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Viktor Knavs Wiki, Age, Bio, Trump, Net worth【 Melania Trump Father 】

Name Viktor Knavs (Knauss)

Wedding / Wife / Marriage / Spouse Married to Amalija Knavs. See below for relationship details.

Wikipedia Biography / Profile Background

Introduction : Who is Viktor Knavs ?

Victor Knavs is a former car salesman who is most known for being the father of the current First Lady of the USA, Melania Trump.

  • Viktor Knavs was born on 24th March 1944 in Slovenia. His childhood & early adulthood was spent there.
  • He is only 2 years older than his son in law, President Donald Trump (born in 1946), but has quoted he approves of the relationship between Melania and Donald.
  • Viktor first began working as the chauffeur for the mayor of his hometown, Sevenica, and it was through this job that he met his future wife Amalija in 1966.
  • The two fell in love, and married quickly.
  • Their first daughter, Ines Knauss, was born in 1968, followed by their second daughter Melanija in 1970.

Melania & Viktor Knavs :

  • Melanija later changed her name from Melanija Knavs to Melania Knauss to appeal to a wider market with the start of her modelling career.
  • During Trump’s Presidential campaign, it was revealed that Victor had a relationship prior to meeting his wife which had resulted in the birth of a son.
  • He stated that he does not have anything to do with the son & also said his daughters have also never met him.

Viktor Knavs Politics & Communist Stint :

  • While raising his young daughters in Sevnica, Viktor became a member of the communist party while under the ruling of the former Yugoslavian dictator Marshall Tito.
  • He was criticised by many for having an alliance with that party, but it was later revealed that he had only joined so as to make his daughters lives easier and to give his wife the opportunity to baptise them Catholic as per her family traditions.
  • It was often reported that he was behind Trump’s relationship with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, however, he has strongly denied this.
  • He is also said to be one of the influencing factors on President Trump & even sat directly behind him during the Presidential Inauguration.
  • When asked about his influence on Trump, Viktor has stated people are only saying that as he is similar to Trump in that they both have “larger than life” personalities.
  • He also quoted that, contrary to the media reports, he would not be moving to Washington to live with his daughter & would instead remain in The Trump Tower in New York City.

Profession : Career, Salary & Net worth

  • During his life in Slovenia, Viktor was a huge part of the automotive industry.
  • He has been a lover of cars and particularly antique cars for most of his life, which led to him being hired as the mayor’s chauffeur.
  • From there he went to work as a driver for a government-owned textile company.
  • He then landed a role as a car salesman, in which he achieved great success. This job also afforded him the opportunity to move his wife and daughters to a nicer area of Slovenia, which he has said pushed him to continue excelling at the role.
  • As of 2017, he is retired from working and plays a large part in raising his grandson, Barron Trump.
Birthday / Date of Birth / Viktor Knavs Age Born in 1944. As of 2022, he is around 78 years old.

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