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Daniel Kolenda【 Wikipedia 】Wife, Family, Age, Father, Biography

Daniel Kolenda Quotes
Name Daniel Kolenda

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB Born in 1981. As of 2024, he is around 43 years old.

Wiki Bio / Profile Background

Introduction :

Daniel Kolenda is a husband, father, Christian preacher, and world-renowned evangelist.

Personal Life, Origin and Family Details :

  • Daniel was born on June 9, 1981, & was raised in Florida in a pastor’s home.
  • He is married to his wife Rebekah Kolenda and they have five children, Elijah, Gloria, London, Lydia and Benjamin.
  • Daniel and his family all currently reside in Orlando, Florida.

Early Life and Education :

  • Daniel was interested in the gospel even as a child. He would often go house-to-house knocking on doors & preaching to anyone who would listen.
  • He attended the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry (BRSM) in Pensacola, Florida.
  • He went on to further his education at the Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida.
  • During his early years, Kolenda was always side-by-side with his mentor and spiritual father, German Pentecostal Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. Together the two went across the United States & the world preaching the Gospel.

Message, Career and Net Worth :

  • A fifth-generation preacher, Daniel is now the President of Christ for All Nations (CfaN), a unity that devotes themselves to voyage to each corner of the world, preaching the Gospel.
  • The Ministry has offices in ten nations around the world and hosts an internationally syndicated television program. They have also published an astounding 190 million books in 104 languages.
  • Reinhard Bonnke was 77 years old when he stepped down from his position and handed down the baton to Daniel, making him the President of ‘Christ for All Nations’.

Books, Media Appearances & Events :

  • Daniel has recorded two albums, one in 2014 called ‘Heaven’ and one in 2016 called ‘Holy Ground’ which can be bought from iTunes & other online music stores.
  • Some of his most well-known titles include ‘Goodness and Mercy,’ ‘Alpha and Omega,’ ‘Fill Me Now’ and ‘Holy Ground’.
  • He has also published several books which can be purchased from the CfaN website, with titles including ‘Live Before you Die,’ ‘The Judgement Seat of Christ,’ ‘The Mystery of the Magi,’ ‘Unlocking the Miraculous’ and ‘Freedom From Debt’.
  • Daniel has appeared in several TV series and documentaries – in 2012 he was featured in the series ‘It’s Supernatural’.
  • He was the host of ‘Praise the Lord’ in 2014 & was in an episode of ‘Marcus & Joni.’
  • In regards to documentaries, he has featured in ‘Supernatural Encounters,’ ‘Christ in You: The Movie,’ ‘This is Living’ and ‘Finger of God 2’.

Trivia, Height & Social Media :

  • One of the Gospel Crusades Daniel committed to was in 2018 when CfaN held a huge event in Owerri Nigeria. One young male in the audience had come to Owerri for hospital treatment as he was suffering from a growth on his body.
  • He heard about the Gospel Crusade from a local friend and decided to go and see what it was about for himself. He reported that during Daniel’s prayer for the sick and unhealthy, his growth had vanished completely.
  • Even some women in the audience with large and painful tumors in their breasts felt them disappear without a trace during the prayer.
  • Daniel has over 100,000 followers on his Instagram profile & over 30,000 on his Twitter (now called X) handle.
  • Daniel Kolenda Nationality : American
Wedding & Marriage / Wife / Spouse / Partner / Engaged Married. Check the full bio for relationship details.

29 thoughts on “Daniel Kolenda【 Wikipedia 】Wife, Family, Age, Father, Biography”

  1. Sadly, his wife Rebekah left him due to severe domestic violence. Even before the divorce was through, he already had a new girlfriend who is just a few years older than his oldest son. This man needs to repent!

    1. Do you have proof of this? Reliable sources? How do you know this? It is important to be able to back this claim if it is true, otherwise how can you know this with certainty?

      1. Just ask yourself a few questions:
        Why was his ex-wife’s social accounts removed once he announced her supposed unfaithfulness? Where is her side if the story?
        How was he married so quickly and very hush-hush after barely one year? Where are the wedding pictures? It is, after all, her first marriage, her being much younger. Which bride doesn’t want her happy day recorded? And what happened to her social media accounts since? It seems she vanished as well… at least I haven’t been able to find her previously active accounts.
        But forgetting all of this, according to the Bible divorce and remarriage is wrong and considered fornication.
        We need to look to God and not people, then it would be easy to spot and address human error, confront that person that he might repent and be saved. It is not the unpardonable sin, but it must be confessed.

