe medicines to his patients because he does not give much seriousness to his occupation.

    1. Euh…care to provide any more details, examples of lies? It shouldn’t be hard as apparently most of what he says is lies. Or could it be that it is just your dislike of the individual speaking for you?

      And on South Park specifically, yeah I hope he watched it. Their satire isn’t that far off, it is even pretty damm close. And honestly, we don’t need todd to forge an opinion on Joseph smith lol, even the book of Mormon, probably the most pro smith source out there, depicts what can only be called a fraud and charlatan

  4. Dr. Grande is a remarkable mental healer. Even listening to his voice, which has a healing and gentle quality is a bonus!

    Jo. Later

  5. Dr. Todd,

    I don’t know if you’ve already addressed this, but I’d like to know about what could be going on in the minds of First Amendment Auditors. Is it solely a narcissistic disorder? BTW, I can always count on a chuckle or two picking up on your dry humor. Please keep up the great work!

  6. I’ve been listening to the good Dr. Todd Grande for just over two years…His analysis is always precise direct & to the point. He sprinkles the kind of humor that doesn’t attack anybody…This I appreciate the most. He does ask his audience to leave comments…sometimes I am a bit hasty when leaving mine and even get people trolling me for some of my comments. I suppose some people are just bored out of their minds.
    I’ll do as Dr. Grande does…I’ll consider the source of these trollers.

    Dr. Todd has worked hard, and his wife has been there with him all along❣️ They get my respect completely.

    1. You should probably look up Dr. Grande’s credentials. I think you’ll be really surprised by everything he has done to help others over the last 30-plus years! (This next part isn’t about you personally…it’s sort of in response to some other really ugly things people wrote here. Just mentioning it as a point of reference)

      If people are expecting Dr. Todd to be Jesus Christ, we’ll then, they deserve the disappointment they will have when they realize he doesn’t walk on water. He can only help people who really want help. He’s not a genie in a bottle or the wizard of Oz. You either work your program and walk an enlightened path, or you just bounce around going from doctor to doctor complaining about how he wasn’t good enough, or whatever. Dr. Grande is out to HELP people – not FIX them.

      He gives us the “tools” to work on our own issues. It’s our responsibility to use those tools as they were intended.
      Otherwise, we are disparaging Dr. Grande TODAY, but who will it be tomorrow? Or next year? Or the rest of our lives? Who was the Big Bad Wolf before we found Dr. Grande to blame? Who will be next?

      Your life is your responsibility!!!

  7. Dr. Grande,

    I have been enjoying reviews for about two years now. Appreciate his subtle humor and his professional reviews.

  8. To clear this up – Dr. Grande is not a licensed “medical counselor”! He is a mental health counselor, who is licensed. Also, he is not a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist holds a medical degree – he has a doctorate in philosophy and a PhD. Despite saying that, I find his videos very engaging and appreciate his analyses.

  9. I am happy to learn Dr. Todd Grande is a psychiatrist. This is a tough qualification to get. I now understand why on YouTube he is so measured and careful with his words, and never diagnoses…even though he could.

    1. He is NOT a psychiatrist, don’t believe everything you see on the internet. Go to more serious or probably even his website and you’ll see. He NEVER claimed to be a medical doctor, the Dr in Dr todd grande is an honorific title that is attributed to anyone that gets a Ph.D.

      An academic doctor is not a medical doctor, it’s confusing but they are different “types” of doctors. You can be a doctor in physics or math, and in almost every case an academic doctorate involves a thesis, so doing scientific research and publishing it. Medical doctors (at least here in France) also have a thesis but their “doctor” title is more like “medical professional” than “Ph.D.” as is implied for academics. Their thesis is not as “hard” it usually doesn’t involve as much research and publishing if it does at all, so the Ph.D. of a medical doctor is not of the same “grade” “quality” as that of another Ph.D. domain.

      With all that said, I think Todd has a Ph.D. (in medical counseling?) and a doctorate in philosophy, so that makes him a doctor but not an MD. But if you ask me, a doctor is a more honorific, prestigious title than an MD as it requires you to have been a published “expert” on the domain. So Todd’s an academic doctor, though it gets quite confusing I understand as his Ph.D. is in a medical field, that still doesn’t make him an MD but does make him a published scientist in the field.

      Oh, and last thing, if you hear “professor”, or even with some additional superlatives that’s like the ultimate academic flex, a professor is an academic doctor so a Ph.D., published expert, with an honorific (as in full of honor not decorative) position at a university, comes with a lot of prestige.

      Of and yeah course you can be both an MD and an academic doctor, most MDs don’t go through the formal published part as they instead go directly to patients.

    2. Todd is not a psychiatrist, he is a psychologist. A psychiatrist earns an MD (medical) degree specializing in psychiatry. A psychologist earns a Ph.D. degree, which is a doctorate degree, in psychology or clinical psychology. This is why he is called a doctor.

    3. He is not a psychiatrist which requires an M.D. degree. He is a psychologist as it only requires a Ph.D. degree. People get this confused often.

      1. A Ph.D. is not an ‘ONLY’ degree. It requires a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree before applying for very few openings in a Ph.D. program. For a person to be licensed as a mental health counselor they must also go through post-post-graduate training similar to a residency that a medical doctor must go through to be certified as a specialist i.e. a psychiatrist or an anesthesiologist.

  10. I would like to see Dr. Grande do a segment on Nancy Pelosi. But I’m afraid he is too nice to be able to describe her properly and would just have to sit there in silence.

    1. Excuse me? Why do you think he would be too nice? Listening to his “analysis” of President Biden there is nothing to indicate that it leans anything other than center-right. Even if he is more left-leaning he is not crazy nice. Furthermore, you don’t care about his analysis? You just want him to say mean things about Nancy Pelosi? Huh!

  11. I enjoy watching Dr. Grande. What I didn’t see mentioned in any of the other comments is that he has common sense along with his professionalism. He comes across as just an ordinary nice guy who just happens to be super intelligent. He tells us the symptoms and traits of people with personality disorders without using those two-dollar words the average person does not understand. His voice has a soothing quality and I think he is right on target in his opinions of the people he is describing. His dry sense of humor that is never offensive or cruel is always great.

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