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Scott Greer ( Daily Caller ) Wikipedia, Age, Bio, Married, Book, Columnist

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Name Scott Greer

Date of Birth / Birthday / How old is Scott Greer Age / DOB As of 2022, he seems to be in his early thirties.

Wiki Biography / Profile Background

Introduction :

  • Tennessee born Scott Greer is a published writer, columnist and deputy editor for the mainstream 24-hour news publication, The Daily Caller. The middle-class young editor originally comes from Nashville.
  • Education : Greer graduated few years ago from the University of Tennessee and currently lives in Washington D.C.
  • He has gained reputation as a far right-wing writer & has recently published a controversial book titled – No Campus for White Men: The Transformation of Higher Education into Hateful Indoctrination
  • Greer is one of the young proponents of the Alt-Right (white nationalist viewpoint with far right ideas).

Early Career :

  • During 2013, while still studying at university, Greer was a contributor for Campus Reform, the college’s right wing blog, which was run by Leadership Institute.
  • One of his articles was reposted by the American Freedom Party, a famous white nationalist organization.
  • Greer has also published work on other major news & media stations including: the Drudge Report, Breitbart, Fox Nation and Real Clear Politics.

Scott Greer Daily Caller Stint :

  • Greer began his career with The Daily Caller in 2014, joining Tucker Carlson’s team as a columnist.
  • While still contributing as a writer, he is also the deputy editor for the well popular news website.
  • His articles often take a strong conservative viewpoint & some have questioned how such a strongly opinionated and arguably offensive individual manages to maintain such a high position with The Daily Caller.

Book : No Campus for White Men

  • On March 14, 2017, Greer published No Campus for White Men. He has received both praise for his bold ideas as well as some strong criticism.
  • The book talks about the hostile environment that has taken over University campuses due to the ‘left’s growing obsession with diversity, victimization & identity politics’.
  • He writes about ‘micro-aggressions,’ ‘safe spaces,’ ‘gender identities’ and ‘trigger warnings’ & supposed favoritism towards the minorities.

Famous Tweets

  • Greer has been active on Twitter, since June 2012. His posts are mostly politically orientated.
  • He came into the spotlight when he posted at tweet ‘As a white man, I finally now feel safe in America’ the day after Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential election.
  • For this post, Greer claims that he received a backlash of racist comments and insults including ‘cracker’ and ‘mayo-lookin.’
  • Greer responded to the pressure by saying that he was ‘only trolling.’
Wedding & Marriage / Wife / Girlfriend / Partner / Dating No confirmed information available.

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