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Ashlee Strong ( Paul Ryan ) Wikipedia, Age, Bio, Contact, College, Family

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Name Ashlee Strong

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Introduction :

  • Ashlee Strong is an upcoming female political operator, who is just in her thirties.
  • She is the press secretary for Paul Ryan who is the house speaker and also the highest-ranked Republican Party member in the country.
  • Beginning her day quite early making her bed, making coffee in the morning at 6 AM.
  • She is reported to begin her day the same way she ends it and that is reading through the emails and messages in her overflowing inbox.
  • Touted as one of the influential women in American politics right now, Ashlee has top chance of being a GOP’s White House contender in 2020.
  • Mr Jette, her High School teacher was a tough taskmaster who asked her to submit the mock bill she had drawn to a lawmaker in the upcoming state legislature.
  • She credits that her interest in civic engagement led her to take up an interest in public service.

Personal Life & Work :

  • Ashlee was born on 25th April 1985.
  • She lives in Capitol Hill which is within walking distance of the House of Representatives and is usually approached by reporters for official comment or breaking news alerts or staff communications.
  • Ashlee began her in the political spectrum as an intern in the Senate and would then reportedly go onto serve as an aide to South Dakota Senator John Thune who is ranked third as a Republican Party member.
  • She was also done a stint with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Interesting Facts, Height & Trivia :

  • Having lived all her life in Washington, Ashlee says Capitol Hill is a place which challenges the entrepreneur in people and if one puts in enough hard work and hustle, then they would be rewarded.
  • She belongs to the new generation of political female staffers and says that she has been lucky to not encounter over sexism or gender pay gap.
  • For her last birthday her friends surprised her with ropes, rappelling and giving lessons on rock climbing in Billings, Montana. She followed that up with dinner with her family.
  • Her goal for 2018 is to climb the Bag Granite Peak which is Montana’s tallest.
  • She feels strongly about the voluntary military service offered by people and says it doesn’t get the required recognition or thanks. The reason she feels this way is because members of her family have been serving over the years.

Controversy :

  • In July 2017 Ashlee Strong was tagged in a unique protest by US Congresswomen on both sides of the aisle to wear a sleeveless dress to support their right to ‘bare’ their arms in Washington’s Capitol building.
  • Ashlee scored flak when she took to Twitter about her boss Paul Ryan’s pet project American Health Care Act which she said was posted online to support the fact that there was total transparency and it wasn’t shrouded in secrecy as claimed by Democrats and voters.
Birthday / How old is Ashlee Strong Age / Date of Birth / DOB 25th April 1985. As of 2022, she is around 37 years old.

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