Name Sheldon Smithens

Birthday / Date of Birth / Age Born in 1955. As of 2019, his age is around 64 years.

Biography Profile / Wikipedia Information

Introduction :

Sheldon Smithens is a Canadian antiques expert, dealer and auctioneer. He is best known as a star on the History Channel’s show Canadian Pickers, or ‘Cash Cowboys’ as it is called in some countries.

Family Background & Personal Life :

  • Sheldon Smithens was born in 1955, in Alberta, Canada, where he also grew up.
  • His parents, Robert and Rachel Smithens, were second generation antiques dealers and auctioneers, following in the footsteps of Sheldon’s grandparents in running Smithens Auction Galleries.
  • Smithens is married to Theresa, and they live happily together in Calgary, Alberta, with their dogs. They continue to run the antiques business.

Education & Early Life :

  • Sheldon attended public school in Calgary, finishing his education when he graduated from high school.
  • Starting his career in antiques early on, he was taught the family trade by his parents, and read extensively on the subject.

Net Worth, Salary & Career :

  • Smithens is regarded as a professional antiques ‘picker’ and a first class auctioneer, dealer and appraiser. He was registered in the official Auctioneers Society of Southern Alberta in 1980, and opened his first solo business, Smithens Antiques in 1992.
  • Sharing his vast knowledge, Sheldon also spent time teaching continuing education courses on antiques at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.
  • The same knowledge secured him a place on History Channel’s reality show, Canadian Pickers. Sheldon and his co-star and real-life friend, Scott Couzens, travel all over Canada picking out gems from attics, car-boots and locker sales, before restoring them and selling for profit.

Trivia & Interesting Facts :

  • As great friends in real life, Sheldon and Scott have mentioned in interviews that they had a great time while filming Canadian Pickers, because they were together, doing what they loved, and getting well paid.
  • On the show, the pair wear cowboy outfits, hence the show being called Cash Cowboys in some locations. They are not costumes, as the two of them have confirmed that this is how they prefer to dress in real life.
  • During his time away from the world of antiques, Sheldon enjoys long walks with his wife and dogs, hosts charity events, and has an interest in buying and renovating classic cars.
Wedding / Wife / Dating / Marriage / Spouse Currently Married. See above for details.