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Remeisha Shade Wikipedia, Married, Husband, Job, Salary Now 2023

where is remeisha shade fired
Personal Details Summary
Name Remeisha Shade
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB July 1, 1981. As of 2023, she is around 42 years old.
Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Remeisha Shade Boyfriend / Partner Currently not married.
Children / No. of Kids None
Ethnicity / Origin / Heritage / Race Black
Nationality American
Did Remeisha Shade leave Channel 5? As weekday evening weather anchor, Remeisha Shade joins Fox-owned KRIV Houston.
Wiki Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

  • Remeisha Shade is a former meteorologist for NBC 5 in the Dallas Fort Worth area.
  • During her time at NBC 5, she was a great meteorologist. After a controversy with a viewer left many to speculate about her sudden departure from the station.
  • In September 2018, she started working at WEWS-TV in Cleveland as a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist.

Personal Life, Parents and Family Details :

Childhood :

  • Remeisha grew up in Huntsville, Alabama, where she attended a public high school in Madison County. She was a cheerleader and developed her love of the camera through the sport.
  • On May 18, 1995, a twister with winds of around 250 mph tore through her small town, destroying her family’s home.
  • She already loved science, but that twister instilled in her a need to understand how weather worked.

Present Life :

  • Although she has worked in Alabama before, she currently lives in Dallas, Texas, and is looking for future career opportunities there.
  • As of right now, she is single and has no children, but has mentioned before in an interview that dating in Dallas has proved to be difficult.
  • According to that interview, her ideal man is ambitious, intelligent, and should be devoted to her.

Education : Qualifications, High School & College Info

  • Shade’s path to becoming a meteorologist was fairly straightforward. When she was younger, she went to Sparkman High School.
  • In 1999, she attended Florida State University, where she joined the American Meteorology Society.
  • In June 2000, she took a summer internship with The Weather Channel & traveled to Atlanta to gain experience in her field. She did so again in 2002, as well.
  • She continued her studies until 2003, when she graduated with a B.S. in meteorology.

Job Timeline : Salary and Net worth

  • In September 2003, a few months after she graduated, Shade took a job at 12 News KBMT out of Beaumont, Texas, as a meteorologist and reporter. There, she did field reports and news segments along with her usual weather reporting.
  • In July of 2006, she left KBMT and made the move to Alabama to work as a Broadcast Meteorologist for WAFF Television.
  • She reported there for over four years before returning to Texas to work at KXAS-TV, NBC 5.

Controversy :

  • In November 2016, in a segment that Shade was broadcasting, a viewer called in to comment about her hair. He referred to her as “the black lady that does the news” and went on to say that he thought her hair was too big.
  • She replied that she was proud of her heritage, to which the man implied that one could be proud of their roots without displaying them.
  • Remeisha then told the man that she was sorry he didn’t like her “ethnic hair,” but she was proud of it.
Body Figure / Physical Info

Measurements :

  • Eye Color : Brown
  • Haircut / Hair Color : Black
  • How tall is Remeisha Shade Height : 5′7″
  • Feet / Legs / Boots / Shoe Size : No confirmed information available.
  • Pregnant? : Currently, she is not expecting a baby.

50 thoughts on “Remeisha Shade Wikipedia, Married, Husband, Job, Salary Now 2023”

  1. William E. Schweinle Jr.

    Just saw your introduction on Channel 26 this evening, Remeisha. You are a real asset to Channel 26!!! Great weather coverage with the breadth of knowledge about what you were covering. Keep up the great work! Welcome to Houston.

    BTW, you are also very pleasing to the orbits!! Hard to believe you are 41 years old. You surely do not look it.

    lawyer and former Air Force pilot!

    1. I enjoy watching the weather because of Ms. Shade. She flows the weather predictions, just very polished, confident which makes you believe. She is very attractive too, at 41??? Wow. Continued success to her.

  2. I love watching Remeisha do the weather. She is pleasant, lovely, well informed, confident and her wardrobe fantastic. And what a cute figure to show it off. Would like to know where she gets those sharp dresses. Can’t recall seeing the same one twice! You go, girl…anyone who doesn’t agree is just envious.

