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Drew Pritchard Wikipedia, Wife Children, Family, Age, Net Worth, House

Drew Pritchard Married Gescheiden
Name Drew Pritchard

Date of Birth / How old is Drew Pritchard Age / Birthday Born in 1970. As of 2023, he is around 53 years old.

Biografía Information / Biography Profile

Introduction :

  • Drew Pritchard is the star of Quest TV’s antiques show, Salvage Hunters.
  • He is an antiques expert, with an outstanding eye for spotting a diamond amongst the rough. Drew is also skilled in restoration and antiques dealing, often being dubbed, ‘The Real Lovejoy.’

Personal Life, Parents and Family Details :

  • Born as Andrew Thomas Pritchard in Conwy, Wales, in 1970, Drew was raised in a working-class Welsh family.
  • His father was a keen car and motorcycle enthusiast and Drew developed his love of restoration, as there was often a motorcycle repair kit on their kitchen table.
  • Currently, he resides in the Welsh coastal town of Llandudno, where he also runs an antique shop, with several of his team and children.
  • Drew was married to his co-star on Salvage Hunters, Rebecca Pritchard. However, the couple divorced in 2017 but continue to remain good colleagues and friends.

Childhood and Education :

  • Drew was raised in Conwy and attended the local schools, but salvaging and restoration was always his passion…thanks partly to his father’s passion for vintage cars and motorcycles.
  • He mentions that he was definitely a salvager prior to being a restorer. Ever since he was eight, he scoured local tips in rural Wales. He looked for anything that people had thrown away but particularly went after pushbikes and car badges.

Business Net Worth, Shop and Career :

  • Besides being a popular star of reality TV, Drew also owns several businesses. He has his Antiques store in Llandudno and also maintains his antiques and restoration yard in Conwy.
  • DP Classics is another of Drew’s business, which concentrates on the classic car and motorcycle restoration side of his passion. Drew runs this business alongside his good friend, engineer, race driver & motor writer, Clive Holland.
  • Many of Drew’s finds and restorations can be bought online on the website drewpritchard (dot)

Interesting Facts, Height and Trivia :

  • Drew often describes himself as ‘totally unemployable’ and believes that being self-employed is perfect for him – He is proud of the businesses he has built and considers himself very lucky with recruitment as he has a perfect team.
  • The show, which provided Drew with real fame, Salvage Hunters actually began way back in 2012 and is enjoying its tenth season, as of 2018.
  • Not shy of controversy, Drew was involved in an incident in October 2016 and its subsequent court sessions. Crane firm boss Janus Thomas was fined a total of £1,440 for assaulting Mr. Pritchard in Tthe Liverpool Arms, over a text message the reality star had sent to his wife.
  • Drew was also banned from every public house in his hometown of Conway due to his involvement in a mass brawl that broke out, again in The Liverpool Arms, during the Wales versus Ireland 6 nations rugby encounter.
Wedding & Marriage / Wife / Children / Partner / Dating Divorced. Check the full bio for relationship details.

38 thoughts on “Drew Pritchard Wikipedia, Wife Children, Family, Age, Net Worth, House”

  1. Enjoy the show, but cringe when I see Drew & Tee strapped in tight with seat belts. I have a gadget which is attached to the seat belt and slides up to where it comes out of the door pillar and locks so the seat belt does not go back in as far, thus keeping it loose around the chest. Much more comfortable especially on long distances.

    1. I find Drew to be a man who is so far up his own a>%e that it is unbelievable. Have you read his autobiography?

  2. Hello Drew!

    I am a Swedish viewer following your program on tv. It is very interesting and instructive. Now, I have a little unusual question…you sometimes wear a blue west with leather shoulders. Can you please tell me where I can buy the same?

    Yours sincerely,
    Tommy Huldt.

  3. Is Drew still working at his antiques shop in Conway? I came out to see it today and the shop was closed.

  4. Dear Drew,

    I love your programmes and have watched them all, repeat after repeat, etc. The restoration programmes are amazing. The classic cars programmes are great too, would love to have a beer and a chat with Drew, just seems like a proper down-to-earth, blokes bloke!

  5. Only discovered Quest and Salvage Hunters during this Coronavirus Lockdown period. Drew and the Crew have been so interesting and entertaining and saved me from a mental disaster. So a big thank you to Drew and the crew for getting us through. Salvage Hunters has been so good on many levels, fabulous artifacts, interesting people, glorious countryside, amazing homes, educationally and historically informative, wonderfull craftsmen and women, I could go on. For me its perfect TV. Yours in gratitude. A Lover of all things Italian except the Ferrari!

    1. Javier Alberto QuiróS GarcíA

      Me encanta el programa, me despierto todos los días a las 6 de la mañana para verlo ya que aquí en España empieza a esa hora, lo único decepcionante es que no paran de repetir los episodios ya antiguos, saludos a todos los componentes del programa en especial a Ti que me cae muy bien

  6. Love the show and it is one of my top 2 shows. The other is Wheeler dealers. I always feel at home when I watch the show. I also love the car show with Drew and Paul. Keep up the good work !!!

  7. Just heard about Enzo. Sorry, but was the star off the show, which I watch all the time. Keep doing what you do. Best wishes for all the big team. Xx

  8. Ferdi Bezuidenhout

    I would like to know if the Pierre Arduino coffee machine that was restored by Carl is still for sale.

