Name Pasquale Rotella (Also known as : Holly Madison Husband)

Date of Birth / Birthday / Age / DOB 8th August 1974. His age as of early 2020 is around 45 years.

Wikipedia Information / Profile Details

Introduction :

Pasquale Rotella is a producer who focuses mainly on EDM festivals and is the Chief Executive Officer of Insomniac Events, a company that organizes and promotes EDM festivals all across North America.

Early Life & Family Background :

  • Rotella was born in Glendale, California on the 8th August 1974.
  • He is married to famous Playboy Model, Holly Madison who is the former flame of the founder of playboy, the late Hugh Hefner.
  • They were married in 2013 and have two children together, a son called Forest Leonardo Antonio and a daughter, Rainbow Aurora. The couple currently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Rotella is the son of Italian immigrant parents – Vincent and Irene Rotella, who were the owners of a Venice, California based deli shop.
  • They were not the wealthiest of families, with Pasquale often having to help out at the shop to keep business flowing smoothly. At a certain time in the Rotellas’ life, they could not afford to live in a home and so had no choice but to move into a youth hostel for some time.

Profession, Career & Net Worth :

  • A creator at heart, Rotella first began exploring his passion for EDM in the 1990s, hosting parties for enthusiasts who were running out of venues to attend because of the overall negative attention that the EDM scene was drawing in.
  • 1992 marked the beginning of his journey when he started to throw several underground parties, working overtime to promote his events even if it meant that he had to pass out flyers and clean up the venue by himself.

  • His parties were called Insomniac and were often raided by police for various reasons including trespassing onto private property. Despite this, he grew in popularity & so did his parties which later transitioned into festivals by the mid-90s.
  • He would later start his own promotion company called Insomniac Events and he hosted events such as the Electric Daisy Carnival in Los Angeles, which saw an increase in attendance as a result of his partnership with Todd DeStefano, a renowned events manager of the LA Coliseum.
  • His success continues to grow, with his events drawing in millions of people from all across the globe each year and thus, bringing in millions of dollars in annual revenue. It is no wonder that his net worth is estimated to be a few million dollars.

Interesting Facts & Controversy :

  • After enjoying two consecutive years of unparalleled success, at the 2010 Electric Daisy Carnival. A 15 year old girl by the name of Sasha Rodriguez, died from an overdose of drugs, drawing severe reaction from LA officials which led to the event being forced to leave the city and move to Las Vegas.
  • Rotella was charged for various offences which included embezzlement and corruption in 2012 and has since served 3 years’ probation in addition to paying a $150,000 fine.
  • He is the author of a book titled “Insomniac: I make the world dance.
Wedding & Marriage / Wife / Spouse / Partner / Dating Currently Married. See above for details.