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Georgina Ahern Bryne, Age, Wedding【 Nick Byrne Wife 】Wikipedia, Bio

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Name Georgina Ahern

Birthday / Date of Birth / How old is Georgina Ahern Age May 4, 1979. As of 2022, she is around 43 years old.

Wiki Biography / Profile Information

Introduction :

Who has not heard of Nick Byrne, a former member of the famous Westlife, the Irish boy band? Everyone has! Well, his wife, Georgina Ahern is no less renowned, despite not embracing the bright lights of a TV studio as her husband does!

Personal Life, Parents & Family Background :

  • Georgina Ahern was born to parents Miriam (mother) and Bertholemew Patrick Ahern (father) on May 4, 1979, at a hospital in Dublin.
  • She has a sibling named Cecelia Ahern, who is a famous Irish novelist.
  • The girls’ father was a former Taoiseach, that is, Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland.
  • You can well imagine how ‘polished’ Georgina with her dark-brown hair and blue-grey eyes must have looked even while she was still at school, for Nicky to be bowled over by her at the tender age of 13!

Education & Career :

  • Georgina obtained a degree in Business from the Institute of Technology, Tallaght.
  • Soon after graduation in 2002, Georgina worked in Conduit Telecommunications.
  • After marrying Nicky in 2003, she became a personal fitness trainer.
  • Georgina realized that the bright lights were not for her, after participating in an ITV game show titled, “All Star Mr and Mrs.” Her voice just grew fainter and fainter, due to nervousness!

Interests in Private Life :

  • Georgina loves nothing better than exercising! She is a regular visitor at the gym.
  • The desire to keep herself slim and trim is probably motivated by her other hobby, which is, modelling!
  • Nicky’s wife does engage in part-time modelling of the latest trends in the fashion world.
  • Her husband is equally fashion conscious. This probably helped them win the VIP Style Award for Most Stylish Couple in 2012.
  • She also finds comfort in surrounding herself with dogs. They do not object to her shy, quiet and reserved nature!
  • Above all, she loves to spend time with her husband and close friends.

Social Activities & Charity Work :

  • Georgina has initiated her own blog, wherein she finds it easy to share her thoughts with others.
  • Both, wife and husband participate in charity events, which contribute to worthwhile causes. For instance, the Nikki Byrne Twilight Ball was organized in memory of Nikki’s father, in 2010. The event fetched €200,000, which went towards funding a radio and television campaign related to awareness about heart attacks. The campaign was organized by the Irish Heart Foundation.
  • The couple also support the Irish Premature Babies charity and campaigns organized by UNICEF.
  • Georgina has also become highly vocal about pre-natal and post-natal healthcare, child survival, etc, taking the opportunity to raise funds wherever possible.
  • Her thoughts have found their way into a book called Tiny Footprints, which relates to the birth of premature babies.
  • It is obvious that despite a diversification of personal interests, the couple’s thoughts work in tandem on a number of deserving social and medical issues. The world could do with more people like them!
Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Engaged / Spouse / Partner Married. See above for relationship details.

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