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Lynnette Hardaway Net Worth, Age, Bio, Education【 Diamond and Silk 】

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Name Lynnette Hardaway

Wikipedia Biography / Profile Information

Introduction :

  • Lynnette Hardaway is a political commentator, blogger, and online personality best known for her strong support of Republican politician and former US President Donald Trump.
  • Outspoken and steadfast in her beliefs, Hardaway has maintained strong Conservative views despite receiving strong backlash on social media and other online platforms for her sometimes controversial views.

Personal Life, Parents & Family :

  • Lynnette is the daughter of a renowned televangelist couple who lives in Raeford, North Carolina and is part of the Jericho Deliverance Temple Church.
  • She has a sister named Rochelle Richardson and together they formed a popular political commentary channel on YouTube. They are often referred to using their professional names, Diamond and Silk.

Rise to Fame :

  • Hardaway, along with her sister grew up in an African American, Christian Democrat family.
  • It was not until 2015 that they decided to switch political views and support the Republican Party after watching Donald Trump who was then just a candidate in the presidential race, speaking openly about his “America First” policies.
  • Lynnette and her sibling posted a video on the Internet criticizing Megyn Kelly who worked for Fox News at the time, of asking irrelevant and nonsensical questions during the 1st Republican Presidential Televised Debate.
  • Since then, the ‘Diamond and Silk’ duo has become very famous, conservative commentators on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Currently, their YouTube channel & Facebook page have over 350,000 subscribers & their Twitter handle is followed by over a million followers.

Career in Politics :

  • Hardaway has made several appearances at political rallies and on television.
  • She has appeared alongside her sister at several of Donald Trump’s rallies, including one in Raleigh, North Carolina, and one in Biloxi, Mississippi, in addition to making various appearances on Fox News, a favorite amongst conservative supporters.
  • During their TV interviews and rally appearances, Lynnette is often more vocal than her sister, Rochelle, and often acts as the duo’s spokesperson.
  • Lynette was at the forefront of criticizing movements like the Ku Klux Klan, Antifa and Black Lives Matter during her and sister Rochelle’s appearance on the show Fox and Friends right after the infamous Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally, which had ended in violence and the running down of protestors by a far-right extremist.

Controversies :

  • In both 2016 and 2018, Hardaway and her sister accused social media giant, Facebook of censoring and blocking their page in addition to labeling them “unsafe” for the Facebook community.
  • Despite their decision to stand by their claim, it was revealed that there was no evidence suggesting that Facebook had even contacted them let alone, censored or blocked them. The matter was brought up during Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Congressional testimony in April 2018.
  • Because of her and Rochelle’s largely negative opinions regarding social movements such as Black Lives Matter and attacking black people who vote for Democrats, Hardaway is not very popular amongst black Americans and is often criticized by a few online publications for her views on modern race relations.
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB No confirmed information available on her birth year or the date she was born.

Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Engaged / Fiance / Partner No confirmed information available.

33 thoughts on “Lynnette Hardaway Net Worth, Age, Bio, Education【 Diamond and Silk 】”

  1. I thought these two women were funny at first, but they are nothing more than typical hucksters, grifters looking for their next patsy. They are a joke and their parents understanding what it means to know Jesus Christ is a disgrace… incorporating Louisianna voodoo into Christianity, talking about warding off spirits and for your donation, we will do this or that.” It’s a disgrace, ..!

    They should be investigated and audited by the IRS, … Nothing but a clown act. Any future Republican candidate should distance themselves from these two. Say one thing they don’t like and watch them turn on you. NEWSMAX needs to ditch these two, QUICK…! They and their parents are running some con game, …If not in this life, they will DEFINITELY answer in the next. Wow, these two are an insult to the African American community. Amos and Andy on steroids… Who’s their mother?

          1. Samantha A Whitson

            That comment is an embarrassment to ANY community! This country, and the entire world, is made up of a vast variety of personalities, temperaments, intellects, education levels, cultures, etc… Why on earth would it be wrong for any one of them to be represented in any way, shape or form?! This comment belies an insecurity and a bias that is damaging, at best, to the overall diversity and inclusiveness that makes up our world. We cannot all be at the same place, at the same time- there would be nothing to strive for, to work towards. These women are actively living their own lives, working to further their own knowledge and educating others- and that is simply the public part of their existence, as we have no idea what else is going on in their lives. The very fabric of the human race is an ever reaching, always evolving myriad of people. It is most valuable when we can expand our minds and open our hearts to every bit of it.

          2. We love you here in Australia, like yous, you voice your opinion and do not take a step backward. They are the qualities we stood for at one time.
            Like you both, at times we are left shaking our heads at the idiotic comments and ideas coming from Democratic Party, they fail to remember they are there for the people, not themselves. Sad sad sad.
            Your magnificent on Foxtel, my husband really fires up when he listens to you.
            Rhonda (Australia)

          3. I LOVE DIAMOND AND SILK!!! I think they got a raw deal on Facebook which I am NO LONGER on. I quit FB almost 2 years ago and don’t miss it except for my daily dose of D and S. Now I have to search for them. They’re like voices of “sanity in the political wilderness!”

          4. Diamond and Silk are one of the bright spots in NC and I love NC almost as much as north Ms. if they ever get tired of NC I hope they would consider hill of north Ms.

          5. We need to lock Trump up for manipulation retarded people also!

            We find him retarded spiritually emotionally, almost like a woman that is very stubborn…he has satan’s 2 main characterizations – pride and stubbornness.

            1. And, so, you must be a lefty! How do you like the incompetent, lying, crooked blundering Pres now? His whole administration are idiots as he is! He is going to get us into a war and doesn’t seem to care about the ppl! Trump was the BEST President ever and Biden should be impeached and gone very soon!

          6. I like them very much. Funny yet truthful commentary on what is happening in politics now. They tell them the way we see it.

          7. I am a 54 yr old Hispanic woman for TRUMP and for Diamond & Silk. Love their honesty. don’t be fooled. We are the silent majority for TRUMP, and the numbers VOTE – Re-Elect!!!

          8. Diamond & Silk are infinitely more intelligent than ANY Democrat running for President, and totally educated on the topics they speak to. LOVE them! A breath of fresh air!


          10. Diamond and Silk are the bomb. I am a 50 year old white Republican veteran and I love how they speak out. I wish I had a platform like them. They tell it how it is, without a racecard or anything construed as a need for sympathy. Love them.

          11. I luv Diamond & Silk & just learned that they are sisters! I would luv to get to know them more…like, when they married their husband’s, any kids, fun stuff like that! Keep up the good work girls!!

          12. I am greatfull that there are still people that are honest and have conscience to stand for the truth.
            Continue the beautiful work you are sharing to others. GOD bless you Both.
            I always stop to listen whenever I see you in TV.

          13. Diamond and Silk,

            My friend Phyllis and I are in Columbus, Ohio. We had hoped to see you here for the Governor’s ball. We just love the two of you

            Phyllis Lucas
            Phyllis Adams

          14. Diamond and silk are actually quite popular with African American conservatives like myself! I love them and know many other African American females who love them as well!

            1. I still want to know if either one of them have a GED? They are an embarrassment to the African American community.

              1. Why does it matter? They found a niche in life and have done a wonderful job. Jealousy plays a part in their success or you wouldn’t be asking if they received a GED.

            2. I am so happy that Diamond and Silk have found additional ways to earn a living. They are running their site and touring. We are so proud to know about them and the work they do.
              Gloria Witek

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