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Rebecca Pritchard Wedding, Age, Daughter, Wikipedia Bio, Divorce

Drew Pritchard Wife Rebecca Pritchard Salvage Hunters
Name Rebecca Pritchard (Also known as : Drew Pritchard Wife Ex)

Birthday / How old is Rebecca Pritchard Age / Date of Birth / DOB Born in February 1958. As of 2024, she is around 66 years old.

Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Engaged / Fiance / Partner Divorced. Check the full bio for relationship details.

Wiki Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

Rebecca Pritchard is a popular British antiques dealer and restorer. She is also the co-presenter of the show Salvage Hunters, aired on the channel Quest TV, alongside her ex-husband, Drew Pritchard.

Personal Life, Parents and Family Details :

  • Rebecca Jane Pritchard was born in February 1958. She currently resides in London.
  • She was married to fellow antiques restorer, Drew Pritchard, but their marriage ended around 2017. Nonetheless, both remain good friends and business partners.

Career, Salary and Net Worth :

  • Pritchard started her career in the women’s fashion business, covering wholesale, retail, and manufacturing in the UK and Hong Kong. She did that for almost twenty years.
  • It was during this time that she met her hubby Drew.
  • She has also worked in the property development area in the countryside of North Wales, where she bought and sold a few houses, ran a campsite and holiday let business.
  • Salvage Hunters is an antique restoration TV show, which Rebecca co-stars alongside her ex-husband, Drew.
  • Rebecca’s role is to analyse the decorative pieces Drew brings back from his extensive travels, do the restoration work needed, the costs and the profits.
  • Behind the scenes, she researches items for her own selling lines. The show is aired on Quest TV in the UK and Ireland, and by Discovery Channel in other countries. It was showcased on Netflix for some time as well.

Interesting Facts and Trivia :

  • In her free time, Rebecca is a horse-riding enthusiast, a cook and a caravaner.
  • Rebecca’s CV was uploaded by her talents agency, “United Agents,” along with a brief description of her role on Salvage Hunters & the contact of her agent and assistant, Matt Nicholls and Harry Carlile.
  • Salvage Hunters is quite popular since its beginning in 2011. The online platform “My Friends House” describes it as helpful, entertaining, and “the classiest” of home-based shows. They added that what makes the series better is the fact Rebecca and Drew work together on every newly-found piece, and the man “waits eagerly for her approval” on whatever they will salvage.
  • It is not clear if there was cheating during the time Rebecca was married to Drew Pritchard. In 2017, Drew was attacked in a pub, allegedly, by the husband of a woman he had been having an affair with for two years.
Body Figure / Physical Info

Measurements :

  • Eye Colour : Blue
  • Haircut / Hair Colour : Blonde
  • How tall / Height : 5′3″
  • Rebecca Pritchard Weight Loss : A few Google queries regarding this, but we couldn’t find anything conclusive on any of her social media.
  • Rebecca Pritchard Illness / Health Update : Many are searching regarding this, but we couldn’t find anything conclusive on any of her social media, if she is ill or sick.
Personal / Home / Contact Details
  • Rebecca Pritchard Married? : Divorced
  • Children / No of Kids : 1
  • Ethnicity / Origin / Heritage / Race : White
  • Nationality : British

72 thoughts on “Rebecca Pritchard Wedding, Age, Daughter, Wikipedia Bio, Divorce”

  1. Shocked to hear marriage split, very sad, also sweet little ENZO’s dying.
    Cannot replace either, both unique, memories live on. Watch show, have competition who can guess the price, offered.

  2. I absolutely adore the Restorers…When Alex fixes all drews stuff…I can actually sit and watch Alex allday doin this…As long as I’ve got a Cuppa Tea in my hand…Sorted…I find is soothing…For some reason…
    Id also love too see Tee and drew do a road trip Round America…Now thst would be brilliant viewing…

  3. I have fallen hook, line and sinker for Enzo. I love him to bits. I never miss a Salvage Hunters show. Brilliant.

  4. I go to bed with Drew and Rebecca every night…
    Drew Pritchard, although strangely I do not warm to him, is undoubtedly one of the best and articulate dealers I have seen on the many programmes that air now and in the past…
    His knowledge is phenominal and having been a ‘Film Set Decorator /Props Buyer’, now retired, his quirky approach to the more unusual is a Prop Buyers dream…
    Rebecca, his ex wifes…enthusiasm and great talent for location research made them the perfect team.
    I have to say I sometimes cringe at the ‘cheeky’ offers he sometimes makes but with charm, business savvy plus a little cunning he usually wins the day…
    I hope they both stay together as business partners…to say nothing of the great and loyal team who often turn ‘frogs’ into ‘princes’.

