Name Rebecca Pritchard (Also known as : Drew Pritchard Wife Ex)

Marriage & Wedding / Husband / Engaged / Fiance Currently Divorced. See details below.

Biography Profile / Wiki Information

Introduction :

Rebecca Pritchard is a popular British antiques dealer and restorer. She is also the co-presenter of the show Salvage Hunters, aired on the channel Quest TV, alongside her ex-husband, Drew Pritchard.

Family Background & Personal Life :

  • Rebecca Jane Pritchard was born in February 1958. She currently resides in London.
  • She was married to fellow antiques restorer, Drew Pritchard, but their marriage ended around 2017. Nonetheless, both remain good friends and business partners.

Business Career, Salary & Net Worth :

  • Pritchard started her career in the women’s fashion business, covering wholesale, retail and manufacturing in the UK and Hong Kong. She did that for almost twenty years.
  • It was during this time that she met her hubby Drew.
  • She has also worked in the property development area in the countryside of North Wales, where she bought and sold a few houses, ran a campsite and holiday let business.
  • Salvage Hunters is an antique restoration TV show, which Rebecca co-stars alongside her ex-husband, Drew.
  • Rebecca’s role is to analyse the decorative pieces Drew brings back from his extensive travels, do the restoration work needed, the costs and the profits.
  • Behind the scenes she researches items for her own selling lines. The show is aired by “Quest TV” in the UK and Ireland, and by Discovery Channel in other countries. It was showcased on Netflix for some time as well.

Trivia, Height & Interesting Facts :

  • In her free time, Rebecca is a horse riding enthusiast, a cook and a caravaner.
  • It is not clear if there was cheating during her time married to Drew Pritchard. In 2017 he was attacked in a pub by the husband of a woman he had been having an affair with for two years.
  • Her CV was uploaded by her talents agency, “United Agents”, along with a brief description of her role on “Salvage Hunters” & the contact of her agent and assistant, Matt Nicholls and Harry Carlile.
  • “Salvage Hunters” is quite popular since its beginning in 2011. The online platform “My Friends House” describes it is helpful, entertaining and “the classiest” of the homes shows. They added that what makes the series better is the fact Rebecca and Drew work together on every newly-found piece, and the man “waits eagerly for her approval” on whatever they will salvage.
Birthday / How old is Rebecca Pritchard Age / Date of Birth / DOB Born in February 1958. As of early 2020, she is around 61 years old.