      2. Sadly, if any man is put on a pedestal, it is hard to believe in the sight of (in human terms „success“, which has nothing to do with the way God views things), obvious remarriage, which is wrong according to the Bible!

        Ask yourself why no one ever heard his ex-wife’s side of the story. God is the judge in the end but please stop being so naive.

    2. This is not true at all! Be careful on what you post if you don’t even know this! So wrong mate. Even the last info you said was completely wrong as well!

    3. Where’s your proof? Sounds pretty made up regarding the domestic violence. Nice try slandering a man. I heard she was sadly unfaithful.

    4. Are you assuming or do you know it for a fact? Because if indeed he had been violent and unfaithful to his wife, I doubt that his children would have stood by him as they seem to be doing.

      1. Should you have heard of a narcissist personality, you would know why his children will not go against him. Hopefully they will be strong enough once they break free from the control when they become adults.

        Have you not wondered why there is not one single picture of the supposedly happily married couple? It being her first marriage and being considerably younger than him. Wouldn’t she want it documented? Why are her facebook and instagram accounts invisible/deleted (who knows) just like his ex-wife’s since the supposed happy marriage?

    5. Sadly, if any man is put on a pedestal, it is hard to believe in the sight of (in human terms „success“, which has nothing to do with the way God views things), obvious remarriage, which is wrong according to the Bible! Ask yourself why no one ever heard his ex-wife’s side of the story. God is the judge in the end but please stop being so naive.

  2. Anthony Deedam Deeyor

    Dear Pastor,

    I love the anointing of God upon you and the meeting ministry. How can I be part of this great move of God in this generation?

  3. Dear CfaN and the whole team,

    You guys are such a blessing to many, and I have witnessed that God is using you mightly with my physical eyes. I am really interested to work with you if you are pleased to invite me also. The Holy Spirit is communicating with you on that. I am a Tanzanian lady, I can do the translation to your materials that you need to be translated in Swahili for God’s glory. I know you already have enough translators and interpreters, but you can place me in another area you think I can minister if you need more.

    Kindly let us communicate.

    Thank you!

  4. Dear Pastor, I’m from India. Can I attend your crusade? Or will you permit me to join as an employer in your ministry?

    Thank you

  5. Josephat Ndibalema

    May Lord, the almighty, fill you with power to proclaim the truthful word. Welcome to Tanzania, we are learning a lot from your preaching


  6. Dear Cfan Team,

    My name is Elly from Tanzania.

    I attended November 2020 crusade, am born again Christian, but I was having some addiction but thanks Lord Jesus set me free from the word of the man of God ev. Daniel Kolenda of last day at Arusha (three spiritual laws)…I will never go back again to those addictions in Jesus name amen.

  7. Praise God Daniel kolenda, we have good luck your’s. So Our family remembering oun prayer for to all your family. Really God is great because we met. I saw your profile activities good marvaless Only for God. Kim I am belive to you prayer to my family daily and also our team with Gospel.

  8. Alfonsine Kahambuee

    My name is Alfonsine. I was born again on 23rd October 2020 up to now I have neck pain and shoulder pain from the left side. please pray for me.

    I from Namibia, based in small-town Karibib

  9. Dear Man of God, seen you through social media healing people and save people’s lives through the power of the holy spirit.

    Are you coming to Papua New Guinea?

    We need deliverance from such an anointed man like you.

  10. God bless you Evangelist Daniel. We pray for more grace to reach the outer most part of the world year by year by Divine auction.

    May the Lord lead you to the soul somewhere in dire need of the Gospel and healing virtues of the lord. Stay blessed and shalom

  11. Dear Daniel,

    I am Samuel Prince from Kenya. I was in the Nakuru Kenya crusade. I really enjoyed it. I would also love to be part of your ministry, get to know you and serve together with you. Thank you

  12. Mengistu Tesfamariam Hagos

    I am very glad by your ministry and I need your prayer and I need to work with you. I am the president of elshadai God’s kingdom international church khartoum sudan.

    1. Dear Daniel Kolenda a shining servant of the lord in the Gospel, I wish to serve the Lord as you are doing to gain souls for Jesus Christ.
      A great desire and prayer of mine are that you come preaching the gospel to DRC (Congo ) there are souls to gain for Jesus and my nation needs the true gospel.

      May the lord still using you and filling you with power.
      Franck Lumpungu.

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