Name Lisa Cornwell

Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / DOB As of 2019, Lisa is 44 years old.

Biography Profile / Wiki Information

Introduction :

  • Lisa Cornwell has been an anchor on Golf Central which is the Golf Channel’s news program since January 1 2014, a position she shares with Kelly Tilghman, George Savaricas and Ryan Burr.

  • She had her sights set on a professional golfing career but when her passion for playing the game started to die, she contemplated studying law. She ultimately decided against this, moving into a sales career instead. Still not enjoying her work, she eventually fell in love with the media.

Family Background & Personal Life :

  • Lisa was born in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
  • She started playing golf at 5 years of age when she received a Gary Player set of clubs.
  • She now lives in Orlando, Florida, moving there to begin her career on Golf Central.
  • Lisa has one sister.
  • She is still a big Razorbacks fan, taking a personal interest in alumni when she gets a chance to follow their golf progress.

Early Life and Education :

  • Lisa began her college life at Southern Methodist University in Dallas before transferring to the University of Arkansas as a scholarship student, eventually becoming pre-law.
  • She was the first scholarship student in the University of Arkansas program, leading the way for other students in the future.

Golfing Career :

  • Cornwell was an All-American junior golfer three times.
  • She was the Arkansas Women’s State Amateur Champion four times. The first time she was the Arkansas champion she was only 14 years old which was a record for the youngest champion ever.
  • Lisa was awarded the 1992 Arkansas Female Athlete of the Year.
  • During her time playing golf competitively she won more than 30 US tournaments.
  • Lisa was hoping to turn golfing into a professional career after college but burned out and headed into media instead.

Media Career & Net Worth :

  • In 2011 Lisa both founded and hosted a College Football show called, “SEC Press Pass”.
  • She began her professional media career on local networks reporting for NBC, ABC, and CBS affiliate stations. She worked as a studio host, reporter, and play-by-play announcer before transferring to the Big Ten Network.
  • Afterwards she made her way to Golf Central on the Golf Channel, where she is currently one of four anchors.

Trivia, Height and Interesting Facts :

  • Lisa’s father is the cousin of The 42nd President of The United States, Bill Clinton whom she has played golf with on occasion.
  • Lisa missed the first week of classes at The University of Arkansas to attend the Inauguration Ceremony of Bill Clinton.
  • Cornwell also played basketball and was selected for all-conference and all-state competition.
  • When she was younger Nick Faldo was her idol whom she eventually got to meet through her job on the Golf Channel.
  • Lisa says her golfing career peaked between the ages of 15-17, after which her lack of passion for playing the game affected her results.
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