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Carryn Owens Wiki, Bio, Husband, Family, Ryan Owens Wife

carryn owens husband
Name Carryn Owens ( Also known as : William Owens Wife )

Biography Profile / Wikipedia Information

Introduction : Who is Carryn Owens ?

Carryn Owens Family & Personal Details :

  • Carryn Owens’ husband name was William “Ryan” Owens, who was a part US Navy Seal unit. He died on January 29, 2017 at an age of 36 in Yemen in a raid on an Al-qaeda Stronghold.
  • Carryn and Late Ryan are parents to three kids.
  • Her father- in – law, Bill Owens was a policeman who used to work at the Fort Lauderdale Police Department. Her mother- in –law was also a detective.

Owens in the White House :

  • Many Constitutionalists and Democrats in the hall cried with Carryn Owens when the former US President, Donald Trump honored the widow.
  • Whole house and Senate Members constantly commended Carryn Owens in one of the longest standing ovations during the Presidential address.
  • President Trump, then just ten days in the office, invited Carryn Owens and her three children, to express his sympathies.
  • Initially Carryn wasn’t sure whether she would be able to make it to the White House but the White House staff kept working close to the family and Carryn to arrange the visit.
  • The President Trump’s assistants made sure to keep the Owens’ name off the list released to the media of guests invited at the White House, who would be sitting in the First Lady Melania Trump’s box.
  • This was done in order to reduce the media attention on the family in the lead-in while the briefing will proceed.
  • The session was of nearing an hour, wherein the President Trump narrated the counter-terrorism attack. Finally, lawmaker admin officials and army leaders stood to give a standing ovation to Carryn for two full minutes. Press Secretary, Sean Spicer stated that in his career for last twenty-five years, he hasn’t seen a such a huge sustained standing ovation for any person.

Controversy :

  • Initially, Carryn’s father- in- law was suspicious about Ryan’s death. He demanded an investigation in to the death of his son.
  • He labelled the mission as stupid and criticised President Donald Trump a lot. He refused to meet with the President after his son’s body was brought back to the US because of his anger over the raid in Yemen which manifested a rare use of the US ground forces inside Yemen.

Ryan Owens Details :

  • Carryn’s husband was born on March 5, 1980, in Peoria, Illinois.
  • He was raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Chillicothe, Illinois, North East of Peoria.
  • He attended Illinois Valley Central High School and graduated in 1998. Upon completion of graduation, he joined the US Navy in 1998.

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