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Esther Lima ( Joel Houston Wife ) Model, Age, Wiki, Bio, Hillsong Church

Esther Lima Images
Name Esther Lima

Age / How old / Birthday / Date of Birth / DOB February 28th.

Wikipedia Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

  • Esther Lima is a Brazilian fashion model prominent in New York and Los Angeles.
  • According to her social media, Esther’s birthday falls on February 28th, but the year is unknown.
  • She is the founder of the website Miss Whoo, which is a blog mostly about fashion. On Miss Whoo in the about me section she describes herself as ‘a classic woman with a modern approach.’

Modeling Career, Salary and Net Worth :

  • Now the founder of Whooland, a creative and design agency, Esther also has an online clothing store Houston Graeff.
  • An active blogger, Esther writes passionately about the fashion industry, interspersed with a few motivational posts.
  • She has taken on many roles in the fashion industry – She has worked with brands as a creative director and producer. She has also been a model and designer.
  • Over the years, Lima has represented many luxury brands as a brand consultant, digital influencer and ambassador.

Personal Life, Parents and Family Details :

  • Esther married Pastor Joel Houston in New York on February 21, 2012. She posted on her Instagram how much the couple is happy & in love when they celebrated seven years together in Feb 2019.
  • Joel Houston is a church leader & co-pastor of Hillsong Church alongside Carl Lentz.
  • Esther and Joel divide their time between Sydney, New York, and Los Angeles.
  • The couple welcomed their son Zion Alexander Charles Houston into the world in August 2013. Zion is a biblical name meaning “Promised Land.”
  • In 2013, Joel was creative director of one of Hillsong United’s most creative and ambitious tours – “Welcome Zion.” Hillsong United is a musical band that is a part of Hillsong Church.
  • Esther posts a lot of photos with her sister-in-law Laura Toggs who is Joel’s sister. Laura is married to Peter, and the two of them are pastors of the Senior High School Youth Ministry. They have two children Willow and Jack.
  • Even her brother-in-law Ben Houston is a church pastor.

Social Media :

  • Esther Houston has a large following on Instagram with more than 400,000 followers.
  • She has posted a few pictures of her large engagement ring from Joel on her Instagram.

Trivia, Controversies and Fun Facts :

  • Esther’s in-laws are Brian and Bobby Houston. Both Brian & Bobby are lead pastors at Hillsong Churches & have an estimated net worth of few million dollars.
  • Esther is good friends with young music stars like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Ashley Benson. In fact, Joel Houston is reported to be the personal ‘spiritual guide’ for the stars themselves.
  • She was quoted in an interview saying “I’m not a feminist…There are men, and they should do ‘men things,’ and then there are women. I mean, if my car breaks down and there is a man around, no way I’m fixing it myself.”
  • Esther is often spotted in designer labels; this has caused some backlash. Many articles focus on the fact that she is so well off and posts provocative pictures on her blog and Instagram when she is supposed to be leading a good Christian life.
  • Esther enjoys the beach, and she also loves surfing. Few of her favorite brands are Chanel and Hermes Birkin.
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