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Randy Knaps Wife, Salary, Age【 Wikipedia Biography 】Married, Family

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Name Randy Knaps

Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / How old / DOB Born in 1957. As of 2021, he is around 64 years old.

Bio Profile / Wiki Information

Introduction :

  • Randy Knaps is an American musician specializing in the Christian genre.
  • He is also a voice actor, as well as the founder and owner of advertising business Media Scope.

Personal Life, Parents and Family Background :

  • Randy Knaps was born in 1957 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to Leroy Raymond Knaps (father) and Katy Knaps (mother).
  • He has four siblings – sisters Susan Luter and Charmaine Efferson; and brothers Mike ‘Snapper’ Knaps and Mark Knaps.
  • Growing up in Louisiana, Knaps attended Baker High School in the town of Baker, California. He graduated in 1975.
  • After graduating from Baker High School, Randy attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and Louisiana State University (LSU) from 1975 to 1977. While there, he studied music and education.
  • On April 25, 1987, Randy married Caroline Russell Knaps. They have three children together: daughter Kendall Knaps and sons Mitchell Knaps and Russell Knaps. Through his son Mitchell, Randy is the father-in-law of Kakie Molesini Knaps.
  • After spending most of his in Louisiana, Randy continues to remain loyal to the Pelican state. He resides in Geismar, Louisiana.

Interesting Facts, Height & Trivia :

  • Randy’s wife Caroline Russell Knaps, is from Scotland. She works in the real estate business.
  • His father, US Army veteran Leroy Raymond Knaps, passed away in 2008. He’d been married to his wife, Katy Knaps, for fifty-four years.
  • He remains close to his mother, Katy Knaps. In 2017, he taught her how to use the new iPhone!
  • Randy loves performing in whatever capacity is offered to him. From a young age and during his school years, Knaps sang along with his parents at parties and then went on to study music. He was a drummer in several school bands and was a member of school choirs.

Music Career : Earnings, Salary & Net Worth

  • Randy’s musical career took off in 1979 when he joined his first band. He was soon a member of three separate bands, and he became involved in both studio work and songwriting. At the same time, he started working on advertising jingles airing on the radio – he played and sang.
  • After that initial break in the business, Randy got to meet Leon Medica, who led the traveling music band LeRoux. After joining the ranks of LeRoux, Knaps traveled across the United States on several tours. He was with LeRoux from 1985 until 2007, participating in every tour that the band did.
  • He provided vocal work for the hit movie Dirty Dancing and was awarded a gold and platinum album for his extraordinary efforts with it.
  • In 1989, Randy founded the company he owns, Media Scope. The company focuses on audio advertising as well as on coaching, and it also has its own recording studio. Randy is in charge of scriptwriting and creative development, as well as providing vocals and coaching. He also specializes in various production roles within the company.
  • Since 2006, Randy has also been a solo artist and group vocalist for the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries.

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  1. Reading comments…wow a lot of hypocrites on here. Don’t act like you all are some goody two shoe Christians. You are some Christian wannabe’s. Must be bored and have nothing good to say about people. Maybe you are just jealous of the man, for he does sing well. Hypocrites disgust me totally like they are fine to judge yet on judgment day be prepared to answer to Father God Almighty. You are far from being perfect, maybe make a significantly different change in your life. How about volunteering or something that would make you feel better about yourself because you surely are very judgmental indeed, unreal!

  2. Randy has so much talent, given to him by God by the way, so I really think you have no business judging him.

    1. Carolyn Anderson

      Saying the truth is not judging. It is very hard to hear Randy on TV and I wonder if that is why he moves backwards and then his face turns beet red…..he must have a weak voice. He is my least favorite of all the singers…

      1. If you think you can do better get your ass up there and do it. Quit judging…He is blessed and talented and anointed to sing for God. What are you doing for God??

      2. I don’t think the people on here are criticizing there pointing out things that don’t look right when he performs what I don’t understand is why at times when he’s singing with the group he steps behind Joseph like he’s hiding then comes out from behind him God forgive me but he acts at times worldly an you cannot deny it

    2. Do you judgmental “Christians” worship God, or are you just sitting around watching others worship, while you are deciding whether it is fake or legitimate? Where’s the love of the brethren? No wonder so many people are unreachable because they are victims of the hypocrisy, hatefulness, and meanness of so-called “Christians” in the church. Will you be held responsible for souls in Hell, who have turned away because of being hurt and devastated by your cruel tongues?

    3. Sorry, but the constant thrusting of the pelvis is Not of God or is the screeching.

      Compare Larson and Herd – neither resort to either of these worldly traits and convey their message just as, if not more, effectively than Knaps.

      1. Yes, I agree Joseph Larson doesn’t put on a show. He sings with such love for god but Randy many times acts worldly on stage but that’s between him and god

      2. It is totally a style difference between Robin, Randy, or Joseph. Randy has a love for God!! He could take his gift and use it in a bar, restaurant, or any other place but a church. Please, look at the positive!!! “Love your brother as yourself” will go way farther than criticism or critique. Pray for the situation you do not approve of, and God will either change the situation or change you. Love you, brother.

