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Ayla Tweto Bio, Wikipedia, Age【 Alaska 】Married, Biography, Wiki

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Name Ayla Tweto

Profile Details / Wiki Information

Introduction :

  • Ayla Tweto is a member of the Tweto family. The family shot to fame with the TV series Flying Wild Alaska, which focuses on them.
  • The Tweto family runs a small but important airline in Alaska called Era Alaska. The show depicts their lives and adventures running that airline.

Personal Life : Family & Career

  • Ayla Tweto is part of the Tweto family. She was born and raised in Unalakleet, a small city in the Nome Census Area of Alaska.
  • Her father, Jim Tweto, is the COO of the Era Alaska airline. Her mother Ferno Twteto is the station manager of the airline.
  • Ayla’s older sister, Ariel Tweto, works part-time at Era Alaska as a part of the ground crew.
  • As a child, Ayla was quite active in her high school’s athletic department. She also pursued a variety of athletic activities such as cheerleading, volleyball, and cross-country.
  • Currently, Ayla is living and studying in Anchorage, Alaska. She returns home to Unalakleet most weekends to visit her family.
  • Though she possesses a private pilot’s license, Ayla is studying to become a paramedic.

Flying Wild Alaska :

  • Flying Wild Alaska was a documentary series which aired on Discovery Channel in 2011 and 2012. It is about the Tweto family and their skilled crew of pilots that fly through unforgiving weather and turbulent Alaskan skies in order to provide services for the thousands of people who live in the Alaskan wilderness.
  • The Tweto family are based in Unalakleet, Alaska and run the Era Alaska airlines. Era Alaska transports life necessities to remote and extreme regions in Alaska. There is no freeway that leads to such isolated places. So, the inhabitants depend on the Tweto family to provide them with goods such as snow dogs, medicine, and groceries.
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