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Lynna Lai WKYC Salary, Age, Wiki Bio, Married Husband, Wedding, Home

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Name Lynna Lai

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Introduction :

Lynna Lai is an American news anchor and reporter for WKYC TV, Channel 3 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Personal Life, Parents & Family Background :

  • Born in Chicago, Lynna grew up in Louisiana. The family then moved to Northeast Ohio, while she was a college freshman.
  • She graduated from Louisiana State University (LSU). While at LSU, she received the LSU Honor Scholarship and a National Merit Scholarship award.
  • Lynna is now married and lives with her husband Phil and her two daughters (aged 12 and 15, as of 2022).

Career, Job, Salary & Net worth :

  • Lynna began her broadcasting career with WMDB Channel 31 in Peoria, Illinois.
  • After a stint there, she moved to KGW Channel 8 in Portland, Oregon, followed by a move to WJW Channel 8 in 1994. Here, Lynna had the distinct fame of becoming the first Asian-American reporter in a Northeast Ohio television station.
  • Later, she became an anchor and reporter for WTSP Channel 10, a CBS affiliate in Tampa, Florida, and for WSB-TV in Atlanta.
  • Lai has also freelanced as a correspondent for ABC News and BBC.
  • She joined Gannett owned Channel 3 in 2012. On her hire, Lynna brought 18 years of journalistic experience. Channel 3 news director Rita Anderson said “Lynna brings a wealth of experience to the table and will be a great asset to our news team. She has strong anchoring and reporting skills & is passionate about telling the stories of our community.”

Awards & Recognition :

  • Lynna is an Associated Press Award winner, winning in the Best News Writing and Feature Reporting.
  • She also won an Emmy Award for “Best Spot Reporting” as well as a nomination for investigative reporting.

Personal Life & Interesting Trivia :

  • Lynna has a strong sense of community and appeared at the Cleveland Asian Festival 2014 to talk about her Chinese roots.
  • She loves to cook and is rather sporty, counting hiking, golfing, and football as her favorite past times.
  • She loves to spend with her family, plays classical piano, and loves watching foreign films.
  • Lai posts cute observations about being a mom, at one time lamenting that she is a reporter, but she couldn’t find a pen in her bag. Instead, she found crayons and potty covers.
  • On coming back to Cleveland for her job, Lynna was quoted as saying how happy her parents were since their granddaughters will be in the same town.
  • There was a case of three missing women in Cleveland, who were later rescued. The alleged kidnapper was someone by the name of Ariel Castro. It seemed that he was a fan of Lynna, and she was one of the 55 friends he had on Facebook. Lynna later wrote on her Facebook page how crazy it was. She often accepts friend requests from viewers but does not actually know them.
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB As of 2021, she is in her mid to late-forties.

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  1. When the news reports about the Kent State shootings? They should NOT say that the guard opened fire on “activists”. They should say that the guard opened fire on WEAPONLESS STUDENTS. Does anyone out there know that classes just let out, and that the sidewalks were full with students walking between buildings and classes? And as far as the protestors are concerned, absolutely no one did anything at all that earned them a death sentence. The guard and the army reservists are all guilty of murder.

  2. On 5/5/20 I emailed Lynna Lai about a mistake she made on her 5/4/20 report about the Kent State shootings. She said the National Guard opened fire on activists. That was not a correct statement. Right before the shootings, the class bells rang, students on their way to and from classes filled the sidewalks, there was a proximity to the smaller group of activists, and the national guard opened fire on weaponless students as well as some activists. In order to protect innocent victims, this fact should be told.

    I never heard back from Lynna Lai about this after emailing her and informing her of this and I think I should hear back from someone. If you cover the KSU story this upcoming 5/4/21, the truth should be told. Thank you.

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