Name Mercedes Schlapp

Date of Birth / Birthday / Age / DOB / How old is Mercedes Schlapp 15th December 1972. Her age as of 2019 is around 46 years.

Wikipedia Information / Biography

Introduction : Who is Mercedes Schlapp ?

What began as a fascination for politics after hearing tales from her father of being a political prisoner in Cuba prompted Mercedes Viana Schlapp into the big bad world of American Politics.

She was an important part of the national political campaigns of President George. W. Bush in 2000 & 2004, giving this American political commentator & columnist a solid footing in White House politics.

In Sep 2017, Mercedes went on to serve as the Director of Strategic Communications in President Donald Trump’s administration.

Family, Children & Personal Details :

  • Mercedes was born on 15th December 1972. She is a first generation Cuban-American raised in Florida.
  • She is married to Matt Schlapp, who is the Chairman of the American Consevative Union & an American political advocate.
  • Matt and Mercedes Schlapp met while he was working at the White House and she was Director of Speciality Media for President George. W. Bush.
  • The couple has five young daughters – Viana Schlapp, Caterina Schlapp, Elissa Schlapp, Ava Schlapp & Lucia Schlapp.

Education :

  • Mercedes graduated from Florida International University and finished her grad school from George Washington University.

Career, Net Worth & Professional Life :

  • Mercedes hosted a web show called In the Know for Republican National Committee which was touted as cutting edge.
  • She co-founded the government and public affairs firm Cove Strategies based in Alexandria, Virginia in which her husband Matt Schlapp is a Principal along with Stephen Replogle.

  • She regularly lends her voice as a political commentator to FOX and has also contributed to a column in The Washington Post during the 2016 Presidential race.
  • She appeared on Univision and Hannity’s America on Fox News.
  • Mercedes has close to 10 years of experience handling regional, national and international relationships with the Spanish press.
  • Her primary role in Cove Strategies is to act as an interface between the clients & the Spanish media outlets, develop messages and implementation plans along with other media strategies. She ensures that the messages reach the targeted audience both locally and nationally.

Measurements & Controversies :

  • In 2016, when Donald Trump made his grab them by the p****y comment, Matt Schlapp appeared on Fox News to defend him.

  • However, the couple had a night long debate on whether to continue their allegiance with the GOP candidate.
  • However they arrived at a consensus that President Trump would be better than President Clinton.
  • Donald Trump himself thanked both of them for doing a fabulous job of defending him.

Trivia, Height & Interesting Facts :

  • Mercy Schlapp’s family belongs to the St. Mary’s Catholic Church parish in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.
  • Her father was arrested for planning an attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro.
  • She is named after the patron saint of political prisoners, Virgin Mercedes, who her father prayed to.
  • All five daughters of Mercedes made an appearance at CPAC 2015, the first event to be chaired by her husband after becoming the Chairman of American Conservative Union.
  • In mid-2018, Mercedes and hubby Matt bought a $3 million house in Alexandria, Virginia
  • Political party affiliation : Republican.
Husband / Spouse / Wedding & Marriage / Partner Currently Married. Her Husband Name is Matt Schlapp. See above for details.