  5. Tee so under rated. Clever and wish Drew would treat him with more respect. He does all the driving and lifting. Worth his weight in gold.

    Love the show and sad to hear Drew and Rebecca divorced. They make the show along with Enzo. Staff amazing too

    1. From one Reid to another – I couldn’t agree with you more. Drew is clever and his knowledge is second to none but his treatment of T is nothing short than shabby! T is clever as well as being witty and I am sure his knowledge of antiques must be pretty good all on his own. Should have his own show. That’s not taking anything away from Drew, Rebecca, and the very capable team on Salvage Hunters – it’s a brilliant show and I always watch.

  6. Love the show and every member of the team. It was sad to hear that you split up but nice to hear that you are still friends. Sorry to hear that little Enzo has gone to doggie heaven. Good luck to all of you and hope to see new episodes in the future. x

  7. Love the programme, but was sad to see Enzo had passed on, so sad…What was the reason for his passing. May I ask, …lovely little dog,

  8. Salvage Hunters well received in our home. Such a shame regarding divorce but hopefully you will all stick together.
    Rebecca and Drew have what we call Television faces.
    Also Rebecca is the Glue that holds the series together, not forgetting the very strong part Drew plays.
    Tee is very deceptive quick thinker, but he should sell the shorts as they give the wrong impression.

  9. It was good meeting you yesterday at your shop even though it was by chance! Avid follower of your series back in South Africa and picked up many tips, keep up the good work, regards Keith Rowland

  10. Great program we bought the Victorian recuperation chair from them. I think Alex Webster should have his own show he’s a talented man

  11. Stuart Grant-Allen

    We love the programme ESPECIALLY at the end when we’re told what’s happened to key pieces in each episode. Some episodes though this lovely acknowledgement is sadly missing.
    PLEASE PLEASE make sure it happens every episode.
    Stuart & Rachel

    1. Ahora me entero de la muerte del muy querido Enzo, seguro estará en el Arcoiris de los perritos un angelito, me entristece la noticia. No me canso de ver este gran programa

  12. Love the Salvage Hunters. It’s the first time I have Googled drew and Rebeccas profiles and sad to see they are divorced now, but glad they still work together. Love Tee too and the restoration team.

  13. I also LOVE the show. We watch
    it most nights. Adore ‘T’s humour. So sorry that Drew and Rebecca are divorced now, do hope they can stay friends.
    As we used to keep our 31 ft Yacht in Conwy Marina, we know just where the shop is. Must visit sometime. Please Quest keep showing this TV show. Love all the whole team.

  14. I totally agree, But Enzo will live on. His logo is on Drews van and if you by one of Drews flat caps Enzo will be with you wherever you go
    Enzo is on a button at the rear of the cap. Enzo was a great friend to Drew, and chief of security on the premises, a fine and totally happy little chap. He will be deeply missed by all his loyal followers.
    RIP. ENZO.
    Dave King.

  15. I watch Salvage Hunters daily I do sometimes cringe at the prices drew offers but have got to learn about his thinking and now enjoy guessing what he is going to offer. Love the restorers. Alex is so talented and I adore him. He is so funny. I heard Enzo died that makes me very sad, but I wish the whole team all the best and look forward to the new series just starting on a quest.

  16. Christine Gittings

    Love you Rebecca. Very sad your marriage has ended. Enjoy yourself in London. Salvage Hunters will never be the same for me now. It was the whole gangs of you that made it compulsive viewing not just Drew and T. What do they say??? Be careful what you wish for? Never meat your hero’s ??? Good luck to you all x

  17. Christine Bassindale

    Oh no I am so shocked to hear you are now devorced!!! I love watching you both on quest red, never miss it !! I love T he helps makes your show what it is!!! Luv your jokes T

    1. What a wonderful team you all make, me and hubby never miss it. This is a fantastic program for young people who are interested in antiques could learn a lot from. And we can’t forget our tee his one liners are brilliant, BUT does he buy his blue check shirts in pack of 24 as that’s all we see him in. Still love him thought

  18. Hello, I really enjoy wat h the show however lately you tend to give a discreption on a item however the seller has done it too, then when you get back to base rebbaca tell us about it again. Apart from that I’m very impressed with your knowledge Drew.

  19. I love the program addictive viewing. I am recovering from an opp keeps me sane watching the program. I hope to visit the shop.


