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Belen De Leon Wikipedia, Age, Salary, Husband, Family【 9News 】Bio

Belen De Leon married
Name Belen De Leon

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Introduction :

Belen De Leon, a dark-haired woman with a strong voice, is a Mexican-American reporter currently working as the weekend meteorologist for NBC4 in Los Angeles. Prior to that, she was part of the 9NEWS team in Colorado.

Personal Life, Parents & Family Background :

  • Belen grew up in South Texas, in a town called Roma. As a child, she always loved to sing and dance, & was always involved in theatre activities at school.
  • After graduating high school, she was part of a music group, and spent much of her young life away from home on tour.
  • Around the mid 2000s, Belen grew homesick, and decided that the pop star life wasn’t for her. She then returned to South Texas and began working on TV.
  • Now in Colorado, De Leon is active in her community and often visits local schools to teach kids about weather and about her profession. She also emcees for charities and works to promote Hispanic heritage within the state.
  • When she is not doing any of these things, she is spending time with her husband and her three sons, Ivan de Leon Jr, Isai, and Izak.

Education & College :

  • In August 2013, De Leon graduated from Mississippi State University with a meteorology certification, although she had been reading the weather for several years before that.
  • In 2015, she also earned The National Weather Association, or NWA – Broadcast Seal of Approval.

Music Career, Salary & Net Worth :

  • Belen has been singing Mariachi music at ferias, ever since she was in middle school. The band that she joined after high school was called La Onda, and was under contract with record label Capitol EMI.
  • At first, De Leon struggled in the group since she grew up learning “Tex-Mex” Spanish instead of “proper” Spanish.
  • When she began singing in front of large audiences and had songs broadcasted to multiple countries, native Spanish speakers criticized her for it. Criticism over her Spanish would become a recurring factor throughout her career.
  • Nevertheless, La Onda’s music grew quite popular, and won two Latin Billboard awards, as well as one gold and one platinum album. Many of La Onda’s songs can be seen on YouTube.
  • In 2006, she left the group and headed back to Texas to work on TV.

Career as a Meteorologist :

  • De Leon’s bilingualism came in handy, and in 2007, she became a weather forecaster for Univision, where she read the forecast in Spanish, and Fox, where she read the weather in English.
  • In February 2012, she moved up to Denver, Colorado, and began reporting the weather for 9NEWS.
  • Denver was predominantly white at the time, and some viewers did not take well to her accent or her occasional use of Spanish words as emphasis or flair. She began receiving some hate mail and racist threats, but persisted in order to give the small but growing Hispanic population a visible voice in the Denver community.
  • Her perseverance paid off, and she even received a nomination for America’s Favorite Weather Forecaster through Weatherist (dot) com.
  • In Jan 2018, Belen quit 9NEWS and headed to NBC 4 as their weekend meteorologist. She is still known to occasionally sing on-air.
Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / How old / DOB August 29, 1983. As of 2021, she is around 38 years old.

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  1. Arturo de Cordova

    To Belen from a fellow Chicano who came to California decades ago from good ol’ Hebbronville, TX, which is only a few miles from good ol’ Roma, TX. (where I have some relatives also).

    ay ay ay ay ay mijita, que gusto saber que eres de por mi tierra en tejas. Lets hope that somehow my message reaches u, cause i’d like to have a brief chat contigo y con tu esposo pues aqui tienes tu casa para toda tu familia tambien….

    y como decia el gran artista mejicano pedro vargas, “muy agradecido, y muy agradecido, y muy agradecido.”

    para servirte belen….ojala te communiques conmigo para una buen charla….

    PS…FYI I am a brain tumor survivor who is lucky to have survived the entire nightmare, but my neuro-surgeon would always give me lots and lots of advice, i.e., think outside the box and reach out….put that 3 lb. organism between our ears we all know as the brain, put it to
    work, reach out……

    and that’s precisely what I’m doing, “reaching out”…..hope to hear from you Belen, and never ever take life for granted, por favor…

  2. Brent Wendell Williams

    I always enjoy watching your weather reporting in LA-early in the morning! Thanks for your honest reporting & service! Count Blessings for you and your family! ❤️-Felt

    Brent Wendell Williams

  3. Linda D Guerrero

    Live in Wyoming and watch Denver 9News and its not the same without you Belen! May God Bless you and your family always Enjoy California and its beautiful weather.

  4. Anita Romero- Martinez

    Belen your awesome! Continue being your cheerful upbeat self. God has truly blessed you.

    God bless you and your family.

  5. We sure miss Belen on channel 9, she was so upbeat and beautiful in so many ways. Our loss is Los Angeles gain. Maybe some day she will come back to Colorado.

  6. My husband and I just returned from Southern California visiting our son and his beautiful family. Turning on the news, we were delighted to see Belen – she looks terrific, was delightful and we realized that our Denver weather isn’t the same without her. We wish her great success in this new market, and will watch whenever in town.

  7. I was wondering what happened to Belen. I so enjoyed her on 9 news. Such an up beat happy person. You could tell she loved her culture. GOOD LUCK TO HER IN L. A.

  8. You definitely “brightened” our day when we watched you on channel 9news. We enjoyed watching your beauty, charm and very talented ways of presenting the weather or any other segment that you may have been assigned. We, my family and I will miss watching you. The Naranjo Family from Alamosa, Colorado.

  9. Belen De Leon brings a fresh perspective to Los Angeles news. It’s refreshing to see such an upbeat personality to the weather (and broadcast journalism in general). She is very talented and is not afraid to display her Hispanic roots. She has a promising future, wherever she goes.

  10. Good luck in California! I have watched channel 9 since I moved here in 1979.From Custer to you, I’ve enjoyed the broadcasts, thank you. I am sorry to hear about the “creatures” that harassed you. Take care, Robert

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