Name Drew Pritchard

Date of Birth / How old is Drew Pritchard Age / Birthday Born in 1970. As of 2020, he is around 50 years old.

Biografia Information / Biography Profile

Introduction :

  • Drew Pritchard is the star of Quest TV’s antiques show, Salvage Hunters.
  • He is an antiques expert, with an outstanding eye for spotting a diamond amongst the rough. Drew is also skilled in restoration and antiques dealing, often being dubbed, ‘The Real Lovejoy.’

Personal Life & Family Background :

  • Born Andrew Thomas Pritchard in Conwy, Wales in 1970, Drew was raised in a working-class Welsh family.
  • His father was a keen car and motorcycle enthusiast and Drew developed his love of restoration, as there was often a motorcycle repair kit on their kitchen table.
  • Currently, he resides in the Welsh coastal town of Llandudno, where he also runs an antique shop, with several of his team and children.
  • Drew was married to his co-star on Salvage Hunters, Rebecca Pritchard, however, the couple divorced in 2017 but continue to remain good colleagues and friends.

Childhood & Education :

  • Drew was raised in Conwy and attended the local schools, but salvaging and restoration was always his passion…thanks partly to his father’s passion for vintage cars and motorcycles.
  • He mentions that he was definitely a salvager prior to being a restorer. Ever since he was eight, he scoured local tips in rural Wales. He looked for anything that people had thrown away but particularly went after pushbikes and car badges.

Business Net Worth, Shop & Career :

  • Besides being a popular star of reality TV, Drew also owns several businesses. He has his Antiques store in Llandudno and also maintains his antiques and restoration yard in Conwy.
  • DP Classics is another of Drew’s business, which concentrates on the classic car and motorcycle restoration side of his passion. Drew runs this business alongside his good friend, engineer, race driver & motor writer, Clive Holland.
  • Many of Drew’s finds and restorations can be bought online on the website drewpritchard (dot)

Interesting Facts, Height & Trivia :

  • Drew often describes himself as ‘totally unemployable’ and believes that being self-employed if perfect for him – He is proud of the businesses he has built and considers himself very lucky with recruitment as he has a perfect team.
  • The show, which provided Drew with real fame, Salvage Hunters actually began way back in 2012 and is enjoying its tenth season, as of 2018.
  • Not shy of controversy, Drew was involved in an incident in October 2016 and its subsequent court sessions. Crane firm boss Janus Thomas was fined a total of £1,440 for assaulting Mr. Pritchard in the Liverpool Arms, over a text message the reality star had sent to his wife.
  • Drew was also banned from every public house in his hometown of Conway due to his involvement in a mass brawl which broke out, again in The Liverpool Arms, during the Wales versus Ireland 6 nations rugby encounter.
Wedding & Marriage / Wife / Children / Partner / Dating Currently Divorced. See above for details.