    1. I love the whole crew from Drew to Gavin and T, Ruth the whole kit and caboodle. The Beeb should get the rights and then the whole nation could see what we on the satellite have known for a while. Excellent tv and the man actually knows what he’s on about. Come on Aunty Beeb.

  21. Rebecca and Drew – what a great partnership! How many husbands, apart from Drew, we see around who is always so keen to know wife’s opinion…?
    Hope after a divorce we are not going to see less of Rebecca.
    Best wishes to the whole team!

  22. hi to all the team sorry to hear of the split very sad to see enzo as gone get another friend tee is a great guy will hope for more yours CHRIS

  23. Salvage Hunters is one of my favourite shows at the moment! I am so impressed with Drew’s knowledge of so many different types of antiques. I am astounded by the insight shown into the restoration world as well as skills imparted by Drew’s team. I love Rebecca’s infectious enthusiasm for antiques and T’s special quips and dry humour. But perhaps the star of the show is Enzo and I just love him and the box made especially for him with his name on it. Well done team! Keep on salvaging!

  24. Drew, can you restore your old life.
    Rebecca is a Television face and you need that Glue that is a viewing special.
    good luck

  25. Dear reader,
    I have praised your program and thought you did well together.
    I’m just so saddened by your brake up that I just read on the web. Being 18 years divorced myself I can just say that there is so much sadness’s locked up in your life forward. It has a ripple effect into many parts of your life. So sorry for both of you. Rebecca, be kind to yourself and try and stay friends.
    Drew, no good can come from bad. Your children are the ones that pick up the tab. I wish you both all the best and I think Tee is so funny sometimes. Really enjoying Salvage Hunters!
    Kind Regards

  26. Drew, I watch your programme avidly with fascination as you choose such a quirky mixture of items. I am so sad to hear you and Rebecca are no longer together but hope you will still work together as friends as she is such an important member of your team. T

  27. Hello,
    Discovered your show through some internet scrounging from here in the USA. Your show is very enjoyable, and I feel better than the most similar we have here, “American Pickers”. I’ve so far only managed to find/view half of season 1, so perhaps my observations are dated, but:
    – your intro mentions restoration work by two of your staff – would enjoy learning more about their work.
    – I own an antique clock shop in Arizona, USA and have my own value of purchase amount (though they come to me, versus your long drives) of 33% to 50%. I’ve noted on your show that you offer to pay 1/5th or 20% to 1/2.5 or 40% (very rarely 50%). I would really like to hear your thoughts/philosophy on this as, since you’ve already made this long trip, if the owner rejects a 1/5th offer, why not pay 1/3rd, or does this tie up too much of your cash, versus making the trip worthwhile (covering cost of petrol, possible lodging, your time, and staff time when they could be doing restorations)?
    – Is there any difference in your bargaining approach on-screen for the series versus your own regular business time?
    – I really enjoy your approach to eclectic oddities for your business versus the browns, or china, or sterling, or clocks. Though, do you have a preferred referral network, and vice-versa?
    – I hope to continue to manage to find stray episodes of your show – I wish here in the USA we could gain direct access to UK (and generally more intelligent) programming. Are you available through Acorn Media or Region 1 DVDs?

    1. Hello Scotty Dean,
      I’m here in SoCal and have lived in AZ as well. YOU actually can watch their show! I subscribe to TvTransponder. It’s about $8 dollars a month for the package I chose. Best of all I can record and watch the next day since we have a time difference. You get all of UK TV channels. I absolutely watch this more than our Cable! lol the UK puts on some amazing show especially about British History, Arts, the Queen and show so much antiques and architecture!!! It’s definitely worth the money. You wrote this last year, but I sure hope you see this and subscribe so you can watch the 2 shows Quests plays daily,

  28. There should be a programme about T’s many quips, he is so cleaver and I’m sure they could use all his quotes in a funny show

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more! T is brilliant as well as being a brilliant comedian with all his one-liners, he is surely getting an expert in the antique trade himself as look how many times he points absolute gems out to Drew. I wish he featured more in the programme and not just as the driver and career for all the antiques Drew buys.

      I also wish Drew had more respect for T. He is totally brilliant.

  29. I am 86.Enjoy your programme very much. Fascinating imparting all the knowledge you have acquired over the years. The most important thing I-have learnt is FAMILY MUST COME FIRST. Wish I-had practiced it. All the best for the future. You deserve it.

  30. Good luck to you both, you have a marvellous programme and My husband and I never miss a programme. Sorry about your divorce but life happens. Good luck once again.

  31. my hubby adores your show, I have to have lunch, evening dinner and quite often go to bed with you. We Love your shop in Conway and hope to meet you one day,

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