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Donna Snow Age, Net worth, Husband, Weight Loss【 Wikipedia Bio 】

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Name Donna Snow Landers

Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Engaged / Partner / Boyfriend Divorced. See below for relationship details.

Wiki Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

  • Donna Snow Landers is an American house mover and flipper, and reality television star.
  • As a third-generation professional mover, she has used her background to gain success as one of the Snow Sisters on the hit show Texas Flip N Move (TFNM).

Family, Married Life and Children :

  • Donna was born on August 18, 1956, in Haltom, Texas.
  • Born to parents H.D. and Clarence, she also has a younger brother, Gary Snow, and a younger sister, Toni Snow Barksdale.
  • Gary is married to his wife Monica. The couple lives in the North Texas area and has four children, all of them daughters. Their daughters are grown-up and they already have grandchildren.
  • The close-knit Snow family enjoys vacationing at their lake house in Lake Whitney – a tradition that started when the Snow kids were young, and this continues to this day.
  • After being married for 24 years, Donna filed for divorce from her husband, Marshall D. Landers, in March 2017. The public divorce started out bitterly as Donna had Marshall legally evicted from their home.

The Family Business :

  • Moving houses has been in Donna’s family since 1942 when her grandfather, A.C. Snow, was asked to help move a house as a favor.
  • This single act sparked a new business, which was passed down to Donna’s dad after A.C. passed in 1966.
  • At that time, the business became known as H.D. Snow House Moving, Inc., and later as H.D. Snow and Son House Moving, Inc. when Donna’s brother Gary joined the business.

Education : Qualifications, High School & College Info

  • Along with her siblings, Donna attended Haltom High School in Forth Worth, Texas. With the school being only a block away from their house, after-school activities usually involved working for the family business.
  • Upon graduating high school in 1973, she and her best friend, Debbie Smith, began working full-time on the business side of H.D. Snow House Moving, Inc.

Business, Salary and Net worth :

  • The Snow Sisters joined TFNM in its first season and – along with The Lone Wolf Randy Jackson. They are the only original cast members still on the show.
  • In 2016 the sisters launched their own line of merchandise called The Snow Sisters, featuring hats, t-shirts and sweatshirts.
  • She sits on the board of directors for the North Texas Rodeo Foundation, through which she teaches etiquette classes to rodeo kids. Her biggest lesson ?? – “There is no place for cell phones at the dinner table.”

Fun Facts, Height and Trivia :

  • A picture of southern hospitality, Donna’s dad still holds doors open for his wife. At one time, he even carried around a wooden block to help her get in and out of his big pickup truck. The couple has been married for 64 years.
  • True to her southern roots, she counts cream corn as one of her favorite dishes at her local hangout, Catfish.
  • If not a flipper/mover, Donna jokes that she would have liked to become a brain surgeon.
  • Donna got her first horse after her dad traded for it with a move. With no saddle in the deal, she had to learn to ride bareback.
  • In her limited free time, she enjoys quilting, playing the banjo, cooking, baking, and canning food.
  • In 2017, February 24 was officially declared Texas Flip N Move Day in Fort Worth, Texas.
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB August 18, 1956. As of 2022, she is around 66 years old.

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  1. We really miss watching your show. Is it going to come back on at some point? When I go to Tyler to visit friends I would love to meet y’all. My friend sells real estate in Lindale for Remax. I wish you the very best!

  2. Is Texas Flip N Move going to come back on? I love this show and my husband (who doesn’t like most home improvement shows) likes watching it. I have come across re-runs on another network but it’s hard to find them. Please bring it back!!

    Theresa Steele
    Hollywood, AL

  3. Bonjour Donna et Toni et toute la petite famille Snow…
    Je m’appelle Corinne, j’ai 56 ans et j’adore!!! L’émission Rénovation Impossible, j’ai accroché de suite, car d’une part le concept est génial et très divertissant. D’autre part la famille Snow don’t spécialement Donna et Toni, sont entrée dans mon cœur et n’en ressortirons plus jamais, je les ai adopté, elles sont comme mes sœurs, je les aime vraiment beaucoup et même, à mon plus grand regret, je ne les connaîtrais jamais mais ce qui est sûr, j’emporterais à jamais l’amour que je leur porte.
    Gros bisous mes “sœurs de cœurs “, je vis en France, en Seine-Maritime en Normandie et vive le Taxas !!!

