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Jose Stemkens Model, Bio, Age, Wiki【 Titus Welliver Wife 】Children

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Name Jose Stemkens

Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Engagement / Fiance Married. Check the full bio for relationship details.

Wikipedia Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

  • A tall blonde with an eye for fashion, Jose Stemkens is a former fashion model turned fashion consultant that owns her own company, Sunrise Fashion Consulting.
  • Stemkens is also married to the TV show actor from the series The Good Wife, Titus Welliver

Personal Life, Marriage and Children :

  • Jose Stemkens was originally raised in Holland, but moved abroad right after starting her consulting career.
  • In April of 2014, the fashion mogul, who had by then settled down in California, married the famous actor Titus Welliver.
  • Titus Welliver’s big break was on the hit TV series Lost, which was about a group of people who crash-landed on an island. The show grew infamous for its many plot twists and confusing themes.
  • Following Lost, Titus has been acting for another hit series, The Good Wife, and has appeared in the fourth Transformer movie, Transformers: Age of Extinction, as well as the Ben Affleck movie Argo.
  • This was Titus’ fourth marriage.
  • While the couple do not have any children together, Titus brought three children — Two sons Eamonn Lorcan Charles Welliver & Quinn Welliver and one daughter Cora McBride Walling Welliver from previous relationships into their marriage.
  • Titus’ previous wives were Heather Wielandt & actress Joanna Heimbold (with whom he had his two sons) & producer Elizabeth W. Alexander (with whom he had his daughter). Elizabeth passed away in 2012.

Early Career and Professional Life :

  • Originally from Europe, Jose modeled for several years for many European companies before retiring and becoming a consultant.
  • In June of 1995, she began working at Espirit, an international fashion brand that focuses on casual clothing.
  • Working as a senior project manager, Jose moved to major cities across the globe, such as Hong Kong, Dusseldorf, Los Angeles, and New York, quite often.
  • She worked with Espirit for ten years before becoming an international account manager for the clothing line The Great China Wall, which sold high-end casual clothing to selective boutiques around the world.

Business Success, Salary and Net Worth :

  • In June 2009, Jose left The Great China Wall and became the president of a Dutch company looking to expand into the U.S. She helped bring their brands Dept and JC RAGS to the States, and continued to build the brands for four years.
  • In July of 2013, she became the vice president of House of Quirky, a fashion store looking to take the large price tag off of high fashion. The company has created 8 brands, all of which are sold at every store location: MINIPINK, Evil Twin, Somedays Lovin,’ Staple the Label, Quirky Circus, The Lost Girls, and Paint it Red.
  • As Vice President, she opened stores throughout the U.S., mostly in California and continued to do so for a year before she started her own company, Sunrise Fashion Consulting.
  • Her company, based in Los Angeles, essentially amplifies what she has done her whole life: build brands, market products & open stores.
  • Instead of just doing this for one company, she now offers these services to multiple fashion brands and helps them expand into whatever market they’re looking for, whether it’s in the U.S., Asia, or Europe.
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB No confirmed information is available on the year she was born.

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