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Carol Tshabalala Age, Husband, Married, Illness, Wikipedia, Pictures

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Name Carol Tshabalala

Birthday / Date of Birth / Age / How old is Carol Tshabalala August 11, 1981. As of 2021, she is around 40 years old.

Biography Profile / Wiki Information

Introduction : Carol Tshabalala Bio

Carol Tshabalala is a South-African journalist & reporter in the sports entertainment industry, and is affectionately known as the “First Lady of Sport”.

Personal Life & Education Details :

  • Carol was born in Pimville, Soweto in South Africa.
  • Education : Carol graduated from Krugersdorp High School in 2000 with honors.
  • She has listed her hobbies as reading, travelling, fine dining and movies.
  • She has stated that her guilty indulgences are shoes and handbags, and although she works in the sports industry – she states she is a girly-girl who loves to have her nails and hair done.
  • Her first job in the entertainment industry was a voice-over actor.
  • She considers Greece, New York & France as her favourite holiday destinations.

Dating, Husband & Relationships :

  • With her ex-husband, she has two sons: Joel (born in 2002) & Solomon (born in 2007)
  • She has also adopted a boy that she openly refers to as her third son, Mpho. Mpho is actually her nephew, he was born in 2004 and was taken in by Tshabalala when his mother (her sister) tragically passed away.
  • As her work requires a lot of traveling, she lives close to her mother who looks after her boys when she is gone.
  • After her failed marriage, she dated Sbu Motlong from late 2011 to 2015. Although the relationship did not work out, she has stated he treated her like a queen and restored her faith in dating.

A Woman in the Sports Entertainment Industry : Net Worth

  • When Carol first entered the sports industry, she was not well received due to being both black and a woman.
  • She has been quoted as saying that her beginnings involved multiple awkward locker room interviews, with many coaches and players doubting her knowledge.
  • She persisted through it all though, and for ten years she worked as an acclaimed sports journalist for SABC Sport.
  • From there, she joined Super-Sport in 2011 & as of 2018 is still very happy working in that role.

Troubled Marriage :

  • Carol was married in 2000, and at the time worked under the name Carol Manana.
  • However, after divorcing her husband in December 2006, she restored her maiden name and she began to use Tshbalala both personally & professionally.
  • After her divorce was finalised, she began to speak out on the abuse she was subjected to on a daily basis. She has said her ex-husband has choked & slapped her, and would get violent and agitated at the smallest of provocations.
  • According to Tshabalala, he would belittle & insult her daily to the point that she would feel worthless.
  • Her self-esteem was injured severely within that marriage. It was only when the abuse began to be noticed by her sons that she found the strength to walk away from that marriage.
  • She has spoken about her failed marriage at many women’s events and is seen to be a role model to many women in similar situations.
  • Carol Tshabalala Illness / Health Update / Sick : On October 2000, Carol was determined to had a HIV. She seeked medication in medications in Soweto, western side of Johannesburg. All HIV administrations, including medical treatments and testing are offered at the neighbourhood. Now she takes medicines from small clinics nearby to her home.
Wedding / Husband / Marriage / Boyfriend / Dating Was married & later divorced.

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