      1. Can’t watch this Rich man sing. A total turn off as he looks like he is having either a Stroke or a Heart Attack. We have no clue as to his SBN salary but we do know he is a Multi- Millionaire.

      2. I agree with Brother Swaggart too, I love to hear and watch brother Randy Knaps sing, because I know that he is singing from his soul, because that’s how much he loves the Lord Jesus Christ and God’s people!

        1. Can’t stand to watch him as does the 69 people in our group. When he comes on we turn the channel for 5 minutes. The reason being he looks like he is going to have a Stroke or a Heart Attack. That just turns all of us off. Great voice but that’s just the way it is. SORRY.

          1. I think he is outstanding because he gives it all…He’s got for Jesus Praise God! I feel like singing, I feel like shouting I feel like jumping. Keep on keeping on brother Randy. Like Brother Swaggart says…“Let me say it again” Glory to God

          2. I agree that Randy looks like he is having a stroke when singing, but I see his love for Jesus emanating from him. That is the reason to watch, not turn off. Turn off if you like but it is also turning off Jesus to me. Personally, I feel Jesus coming through the screen while Randy sings and he is giving his all as unto the Lord. You go, Randy!

          3. Cabby and Diane Whitt

            We do not enjoy watching Randy either. You do not have to strain so hard when you’re singing that looks like you’re going to rupture your carotid artery! It’s very uncomfortable to watch him. There is no sincerity in that kind of straining and jerking around. It certainly brings no glory to the Lord. It takes away from the song!

            1. That’s not the way it is, Sir!

              He is putting a lot of heart mind-body-soul and effort into singing about Jesus Christ. This guy is real from the heart. 69 people passing judgment on another Christian? Are you really speaking for them? So do they have their own voice? So are you just trying to justify your comments by padding your statement with 69 nameless judgmental people? I am betting you are not truthful.

              Bless you. Hope this wakes you up from a rather judgmental sleep


              1. Hey Robby. Know your facts before you open your mouth. You want me to list all of our 69 people in our group???? What a stupid request!!!!! This is our opinion and that is the way it is. For your information I have received a few comments agreeing with you but as I count the emails I have received that agree with me so far totals over 200 hundred. I rest my case.

              2. Hey Dennis,

                Wow, 69 people in your posse, that’s quite the group you have gathered. I will assume you claim to be a believer, as your choice of a broadcast. The Bible tells us to “love our brother as ourselves “, so if your claim is to be a Christian and so does Randy, that would make you brothers.

                I would suggest, since you have a large group of followers (69) you all could take that 5 minutes that you tune out, to pray for Randy!!!!! And when you do that, God will either Change the situation of style in performance or change the 69 of you. Either way, change will !! Occur. Give pray a try, it works.

            2. Randy, we love your singing. You inspire us to sing praises to the Master. Please don’t listen to all the talking. You are singing to honor Him. He is the only one who knows what is in you.

              Thank the Lord for people that love the Lord and praise and lift His Name high.

              I can wait for the singing in Heaven. I think the people complaining is not going to be with us because it will be not the type of singing that they want! God bless you. Keep on singing. Keep looking up to Jesus. He is the one who cares for you.

            3. Jeffrey J. Payne

              To the Randy Bashing “CHRISTians”…it’s CHRISTians like you that drive people away from CHRIST..Shame on you! What’s the point of your negative and self-righteous comments about the way he moves?

              Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgement ye judge shall mete it shall me measured to you again” Matthew 7:1 & 2


              “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” Thumper.
              Personally, I agree with Brother Swagger who said “l like to watch him as much as l like listening to him!”

              1. Thank God for Randy, he has a wonderful voice and he loves the Lord and that is what counts. His demonstrative singing is great

              2. I completely agree with Jimmy Swaggart on that one!!

                I think Randy has a beautiful voice, but I really love to watch him sing!! You can feel how much he loves our precious Lord when he sings!! He really gets into it. Please Randy, never EVER stop singing!!! God bless y’all

              3. I think FWC has anointed singers. That includes Randy. Don’t persecute God’s child with your judgment of his singing. He doesn’t judge you. At least he is showing feeling and is excited about what he is singing. I pray God gives him double blessings every time he is criticized for his singing. He is singing to praise the Lord.

              4. I think he sings beautiful. I love to watch all of their worship singers they are all awesome. When you love the Lord you just love to worship him!

              5. Well, some of the comments here about Randy’s singing disgust me.

                Lord, forgive those hateful comments about his style of singing. These comments are an example of how some “Christians” can be the most hateful, self-righteous people around. To criticize someone’s expression of worship to their God is to be like the Pharisees, who Jesus scolded as being hypocrites. Let people be free to worship God according to their own personality and style! Get your eyes on Jesus.

              6. Randy is without a doubt, my very favorite gospel singer! He puts so much emotion and feeling into what he is singing. He always has a huge smile on his face as he conveys how much he loves the Lord!

                What irritates me is seeing someone singing about Jesus and they show no emotion, standing there stiff as a board with no smile. I mean they’re singing about the One who died for all! If you can’t get excited about that, you must have a heart of stone! That’s why I love watching Randy perform! He makes me want to jump up and shout a joyful noise to the Lord!!!

