Name Chudney Ross

Marriage & Wedding / Husband / Engaged / Fiance Currently Married. See details below.

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Introduction :

  • Chudney Ross, a bright woman with dark brown hair, is the kind of person that can always be caught with a smile on her face and often with a book in her hands.

  • Born with the name Chudney lane Silberstein, she is also known as the daughter of famed singer/songwriter and actress Diana Ross.
  • A producer in the film industry, Chudney owns her own startup company, Books and Cookies.

Personal Life & Marriage :

  • Chudney’s mother, Diana, was the lead singer of the band The Supremes, which were awarded their own star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and joined the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988.
  • Before Chudney was born, her sister Tracee Ellis was born. After Ross, her younger sister Rhonda Rosss & her two brothers Ross Naess and Evan were born.
  • Chudney is currently married to husband Joshua Faulkner. She has had one child with him, Callaway Lane. Together, the three of them continue to live in Calfornia.

Education & College :

  • Chudney has always loved art and reading, and attended Georgetown University, a Washington, D.C.-based school, to pursue it.
  • While there, Ross mainly studied nude artistry, such as drawings and sculptures, but she also got interested in illustration work for publications.
  • She graduated from Georgetown University with her Bachelor’s degree after double majoring in English and fine arts.

Profession, Salary & Net Worth :

Teaching :

  • Right after graduation, Chudney began teaching in the inner cities of Washington D.C. and Los Angeles, California.
  • She saw how great of an impact books, when accessible, could have on young minds, and took those lessons with her when she left the classroom.

Film / TV Career :

  • Actually, Chudney began her TV and film career in 1979, when she appeared as an audience member in the documentary about her mother’s concert.
  • She’s had a string of appearances since then as herself, including the 2007 BET Awards, an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show & multiple episodes of Fashion News Live, which began in 2004.

  • In 2002, Ross worked as a talent coordinator on the show Livin’ Large, and in 2003, she was an assistant production manager for Fame, a talent contest TV show.
  • In 2004, she produced her first TV show called Mesmerized. The show revolved around a master hypnotist that used his craft to help guests overcome their fears.
  • Ross ended her work with Fashion News Live in 2014, and has since followed other pursuits.

Books & Cookies :

  • After working in TV and film, Chudney made her way back to her true loves, art and literature.
  • She opened Books and Cookies, an interactive children’s bookstore that doubled as a play space and had events and activities. The store is in Santa Monica, California.
  • Children could come with their parents and read in the store, or join the staff for story times or special events.
  • She is currently attempting to take the brand mobile in 2018 and bring books and playtime to underprivileged areas.
Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / DOB November 4, 1975. As of early 2020, she is around 44 years old.