  3. It appears that most guys love Shade’s skin-tight, butt hugging clothes. Does she really want that kind of attention? I’m thin myself and not jealous, just making a general observation.

    1. Her clothes aren’t even tight. Don’t hate on her shapely figure. Besides we’re there to watch the news not judge her.

  4. Hello Ms Shade. I live in Cleveland, Ohio, and enjoy watching you giving our weather reports on Channel 5. I’ve seen a picture of you with your beautiful natural long hair and wonder why you wear a wig with such beautiful hair! Hopefully, soon we’ll get to see the beautiful hair that God blessed you with! I’m a black woman and we should love our God-given hair and skin color!

  5. Harriet Brownstein

    Remeisha Shade’s dresses are way too tight and her hair too long. Takes away from watching the weather report. She is an attractive woman but these things take away from it.

      1. Totally agree! Remeisha is SOOO darn cute and extremely talented. She dresses and looks just perfect…Welcome to Houston and to FOX news!!!

  6. She is a wonderful asset to the weather, she dresses so well!

    I think the man that complained and is the reason she left the DFW area doesn’t know how many viewers he pissed off. Keep dressing like you dress with that killer body and giving the Cleveland area viewers a tease every day.

  7. I like the way Md. Remeisha does our weather. She is very knowledgeable, however, her dresses at way too tight. She looks as though she is always going out to the club every night. She needs to dress more professionally, not so revealing.

  8. Ms. Shade, I am very proud to have you as my meteorologist. Congratulations on your excellence! Remain confident and joyful! Thank you for all you do to bring the forecast!

  9. Remeisha,

    I am from Cleveland. I would love to have a friend like you for conversation is that possible??? By the way, I think you look absolutely amazing!

  10. I think Ms. Shade is a great asset to WEWS. She is very professional and always so pleasant. I love her wardrobe. Keep doing what you are doing.

  11. She’s great and her dresses are tasteful. I think those complaining about them are just jealous. I think she is a good role model for my daughter. Too much on TV today tells girls “just be whatever weight you want”. I want my girl to be healthy!

  12. Does Remeisha make her own dresses? Or does she have them made for her?

    Either way, they could be a little looser, not so revealing at times too. But a nice choice of style & colors.

  13. I enjoy watching and listening to Ms. Shade informing us on the weather. She displays confidence and professionalism on-air at all times. People who make negative comments about a person’s appearance should take a long look in the mirror at themselves and their ugliness.

    Ms.Shade, you and the way you carry yourself are great assets. I watch Channel 5 weather more than any other channel because of you. Thanks!

  14. I. Am. In. Love. With. Mis. Shade. I. Watch. Her. Every. Day. When. She. On. She. Is. Beautiful. lady. That. Give. Me. My. Day. Start. Love. U. Mis. Shade

  15. Rameisha, we still think of you in Beaumont, Texas as well and wish you well as you continue to inform the public accurately about weather events that might impact them. Good luck in your career!

  16. I love Ms Shade’s wardrobe. I see she is wearing more jewel tone colors and looks very nice!. She is also well educated in her field.

  17. We always enjoyed the energetic weather updates she brought to us on air, and she coined a phrase our family still uses. While reporting the approach of a summer time “Cold Front” she disputed that term, and said it was really a “not so Warm Front. ” We agreed with that assessment and to this day we correct any weather broadcaster and give her credit for the improved and more accurate term, “Not So Warm Front!” We miss her big smile and happy face on our screen. Good luck to you Remeisha!

  18. Remeisha Shade is a nice addition to the Cleveland Channel 5 News. She has a wonderful presentation with her body figure.

  19. Ms. Shade is professional and a breath of fresh air for the Cleveland viewers of Channel 5 News. Mark Johnson should be commended for bringing diverse and energetic talent to Northeast Ohio. Keep up the good work !!

  20. Miss seeing Ms Shade, always cheerful, wearing her signature jjewel tone dresses. Wishing her much success in Cleveland and her career.

  21. She was my weather crush. I always tuned in to watch her. She’s looking real nice and she presents herself very well. I definitely miss seeing her. I wondered what happened to her.

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