                  1. I agree! He puts on such a fake act…screaming til his face turns blood red..twisting and turning around..winking at the crowd..you can tell he is up there for himself, not the Lord!

                      1. Arturo Hernandez

                        How do you know it is fake? God told you? Can you read the hearts of christians? When God told you what kind of songs and moves he likes? Do you know how king David worshipped and danced before the Lord in the Old Testament? Were you there in a worship service with JESUS and his disciples?

                      2. Rev. Mike Keatts

                        Even if you are correct, what business is that of yours. Just because he isn’t refined and dignified in your eyes doesn’t mean he is a showman. I don’t see him as a show-off, I see a mighty work of the Holy Spirit operating in his life.

                        Rev. Mike Keatts

                        1. You go on acting like you are in a nightclub and shake what momma gave you. Just don’t call it the worship of God. Maybe worshipping Satan.

                        2. If you understood pentecostal worship, you would inderstand his emotion. Watch people when they go to big sports game. don’t we deserve to demonstrate our love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

                        3. I just saw this, even though it is rather old. You must attend one of those old dead churches that have the wrong theology.
                          The Bible says to make a joyful noise for the Lord and bless His holy name.

                          1. I love to hear Randy sing, when I watch the SBN on Television; he’s very anointed along with the worship singers.

                        4. Haters gonna hate on our dear BVOC – Big Voice on Campus! We love Randy and his powerful voice. Give praise brother. God bless you and your family. We offer our suffering and difficulties up to the Lord, and you should do the same with any of these dull haters. Great singer and great person!

                        5. To all Randy’s haters… here’s some advice… Take your eyes off Randy and put them on the Lord JESUS. We absolutely enjoy his voice and style of singing. All for the glory of GOD

                          Keep it up Randy!!!

                        6. I don’t see anything wrong with Randy singing. I like to watch him up lifting the Lord almighty. I wish I sang like him. Keep on trucking for GOD Almighty!!!

                        7. I enjoy watching Mr.Randy knap because he’s all about pleasing God our Heavenly Father.and that’s the way you should bend when you are glorifying Jehovah God. ( He said keep your eyes on him) Mr. Knap looking in the Right Direction in The Name of Jesus Christ Keep it up

                          Look to the hills which cometh our help!

                        8. I like Randy, He sings wonderfully. I wish people would stop complaining about him. So he moves and looks like he’s straining. So what?

                          1. So sorry to say the same thing but I agree. I don’t understand why he is unable to reach the note or key he is singing. Perhaps a more experienced voice teacher would be able to instruct Randy on how to reach the higher cords without straining his vocal cords.

                        9. Randy has a beautiful voice and really doesn’t need to do all of the theatrical moves to project the message of his songs. I just wish he would not act like the singers of the world. He takes some of the spiritual blessings out of a song by his actions.

                          1. That is just the point he came out of the world. And has a right to rejoice because he was dead in trespasses of sin but now as joy unspeakable and full of Glory, we get to Heaven you would rejoice too, He sings with Life, Glory to God

                        10. Theresa A Turnbo

                          Can you please have Randy to stop bending backward that is not Christian like for young people to see. I watch ur show but don’t watch him, when he comes on to sing because I don’t like to see him do that.

                          1. I feel the same way. He looks like he’s straining his body and squealing at the same time. It takes away from the songs and annoys me.

                            1. Really watch what your kids are watching…

                              You call yourselves Christians. I have a suggestion to change the channel…I love his voice and his singing. I don’t look at what his body is doing.

                              1. As a Christian, What are you really focusing on?

                                Besides your judgmental comments of another Christian. PLEASE Focus on the substance and the messages of Jesus Christ and you will find that you will do much better serving the Lord. And if you need more help look up scriptures on judging others and then repent for that amen

                              2. My favorite singers on Jimmy’s program…How great thou art he did a great job on it! I have it taped and watch it over and over. Great singer

                              3. My sentiments exactly..when he comes on to so/called ‘sing’ I turn him off…his show is all for himself..not God!

                                1. And you know this HOW? YOU, My dear, are NOT GOD! Quit setting in judgment of someone else’s motives, you are not his judge and jury. Close your eyes and listen. Maybe you will feel differently.

                                2. Perhaps you should keep your eyes on Jesus, and Worship the Lord during the singing. Teach your young ones to do the same.

                                  1. Anyone who is literally pointing the finger and degrading a person like Randy truly does NOT hear the messages on the Jimmy Swaggart broadcast! Shame on YOU we are all created differently by God and express ourselves in different fashions!

                                    You are a bunch of busybodies and I pray you will learn to look to Jesus and STOP roasting Randy, a man who loves God and serves him! The tongue is the smallest member and can’t be tamed! I pray God turns your back to Him because anyone who belittles someone like Randy does NOT have a heart like Jesus!

                                      1. Darrell Winn moves my heart and soul with his singing. Bet Jesus loves it too. He is not worldly. Looks and sounds like he is singing right to Jesus…Randy looks like he is singing worldly for the world. Can’t see Jesus watching him.

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