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Brian Haney Age, Wikipedia Biography, Wife, Family, Net worth, Height

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Name Brian Haney

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB Born in 1984. As of 2022, he is around 38 years old.

Wiki Bio / Profile Information

Introduction :

  • Brian Haney is an American musician specializing in the Christian music genre.
  • He is also a pianist and vocalist at the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries (JSM), frequently participating in services at the Family Worship Centre in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Personal Life & Family Background :

  • Brian Paul Haney was born in 1984, to parents Dina Haney (mother) and Timothy Haney (father) in Zachary, Louisiana.
  • Since the early 2000s, Brian has been married to Jill Marie Bordelon Haney, a school teacher. Together they have one child – A daughter named Alissa Haney.
  • Brian was raised in Zachary, Louisiana, and also lived all over the state, mostly in Baton Rouge. He has also lived in Texas and is currently splitting his time between Katy, Texas, and Springfield, Louisiana. He continues to also spend much of his time in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Music Career, Salary & Net worth :

  • Brian is a trained pianist, as well as a skilled vocalist. He also writes and composes his own songs.
  • Brian dedicates himself to the art of worship through song. He focuses on the Christian music genre and has made a successful career in religious music.
  • He is part of the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries (JSM) in Louisiana, founded by the popular TV evangelist Jimmy Swaggart. An intrinsic member of JSM, Brian is both the band director and one of the pianists at the Family Worship Centre.
  • The talented singer has released several albums of Christian music, particularly through the Sonlife Broadcasting Network radio label, which is also a part of JSM. One of his latest releases is titled Sinner’s Prayer and contains ten tracks whose aim is to spread the faith and the word of God.

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Best Songs :

Some of Brian’s greatest hits include titles such as…

  • Holy Ghost Do It Again
  • Just a Little Talk With Jesus
  • Jesus is the Answer
  • Tell Them When You Saw Me I Was on My Way
  • His Eye Is on the Sparrow
  • Royal Telephone
  • The World Is Not My Home
  • Royal Descendant
  • Nothing But Praise
  • How Great Thou Art
  • Take Your Burdens to Jesus
  • Rock of Ages
  • I Found the Lily in My Valley
  • I Can’t Even Walk

Interesting Facts, Height & Trivia :

  • Brian frequently collaborates with fellow Christian music powerhouse Tara Montpetit. He can also often be heard singing along with the Family Worship Centre choir, which he also directs.
  • Brian is very close to his family and absolutely devoted to his faith.
  • He is also a fan of many musical genres and frequently listens to the rock band Pink Floyd.
  • Brian has many supporters of his music across the faithful and has received numerous nominations for the Gospel Music Fan Awards, organized by the Christian Voice Magazine. In 2016, he won the favorite male vocalist award.
  • Brian is very involved with JSM on more levels than just the music. He is also known to participate in the rallies that the Swaggart family organize across the United States.
Wedding & Marriage / Wife / Engaged / Spouse / Partner Married. See above for relationship details.

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  1. I love hearing Brian sing & watch him play the piano. Has he been involved in Scientology? I read an article about a Brian Haney, not sure it is the same person, Mahoney escaped from Scientology. Also is he still married & is his wife involved in ministry?

    1. Brian,

      Please, play the electric keyboard more often. It has a beautiful sound, and you do a great job with it.

      Thank you, and God Bless your hands.

      1. No. Don’t. Play the piano and keep the organ set for church music. The tin can of electronic music in the church is what kills the anointing. No matter how good the musician is. I suspect if JS passes in, the church music will turn into a modern-day electronic spirited church. They sincerely sound that way this morning. It is disheartening.

      2. I too read about Bro Brian, Scientology and how he was a millionaire at 21 being a Entrepreneur for a toy company – i don’t think about his past as i watch him play and sing – i see a delivered man for whatever reason and sincere devoted man of God – we love him

      3. I watched an interview between Donnie and Brian and they discussed his membership in that association. He said (to Donnie) that he became aware of how evil it was and left. He said he returned to La. and became involved with a church but wanted to learn about the music of Jimmy Swaggart and never left. So, from his own words he was a member and left.