  9. I only started watching the show recently, it is fabulous, I am jeeping my eyes open for some good items in my local area. I have learned a lit from watching this show.
    Miss D

  10. Good to see that Drew can still shag women, he’s a hero amongst us, loads of us south yorkshire /Barnsley men admire how he bangs other women…Get in there lad xx

    1. Absolutely love this show. I and the hubby watch it every night. Love Drew, Rebecca, and Tee. So sorry to hear about Enzo. Keep doing what you are doing the fab show. Mary and Glyn from Leeds.

  11. Love Salvage Hunters, and watch it every day. So sorry to hear about the divorce, but equally glad you have remained friends. Met you briefly when you visited the School both me and my husband work for.
    …and Gavin!!! Very easy on the eye

  12. I went to his shop 2 days ago but did not see him but saw one of the guys who appears on his Salvage Hunters episodes.
    He has a British classic car show in at the moment which is really good.
    I love the Salvage Hunters series end hope there is more to come .

  13. Conwy and N. Wales benefit so much from th TV show Salvage Hunters with the beautiful views of this area from the airial filming. It’s an excellent show.
    A big Thank You to Drew Pritchard

  14. Went to Conway on saterday with a friend called in Drews shop to find him working in the shop great guy had a good chat love the Programme so does my husband. Keep up the good work and didnt even mind about having his photo taken, love the shop and goods. Regards Lorraine from Stockport.

  15. Love the show, never miss them. Hope Rebecca doing well. Keep up the good work both of you and thank you for a great show. Also a big thank you to T. And Gav and the rest of the crew.

  16. Hi, I am writing to say I am completely addicted to Salvage Hunters in every aspect. I was always interested in antiques from a young age and I find it totally fascinating. I Would love to be able to go on one of his jaunts, but I think at my age nearly 80 I would not be able to carry anything for him. Anyway I wish you and all your team very best wishes
    Yours sincerely
    Jenny Pepper

    from Essex

    1. My husband and I are addicted to Salvage Hunters – watch every night and re-watch!! Can’t get enough of Drew, Rebecca, and all the team. It’s interesting, educational and funny, especially Tee! Love Rebecca’s enthusiasm when Drew returns with his purchases. Keep going please!

  17. hi drew. I wish I had the balls to take risks. I love your show. The banter with t gavin and the rest of the gang. What ever your personal life its nice you and Rebecca are friends. Keep up the good work guys

  18. Hi Drew, love your show, watch it almost every day on the discovery channel here in Netherlands. Learning a lot and love the places you get to see.
    Thanks Drews, for being You!

  19. Amazing show – love T but want to see more if fur baby. Keep up the great work I am finding it so fascinating and love all the unusual item’s you find x

  20. I love this programme, sorry to about his divorce, they work well together. I watch his TV programme as much as I can, as its very enjoyable and educational, and I have learnt a lot about antiques. I wish him and his ex wife alm the very best for the future, and I hope they remain friends. X

  21. Thanks to this program there is something interesting and educational/intellectual to watch on nowadays TV. Great job! I’m getting eddicted to SH.
    Also, can we pleeease see more of adorable Enzo too (maybe even separate doc. film…).
    From Russia with x

  22. Hello just wondering what show Drew has on Canadian TV now……I saw a car show with him in it a few weeks ago, but can, t find any more of those or any other show that he’s doing. Can you let me know where and when his show is on Now…?

  23. i was so upset to see that ENZO had died, He was just like a member of the family for you all. DREW & HIS ex wife must be lost now, sorry but the new show will not be the same not seeing ENZO running up to DREW when he returns from a trip. I would like a picture of him if you have one by chance, I can see you are all animal lovers the way you treat him. Good luck and carry on the best show on TV

  24. Myself and husband really enjoy watching your show, we visited your shop when on holiday this week, but unfortunately we didn’t see u, keep up the good work.

  25. I do like both shows both the finds and restoration. I do appreciate people who come across as positive which Drew does having visited people. I love the skills demonstrated in restoration. In today’s fickle and confused environment it’s a show of simplistic value.

  26. Great show Drew love the display in the shop staff there are very polite loved talking to you are son last week a very proud of worker and give my regards to Gav and T also love to ENZO

  27. Marta Elena LóPez SuáRez

    Hola buenos días. Me llamo Marta Elena y soy asturiana (España). Os escribo porque estoy enamorada de vuestro programa, perdonad yo no se hablar ni escribir inglés, os quería comentar que sois un equipo fenomenal me asombra la inteligencia de drew y no digamos de todo el equipo sois unos fenómenos en todo lo que hacéis. No os escribo para comprar nada yo no me lo puedo permitir solo quiero agradeceros lo que me ayudáis a llevar mi depresión es lo único que me alegra el día pues aprendo muchas cosas con vosotros. Solo daros las gracias a todos sois estupendos sobre todo Alex y Gaby madre mía por aquí no se ven hombres así. El que me preocupa es T ¿ cómo puedes tener un baño de color rosa con la pinta de surfista que tienes? Perdón es broma. Pero de verdad muchas gracias por lo mucho que me ayudáis a pasar un buen rato. Un saludo Marta y Satan ( satán es mi yorsai enano, mi pequeño terremoto ) un saludo para todos.

  28. Michael Mclaughlin

    Absolutely love this show, I watch it 5 days a week, now enjoying the new episodes…keep it up lads!!

  29. R Thompson, London Canada

    Happy to see Drew has returned to TV in Canada. Love his shows that show the different things in the Britsh lies in cars, furniture and more that we never see. He should open his own pub and ban all the pub owners that banned him. Sorry to read he divorced as his wife was his guide to the straight and narrow. Hope they stay friends. We will keep watching and lusting after some of the things he buys and sells.

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