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Veronica Montelongo Age, Baby, Bio, Wiki, Wedding, Divorce, Husband

Veronica Montelongo photos
Personal Information Summary
Name Veronica Montelongo
Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB No confirmed information available on her birth year or the date she was born.
Wedding & Marriage / Husband / Dating / Partner / Boyfriend Was Divorced, and later got engaged. Check the full bio for relationship details.
Where is Veronica Montelongo now? Veronica Montelongo has re-entered the real estate market by launching her own firm.
Children / No. of Kids No confirmed information available.
Ethnicity / Origin / Heritage / Race Hispanic (Latina)
Nationality American
Wikipedia Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

Veronica Montelongo (maiden name Veronica Rodriguez), a long-haired woman with an athletic build, is a former house-flipper and the ex-wife of Armando Montelongo, both of whom gained fame for their A&E reality show Flip This House.

Professional Life and Net Worth :

  • Veronica and her former husband Armando had been house flippers for several years before they started turning their livelihood into a TV show. Their business operated under the company name “Armando Montelongo Companies.”

Flip This House :

  • The show began in 2005 and aired on the network A&E (previously called Arts & Entertainment). Earlier, A&E used to focus on dramas and documentaries but now focuses more on reality TV programming, specifically with renovations and homes.
  • When Flip This House originally aired, it featured not only Armando & his wife Veronica but also Armando’s brother David and his wife, Melina Montelongo. Together, the four of them would purchase a terrible house that needed renovations, then flip it or fix it up to sell it and make a profit.
  • Flip This House had five seasons in total, and while Armando and Veronica stayed on for all five seasons, Armando’s brother and his wife left after season two.

Show Controversy :

  • Issues between brother David and Armando began surfacing in an episode called “The Cat House.” David felt that the house should be leveled, while Armando felt it should be saved.
  • Armando’s history of “cutting corners” and producing bad houses were brought up, and David and Melina left the show shortly after that episode.
  • After the show finished, Armando began selling real estate kits that were designed to help people who wanted to flip houses get the necessary tips to do so. Many criticized Armando for his kits, as they sold for nearly $1,000 each and seemingly offered no real concrete advice.
  • Armando himself was also seen as a terrible person who often belittled contractors and other workers in order to get the lowest price possible for their labor, often paying them next to nothing for the jobs they did on each episode.
  • Veronica eventually felt the same way and left Armando’s company to begin her own pursuits.

Personal Life : Marriage & Divorce

  • Veronica’s marriage to Armando was seemingly picturesque, especially to viewers who watched the two of them together on the show.
  • Towards the last few seasons, however, Armando began to grow snappier, and people began to see the tension between the two come forward.
  • In June 2011, after almost 14 years of marriage, Veronica divorced Armando and distanced herself from him and his business practices as much as possible.
  • The two had no children together, and Veronica still works in real estate on her own.

Acting Work :

  • In 2013, Veronica tried her luck at acting and landed a part in the action movie Line of Duty, which followed four friends that grow apart as two become criminals, and two become FBI agents sent to bring them down.
  • It was released to mediocre reviews, and she has yet to appear in another film.
Body Figure / Physical Info

Veronica Montelongo Measurements :

  • Eye Color : Brown
  • Haircut / Hair Color : Brown
  • How tall is Veronica Montelongo Height : 5′5″
  • Feet / Legs / Boots / Shoe Size : 8
  • Pregnant? : Currently, she is not expecting a baby.

6 thoughts on “Veronica Montelongo Age, Baby, Bio, Wiki, Wedding, Divorce, Husband”

  1. Veronica is a mother of their son Armando Jr. Aka: “mando man”, as seen on the show. It looks like infidelity which bared Armando’s 2nd of 4 boys. He married the mom of boys number 3 and 4 And has recently divorced, again. Veronica was been engaged two more times and recently remarried. She only has one son. She is still a beautiful businesswoman. Sourced from her Instagram/ vmoniquebliss.

  2. I dated Veronica back in early 97. She was going to beauty college back then to be a hairstylist.

    She lived in Chino Hills Ca and her maiden name is Veronica Rodriguez…I lived in San Diego so we would visit each other often and talked on the phone every day. Her mom owned a doughnut shop back then and her dad was a contractor.

  3. When they had their show, there was a 7 or 8 yr old boy roughly. He was on the show. Thought that was their child.

    1. Yes. They said he was their son, but I can’t find out anything about him. Her bio says she doesn’t have any children. In the episode I just watched she called him “son”.

    2. I always thought Veronica was the only reason they made any money. She was so beautiful and really had her head on straight.

      I have no clue what she saw in Armando. Weekly he was ripping out contractors. He is lucky I wasn’t a contractor

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