      4. Oh my, I love me some Brain Haney, so anointed, I am just waiting for Him to get up off that stool & start shouting. It would suit me fine if he led Music every Sunday. Blessings

    2. I LOVE to watch you play the piano. What a great talent you have. Wish you would make some CDs with just the piano playing plus some singing. You are my favorite after Jimmy, of course! BTW, I wonder why Donnie screams at the top of his voice when he preaches. It gives me a headache, but I guess he wants to make a big impression and Jesus did not scream when he gave HIS message. Then he pretends to cry off and on, why?? God bless everyone in Jimmy’s ministry.

      I saw Jimmy in person in Ca. in the ‘80s. I am one year younger than him and I pray for him daily. I pray for all of you and God is your judge, and I love all of you in the name of Christ.

      1. If you watched Jimmy in the 80’s he did the frying thing too, still does, Jesus spoke to 5000 people at one time, multitudes when they fed the hungry with the bread and fish, no microphone. He had to yell pretty loud, however, Donnie doesn’t, but it doesn’t bother me, fake crying does. Our focus should be on the lord.

    3. I love the singing, music, and all. Everything is perfect…mics are held just right and the music is not louder than the person singing solo. It is all great!!! The spirit in the singing is wonderful. I love the beauty, but the spirit makes the difference. Very talented people and I say keep singing and Blessing the people!! You are doing just that!!

      I sure wish I could play that piano like Brian Haney… What a talent!!! God Bless!!

      1. I enjoy the music of the Jimmy Swaggart show. Helps my grieving heart after losing my husband of 55 years 5 years ago.

    4. Brian Haney is without a doubt so very talented and plays the piano as it should be played. He is also without doubt one of my favorite musicians and singer of Christian Music! My favorite song that he does is STREETS OF GALILEE. Brian is a true asset to the service of God. I thank God for him and each of the performers at SBN NETWORK as they work very hard to spread the MESSAGE OF THE CROSS!

    5. Hello Brian,

      Praying you are fine. I enjoy so much watching and hearing you on JSM. I am getting in touch with you for some information about your family background. Did any of your kin originate in Tennessee, Finley, Dyersburg? My great-grandmother was Mattie Haney. My grandmother her daughter Martha Mattie Winchester. G G’s mother was in her 80s when I was like 6, I’m now 79. Just wondering if we might be long-lost kinfolk. Would like to hear from you, if you have any ideas about the ancestors.

      Thank You, Janet.
      P.s. She smoked a corncob pipe.

    6. Joy to the world is on my DVR set to “Never Delete.” There is something so joyful about your singing and piano playing.

      1. Brian, You are my favorite singer on Sunday morning when I watch the broadcast. I love all of the singers, but you are special.

    7. I love to listen to Brian sing and play. He is very gifted. As others; I have noticed he doesn’t wear his wedding ring. I pray everything is ok.

        1. I hope so too, he is so Anointed, I would love to have a CD with the song on it “ All my hope is in Jesus” I love you & wished you led the music on Sundays. You bless my soul so much. God bless you!

        2. Hi Brian, I am blown away at your incredible, gifted ability when you sing, and the way you tickle those ivories is unbelievable! I love hearing and watching you as you perform. My favorite song is “I found the Lilly in my valley and it blooms all the time. Can we learn about when you started learning piano and how long you have been playing?

      1. Always enjoy listening to brian.I am blessed to get to see them in Evansville In a few years ago. Such powerful music and service. Can’t wait to see them again.

      2. Brain Haney I love watching you and listening to the your singing to me you are the best. I don’t mean to be nosy but I was wondering why you don’t wear your wedding ring anymore. Please forgive me for asking that I’m just concerned. God Bless you.

        1. Hey Brian ..I love your music and FWS weekly…I’m &a music director/arranger for our music at church. I’ve played keys for years in bands, etc – but struggle with a lick I’ve heard you use often – the same one Billy Preston used to begin Will It Go Round In Circles. I’ve asked many pro players and have found none to ace it. Can you help me?

      3. I have no complaint as my family so appreciates every service. We are so thankful for all the singing, preaching and more. Thanks for all your hard work putting together such God filled services. I just wish some viewers would stop complaining about God’s work. Everyone’s life is between them and God. Respect for Christianity and be blessed while you can.

