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Tim Weeks【 Auctioneer 】Partner, Age, Wikipedia, Family, Wife, Bio

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Name Tim Weeks

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Introduction :

  • Tim Weeks is a cataloger, director, valuer, auctioneer and TV personality from Chippenham, England.
  • Smart, savvy and charismatic, Tim is a man who knows what he wants and regardless of whether he is conducting his business or just interacting with people in his social circles, he always manages to exude a lot of charm and confidence.

Background and Personal Life :

  • Tim was born and raised in the United Kingdom.
  • He is married to a woman named Alexa and together they live in Chippenham, England with their children Bella and Albie.

Career, Income, Salary & Net Worth :

  • Tim considers his day job to be working as an auctioneer. He has stated previously in an interview that he loves everything about the job from cataloguing, researching, auctioneering or even valuation.
  • For several years, he has worked in the world of auctioneering and is the proud owner, valuer and auctioneer of a company called Wessex Auctions.
  • Aside from running his company, Tim is also a radio host. He hosts a show on the BBC Wiltshire radio network and is also the presenter of his own segment called TheSocial.
  • In 2016, he landed a gig as the co-presenter of a series on the BBC One network called ‘Street Auction.’ The main focus of the show was to get people in a local community to donate any items they no longer wanted so they could be auctioned in the street. The money earned would be given to a local community member to help out with their life.
  • During his time as a co-presenter on the show, Weeks caught the attention of a top executive at another show called ‘Bargain Hunt’ and it wasn’t long before he was asked to do a screen testing.
  • Tim agreed and impressed the bosses of the show who then offered him a chance to be an expert on the program.
  • Currently, he is a regular expert on the show which airs on the BBC 2 network.
  • Outside of the show, Tim goes around buying antiques at local fairs before auctioning them off in the hopes of making a profit. One of the biggest profits he has ever made was when he bought a scrapbook for £40 that contained cuttings of soccer newspapers from 1940. Weeks was able to sell the book for more than £1000 which was more than triple the price he’d paid for it.
  • In addition to being an entrepreneur, host and full-time bargain hunter, Tim is also a contributor for various blogs, magazines, radio shows and websites.
  • Thanks to his experience, Weeks is also regularly asked to attend and host various charity events and share some of his expertise with aspiring auctioneers and bargain hunters.

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Trivia, Height & Interesting Facts :

  • Tim is an avid collector and loves to collect a lot of unique pieces such as football programmes, toys from the 1980s, decorative art from the 20th century, ceramics, silvers and vinyl.
  • He has said previously that he would be playing as an Arsenal centre midfielder if he wasn’t an auctioneer.
  • Weeks’ guilty pleasures are chocolate and coffee.
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