  4. These ladies are fabulous and constitute the heartbeat of the show. Please keep them extremely involved in the show.

  5. I had the pleasure of meeting Donna at a steak house we were at on a trip to my oldest grandsons graduation, which he graduated from Haltom high school. The show is one of my favorite, and of course my children and grandchildren were like what do you know her. I said I was going tobsee what they had open on the auction block, she said she would put me up, teasing of course, but my children didn’t know that I was really serious, you see I don’t live in Texas I live in Ohio, but it was a highlight of my trip.

  6. Violet Mary Ksiezopolski

    I absolutely Love the Snow Sisters, both Donna & Toni. I hope you haven’t left Texas Flip & Move show. I admire you both & your family so very much. I live in Brisbane Australia Sunday 6.30pm time slot on channel 94 is my favourite show. If you’re ever in Australia I would love to meet you both. Cheers & hope yo see you on Television soon… Happy 2019.

  7. I came across TEXAS FLIP N MOVE by accident & have been hooked ever since! I absolutely am crazy about Randy & Toni & Donna! Y’all are sooop funny & love how y’all interact!

    Please keep making the wonderful shows y’all do! You girls do beautiful work, you’re good too Randy!

    Love H
    Gary’s girls too!

    I’m from Corpus Christi. Moved to Illinois in 1978 but still feel Texas is my home state & always will!!!

  8. We love your show. We scout the guide to watch it have watched all day long. I love how they joke. Show the problems and creativity step by step. I would love to be friends with all of them.

  9. I love Donna and Toni and Randy. Randy is great but y’all got his name wrong. His last name is Martin not Jackson. Also Lone Wolf is a nickname as well as Randy is his nickname. His given name is Geronimo. I call him Mister Randy cuz it’s a southern thing and he’s a very nice man. So are Donna and Toni nice women. I love conversing with them as often as I can. They’re very nice people who are down-to-earth. We need more real people in this world that are good souls and have much to teach us. Just as the entire flip and move teams are. Casey is very nice also haven’t talked to him as much but you best believe that all of the flip and move teams are real and good people. God bless them all and keep up the good work. Donna love you talk to you soon. I will send you some more pretty pictures of purple stuff. LOL! Hugs love you

  10. How did you improve on perfection? The Snow girls. Would love to meet you. Love ima of the mnt. Pa



  11. Besson Marie Josee

    Hello from France, Larochelle on the Atlantic Ocean.
    I enjoyed so mutch your program on t. v., I am living far away and from home Montreal ça. When I looked your program, you make me think of my sister and make me happy…
    I wish you the best of everything for all of you,
    Very sincerely
    Mrs josee besson

  12. I just love you ladie well your whole family , I’ve been watching since the first show. You two have such a great sense of humor well my kind of humor. Uounlaugh at yourself as well others and that what makes fun when we can laugh and make fun of ourselves. Congratulations I hope to see you ladies for a long time I’m always excited for Friday night to watch you and Saturday too. Happy New Year 2019

  13. Please use more shiplap and always put two sinks in the master bathroom, also more vaulted ceilings with open rafters and beams. I would also like to see more nice but simple mudd rooms/laundry right off the carport or side door. Sometimes I’m confused about where you mount the TV and if you pre-install the power and right cables for the smart TV. We love watching you all especially Donna and Toni! Oh and Katrina!. She is awesome! Thanks for the wonderful entertainment!

  14. Hi, I would love to meet you ladies. I’m known as Grandma Donna’s Support Our Troops Poem Flag I donated poem flags to Auctioneer Myers Jackson and C Ivan Stoltzfus. If you ladies ever do a home makeover for a veteran I would gladly donate a poem flag for the cause to hang on their living room wall. Sincerely Donna Shaw Simington Claysburg, Pa. phone.

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