        Thanks to JSM for making every day much better. We love you! GOD BLESS JSM

        1. James McNamara His uncle

          His dad is Steven a great singer and guitarist. He has 2 half brothers and a half-sister.

          1. Brian, any relation to the twins Juanita and Anita Haney in LA? They were my dad’s first cousins.

            David Moore Jr

          2. Many men choose not to wear wedding bands. My husband and my son have never worn one, citing that they are dangerous when working around tools.

        2. why are you not wearing your wedding ring? I do hope you are yet married, I li=ove and admire you, Please let ne know,

            1. Yes, Brian Haney is my father, I am his adopted daughter Alissa Haney. He and my mother got divorced in 2019. I miss him, but this summer, I get to see him.

              1. Thank you for answering. I am sorry your father is hassled with so many mean and nosey comments. Just know not only is your dad in my prayers, but you and your mother are as well. Your dad is a very gifted musician. He could be anywhere singing and playing the piano but he has chosen serving God and ministering to broken people around the world. He is blessed. Very proud of you.

              2. Alissa, I hope you were able to be a part of the FWC Family Camp. Your father is always an inspiration but the July 23 morning service was especially touching and I was greatly blessed by what he said. Brian looked so very happy and full of the joy of the Lord. I continue to pray for your family and ask Him to bless you all abundantly.

                Sonna Smith

              3. Thank you so much for answering the blog and the person’s questions. I am 66 years old and not on social media, however, I put in your dad’s name and this blog came up.

                My husband and I have been so blessed by your dad’s CDs and music at Family Worship Center. I am sorry to hear that your parents are no longer together. Please do not listen to cruel and thoughtless remarks that are made to you by strangers.

                My husband and I have both been divorced from others, and it is a very sad experience. However, divorce has no reflection on a person’s love and relationship with the Lord, except to perhaps drawing us even closer in our walk with the Lord. I hope in going through the experience you have been able to hang tightly onto Jesus’ hand and know He is holding you so close and wants you to know how much He loves you and has beautiful future plans for you and each of your parents.

                We have often said we. Would love to visit Baton Rouge just to see Brian at a service and hear him in person. I even thought of writing him a letter to tell him how much we appreciated him, his music, and his testimonies, and we are so blessed by his ministry. But
                I felt a little shy, afraid Brian might think we were acting like some kind of fan club.

                And maybe we are just one of the hundreds that want to connect with him. However, if you do receive this, please give Brian our warmest wishes, and know that we are praying for all of you and asking the Lord to give you His richest blessings.

                Sonna Smith
                Ridgefield, WA

                  1. His daughter said he and her mom were divorced in 2019. This morning, on 5-1-2022 they showed him wearing a wedding ring so I would say he just got remarried.

                  2. I just want to know that everything is ok with your marriage. I am not after you. I am 85 years old and just love to see all of you so happy…God Bless You All

                  3. Dear friends…please… The Brian Haney you are talking about with Scientology is NOT the same Brian Haney…There are several hundred people in the USA with the name Brian Haney… The one with Scientology is from Columbus, OH….The one at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries is from Louisiana…

                  4. Donna Phillips Chapman

                    Dear Brothers & Sisters,
                    my mother & I are truly blessed through the praise & worship of your ministry. You can tell that the musicians & singers are anointed. We relate to the old gospel numbers and enjoy the new songs. Having been a pastors wife for 34 years & a gospel singer, I realize how much practice goes into preparing for the services.
                    I share this in the spirit of love: there at times that the organ is to loud, it over shadows everything else. When there is a solo, the other singers & music drown out the soloist. Also, the singers hold their mikes so close to the mouth that you can’t see their beautiful smiles. I realize that some mikes have to be held that way. God uses peoples smiles to say things that maybe could not be said any other way. Please accept this in the spirit that I share it.
                    The Love of our Savior.

                    Donna Phillips Chapman

                    1. Donna, please do not take this as being mean… But JSM is our church…we never miss church..very rarely do the singers hold a mike.. It is amazing that they can sing, smile or even cry while they praise Jesus. I know that the choir is the most amazing, spirit filled, anointed and naturally talented group of singers.. The music is awesome, setting the stage for the Holy Spirit…Blessings to you

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