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Jim Adler Wiki, Reviews, Death, Net Worth, Son, School, Settlements

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Name Jim Adler

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Introduction : Jim Adler Texas Hammer

Jim Adler is a personal injury lawyer, well-known for his TV ads as The Texas Hammer.

Jim Adler Family and Early Life :

  • Jim grew up in Texas on a farm. He reportedly told his mother when he was four that when he grew up, he wanted to work with his mind rather than his hands.
  • His mother ensured he learned Spanish early on, as she believed it was super important for him to be bilingual.
  • At the age of 18, he entered the military as he saw it as a way of earning an education that he would have otherwise not been able to afford.

Jim Adler Son and Marriage :

  • Currently, he has been married for over 40 years. Through his wife, he has four children, and a few grandchildren.
  • His eldest son, Bill, works within in his law firm, and he has stated that he hopes to live his legal empire to his grandchildren.

Professional Life : Career Reviews and Net Worth

  • Prior to opening his own legal firm, he has joined the United States Army. Through the army, he became a lawyer, and he went on to work for the Legal Division in both the US Army and Navy for over ten years.
  • After leaving the Army, Adler launched his personal injury firm in 1973 in Houston.
  • He named it ‘Jim Adler and Associates,’ and began it as a solo enterprise, although he shared a secretary with two other lawyers in the same office.
  • Since then, he has gone on to expand his offices to working with 25 attorneys and over 250 legal support staff.
  • As of 2017, he runs offices not only in Houston but also in Dallas and San Antonio.

Jim Adler Commercial :

  • Alder’s success can be partly credited to his unique marketing strategies. He enlisted the aid of TV commercials & numerous billboards.
  • His commercials in particular have attracted social media attention, with his grim persona leading to him being labelled as “The Texas Hammer.”

Charity Work and Interesting Facts :

  • Adler is well-known in the Houston community for his contributions to their local charities.
  • He regularly participates in the many fun-runs that the city holds, and generally participates with his grandchildren by his side. He has said it is important to him to teach them the importance of giving back.
  • A big fan of fitness, and has been reported to work out strictly five days a week. He has said this stems from his time spent in the military.
  • In 2009, he was appointed by the Texas Governor to the Board of Directors for the Joint City/Country Commission on Children.
  • He is an ambassador for the Armed Forces Relief Trust.
  • He also consistently works with the Multiple Sclerosis Society, The Guild for the Blind, Habitat for Humanity and The American Cancer Society.

Jim Adler Death Cause :

  • There are some Google searches for “Jim Adler Death,”, but he is not dead. Jim is sometimes confused with another accident attorney Brian Loncar, who passed away in 2016.
Birthday / How old is Jim Adler Age No confirmed information is available on his birth year or the date she was born.

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